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Sam & Dan Host a Swanky Soirée at Stotesbury Mansion, Philadelphia


Once in a while, you come across a wedding that not only warms you up but also leaves you with a cozy fuzzy feeling as you drive homewards. This Philly spring wedding is refreshing like a warm spring breeze, heart-warming and elegant. The Stotesbury Mansion situated in the vibrant and artistic city of Philadelphia draws the perfect setting for the day. It speaks of understated grandeur and elegance which seems to be a recurring theme of this wedding. 

It was a beautiful day to celebrate such a special occasion. The sunlight was streaming through the leaves of the trees. The outdoor shots turned out amazing with the pop of green bringing in the dash of brightness to the frames. This is where the lovely couple was captured with their respective parents. The shot of the grooms with their mothers was a precious capture. The Philadelphia wedding photographer also managed to click some dreamy shots of the couple outside the venue. 

Sam and Dan both showed up dressed in ‘wedding whites’ and looked ever-so-dashing! The matching white tux accentuated by the black lapel looked stunning, enabling the couple to mirror and complement each other in the most adorable way! They took the matchy-matchy look from the black bow to the black trouser and the rose boutonnieres. They looked like the spitting image of each other and the sparkle in their eyes, mirrored in the most perfect way, as they helped each other with the boutonnieres. So cute!

Was the highlight of the wedding when both the grooms walked down the aisle with their respective mothers? Or when they said their carefully written vows to each other? Or when all their loved ones cheered on as they walked out as a married couple? It’s hard to choose really, with each moment being as precious as the next! The grooms, groomsmen, and the groomsmaids posing around the pool added the element of fun and drama to the frames. The couple managed to sneak in some fun shots in the pool room, too, which turned out so memorable!

The reception area was laid out with all rose gold and shimmery lights and it was just lovely. The tall vases with elegant white flowers and foliage added a huge helping of elegance to the environment and the champagne and rose gold tones lit up the room in a rosy golden hue. The classy table setting, cutlery, and silverware reflected the same tones, tying in the whole look together. Everything from the chic white cake with rose details, to the guest name cutouts, speaks of class and elegance. 

This was a wedding representative of good ole’ fashion love and a declaration of unity in front of a precious few. Just two souls, madly in love, seeking their version of a happy ending!


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