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Add a Dash of Style to His Groom Look


While the wedding day revolves around the bride, her make-up, her dress, her bouquet, and her crew of floaty bridesmaids in perfectly complementing colors, it is not all there is to a wedding. News flash! The wedding day is just as important for the groom as it is for the blushing bride! Just like a marriage is a two-person effort, the wedding is a two-person celebration, too. In most cases, the groom is happy to step down and let the bride take over the details, but there are still some things the groom can do to stand out a little among the sea of black tuxes. 

 Suit-Up Right: We get your dilemma. You think there is only so much that can be done with a suit, right? Well, there’s a lot, actually! Get ready to be inspired, because we’re coming at you with uniquely patterned jacket linings and colored jackets and suits that are more ‘so-him’ rather than textbook groom attire. Embroidery in the inside of the groom's jacket or the folds of the sleeve with the wedding date or a quote that holds a special meeting for the couple can be adorably special. We also love the idea of having the groom dress in applicable cultural, military or first responder attire.

 Add Fun to the Add-ons: Have fun with his accessories, as this is the window of opportunity for him to express himself. Think along the lines of custom cuff links and tie clips, ties, bows and pocket squares in an appealing color. Another fun way to add a dash of personality to the look? Add interesting socks. Not only do they infuse style into the groom's look, but it is also an interesting way to get the groomsmen involved for an extra bit of fun. Do not forget to add a watch to finish off with style!

 Have Fun with Boutonnieres: Boutonnieres aren't limited to floral elements and there is so much more you can with it. Add mini action figures, photos of loved ones, enamel pins, bottle caps, feathers, etc. You are bound only by your imagination here! He can wear his passion and personality on his chest with pride, and bring in your vibe along with you on your special day. Don't hold back on the creative flair and have fun along with it. It will certainly add an important detail for your wedding photographer to capture.

 Say Yes to Something Old or Something Borrowed: Why limit this age-old tradition to the bride? Embrace the tradition with a borrowed pocket watch or old heirloom cufflinks from family. Add in a sprinkle of flowers for your boutonnieres and a new tie and the pocketful of hopes and dream acting as your ‘something new’ can add some sentiment to the wedding while throwing in a nod of acknowledgment to tradition.

 Monograms and Engravings: Dip away from the ordinary by adding that personal touch to accessories. Adding monograms to cufflinks can make for an interesting detail. Engravement is another way of sneaking in a personal element, and they make great keepsakes for years to come! Bonus- these personalized wedding details photograph well, resulting in amazing wedding photography moments!

 Since the grooms don't have the advantage of wedding whites working as a giant arrow pointing towards him saying ‘I am getting married’, things can get a little tricky. Sometimes it gets a little difficult to tell a groom apart from his groomsmen (sorry grooms!) but a little sprinkling of spice to the groom’s attire can keep him from blending into the background!


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