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Picture Perfect Table Setting and Centerpiece Ideas


Hey! Congratulations on your ‘save the dates’! So, now that you booked your desired wedding venue, decided upon your wedding dress designer, finalized your wedding theme, and started thinking about decor, everything is falling into place for your big day! You might be feeling relaxed! Right? Not yet, there is one thing that is still left, your wedding place setting and centerpieces! Weeding through the endless supply of wedding table decorations to curate your own original and desired wedding decor combo is surely not an easy task to achieve! Even if you have hired a professional wedding planner just to take care of the nitty-gritty wedding details, trust us, you are still not completely off the hook just yet! 


It’s not us but our professional and affordable wedding photographers also believe that a stunning wedding place setting really holds the power, or we say the potential to bring the whole tablescape together in the best possible way! A unique and incredible wedding place setting will not only wow your wedding guests, but will also give our talented wedding photographers endless opportunities to capture swoon-worthy wedding photos in magical frames! Wedding place settings are actually more than just alluring plates and flatware! These days, with the changing wedding trends, wedding place settings are nothing but an extension of your wedding decor that also needs your fine attention and the best of creativity! 


Wedding day place settings are definitely a practical and essential component of your wedding reception! Apart from serving their main purpose that is offering the celebratory meal to all your wedding guests and getting their attention, place settings are also an important part of your wedding day decor. An out-of-the-ordinary kind of place setting for your wedding day will showcase your style and personality as a couple, and will also make all your wedding guests feel welcome when they will take their seats! 


Wedding place setting and centerpiece always go hand in hand! A stunning centerpiece on your wedding guest tables will definitely elevate your entire wedding decor and will bring the whole tablescape together! All you have to do is dress up your big day with the most perfect and unique place setting paired with an incredible centerpiece and voilà, your wedding celebration will become the cut-above-the-rest kind of celebration that your attendees will never forget for decades to come! 


So, if you are also thinking of adding an extra flair or charm and some extra ‘wow’ factor to your wedding day reception tables with the help of marvelous centerpieces, you can consider some of these inspiring ideas that are mentioned below for your creative and unique wedding place settings! We can assure you that these amazing ideas of place settings and centerpieces will undoubtedly help you in highlighting and extending your wedding theme and wedding color palette through to your tables and centerpieces without much extra or additional cost! The added perk of working hard for your place settings is that usually wedding guests spend a fair amount of time at their seats, so we can assure you that this one wedding day detail will never go unnoticed! And you never know, your wedding guests will leave the night with a lasting impression on their hearts and minds for years to come! With the below-mentioned ideas, you will be able to transform your reception table decor and will definitely be able to step up your wedding day decor game! From modern, chic, to classic, there are endless options available for you to choose from! As falling back on classic decoration is never a bad idea, or even swapping out tradition for more modern, one-of-a-kind designs can actually be a good idea! 


Let’s have a look at some of the unique and creative wedding place setting ideas along with the centerpiece inspiration that will effortlessly bring in the wow factor to your wedding day! 


Add the classic and timeless touch

Who says if it is simple and classic, it has to be boring? Well, gone are the days, when classic would mean boring! You can make monochromatic white china feel less “stuffy” by adding a sophisticated and elegant silver pear and subtle greenery as unexpectedly chic accents! You can also bring in the neutral-colored lines, and gold votives for an incredible place setting that will leave your wedding guests in great amazement! Not only that, but you can pick up some notch and swap fabric napkins for classic handkerchiefs! Or you can work with the different combinations of detailed floral prints and various kinds of embroideries, as they will look fantastic when grouped together! For centerpieces, you can consider roses, peonies, scabiosa, sweet peas, and some privates! This classic and timeless place setting will offer our talented wedding photographers the ability to capture your wedding decor in picture-perfect frames! 


Introduce the moody industrial modern charm

These days, modern industrial table settings are so popular in the wedding world! Deep, moody table settings are being the new favorite amongst our newly engaged millennial couples! For an authentic industrial charm to add to your reception table, you can consider adding the onyx flatware, dark-colored stoneware, and can also include cast iron serving pieces so that the overall look of your wedding reception table can be softened! You can also bring worn woods and some airy yet graphic-forward linens for a more realistic industrial look and vibe! 


For a unique and out-of-the-ordinary industrial look centerpiece for your wedding day table setting, you can consider place cards created from tin cans, rocks, and stones! A rustic slate will definitely add an enchanting and refreshing look to the overall setting of your reception table! Considering incorporating contemporary, raw, and hand-written slate place cards as the wedding table centerpieces! Trust us, these kinds of centerpiece ideas will undoubtedly bring a natural and elegant touch to the overall look of your reception tablescape!


No one can say no to an enchanting vintage table setting

Vintage settings are always alluring and all-time favorites! A vintage-themed wedding is always trending and timeless regardless of the time of the year! So, if you are also planning to have a vintage-themed wedding and looking ahead to elevate your reception table setting by adding some classic vintage elements, you can consider introducing full-of-character dishes in your wedding tablescapes! They will not leave your wedding guests swooning, but will also give our creative and affordable wedding photographers a bucket full of wedding photography opportunities! Trust us, vintage-style table setting elements will be nothing but pretty pieces that will make a huge and charming difference in a table spread! 


Fall table setting

As we are heading to the most romantic season of the year- fall or autumn, there are endless options when it comes to having a classic and mind-blowing fall-themed wedding! Bringing the charm of fall decor to your wedding day table is definitely one of the best ways to elevate your overall wedding decoration, which will definitely leave all your wedding guests in great amazement! You can gracefully adorn the tables for your wedding reception with garden roses, amber amaranthus, basil, and café au lait dahlias! You can use the themed tableware or colored plates to have more real fall vibes introduced to your wedding table settings! 


Mismatched metallic vessels when paired with vintage cross-back chairs and moody blue table runners will create a cut-above-rest kinda setting that will definitely leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your guests! Talking about the perfect autumn-inspired centerpiece, nothing will fit better than a black and amber glassware! Trust us, this exclusive combination for your wedding day table centerpiece will make everyone go ‘wow’ for a moment! 


Bring in the colors of your choice for a colorful table setting

If you consider yourself a colorful bride who wants nothing but all the shades of the rainbow to gracefully shine in every aspect of her wedding day, then? Then what? Nothing! All the crazy-for-color brides can consider adding the different shades of the rainbow in a fun and creative way with an array of eye-catching colored glassware! This kind of colorful table setting will work wonders if you are planning an outdoor wedding reception under the twinkling skyline and fairy lights! You can consider pairing your colorful glassware with various neutral linens, like white lace toppers, to make all the bold and colorful pieces really pop in the best and unique possible way! 


If you are thinking of adding a floral centerpiece to elevate the setting of your reception table, consider adding all the colorful seasonal blooms and the mix-and-match of different florals will really look unique and eye-catching!


Add blissful jewel tones for an extraordinary table setting

Jewel-toned theme weddings are one of the most desired and most-opted wedding themes by our engaged millennial couples! These days, couples are really looking forward to doing something extremely unique and out-of-the-box with their wedding day decor! And thus, a jewel-themed wedding is something that is seeking our modern-day couples’ attention these days! So, all the couples out there who are planning to host a jewel-themed wedding and are looking for unique ideas for their place setting can consider adding rich teal candlesticks and goblets. These two incredible elements when paired together will complement the moody-hued blooms in the centerpiece that you have decided upon for your wedding day tablescape! 


Summertime table setting

Couples who are planning a summer wedding in the great outdoors that feature a beautiful barn can elevate their wedding day table setting with some of these incredible ideas! Like you can simply and creatively decorate the tables for your wedding guests with paper sacks of ripe red cherries, amber glass vessels, and some simple yet timeless floral arrangements as the centerpiece for your table! Bring in the authentic Americana touch by using ticking stripes as napkin holders and put your guests in great amazement and unique ideas for your soon-to-be-married friends! 


Greenery galore for greenery loving couples

Hello, all the greenery and nature lovers, this idea is for you people especially! The foliage trend is here to stay and is definitely a big ‘Yes’ for any season wedding! If you are looking out for some ideas and inspirations for your green-themed wedding table, you can consider lining the middle of the table with a lush amount of mixed eucalyptus and white waxflower, as the combination of white and green is nothing but incredible. In fact, our professional wedding photographers are huge fans of this kind of color combination too! You can also adorn each plate on the table with the springs of the flowers! For a more exquisite setting, you can place the aromatic votive candles in the center as it will make the entire table setting more romantic and inviting for your guests to cherish the celebrations! And we all know that candles always make a great centerpiece for any kind of table setting! 


Pastels are always pretty

Pastels are something that a bride can never ever go wrong with! Charming, romantic, and alluring, pastel wedding color palettes are undoubtedly the best and ideal for a table setting in both indoor and outdoor weddings! You can combine any two pastel colors of your choice and trust us, the result will be nothing but incredible and outstanding! Consider adding the evergreen and timeless color block pattern of white, pink, and lavender, as the hues of each color will shine out on their own while mixing up harmoniously! You can use tall glass vases with white and pink flowers to elevate and complement the overall table setting! 


Creative and playful table settings

All the couples who are looking for something extremely playful and creative for their fun-themed wedding can consider this option for their wedding day table setting! Use an atypical shape instead of a square or rectangle for the place cards for the table settings! If you and your darling are really into bikes and have planned your honeymoon with bikes, then here is a great idea! You can use cute little cutouts of different kinds of bikes that you both love as the name cards to direct your wedding guests to their seats! You can also place matching or contrasting napkins, mixed glassware, and chic and modern gold-styled flatware on the reception tables for a more appealing and arresting look! 


Classic blooming blue table setting

Something borrowed, something blue can now be added to your wedding day tablescape too! Gracefully and elegantly design your tablescapes with calming and alluring tones of blue for a timelessly beautiful spread and fantastic wedding photographs! A bride sure has endless hidden talents that no one knows, like amazing bargaining skills! So, just use your thrifting skills in an effortless way, and get an amazing wedding day table setting! For a more personalized and DIY touch, you can have your wedding guests sit down to a pretty blue tablescape with customized strips of linen wrapped around the patterned napkins garnished with a blue eryngium stem! 


Bring in the spring

Spring weddings are always fun and give couples vast flexibility and versatility to get creative with their wedding theme, color, and decor ideas! Spring simply means endless hues of beautiful colors and one can never go wrong with any color till the time it is resonating with all the spring vibe the season has to offer! Try working your wedding day table settings around a mixture of light gray and white! These two soothing and light colors will surely create an alluring and flawless backdrop for a romantic and whimsical springtime wedding table setting! Springtime weddings call for endless green accents! You can adore your table setting with vibrant green tones and can also bring in small potted plants to work as the centerpiece for your table setting! 


Summing everything up! All we want to say is that the majority of weddings feature wedding vows, toasts, a wedding cake, and beautiful flowers, but long after the wedding day is over, it’s the clever, personal, and all the smallest details that your wedding guests will remember and cherish for the years to come! Take inspiration and ideas from above and make your wedding day celebration stand out by adding a unique and elegant touch to your wedding day reception table!


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