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Get Ready for your Wedding in Style with these Bridal Party Prep Outfit Ideas, Perfect for the Big Day!


You have spent months counting down to the second and the final moment has arrived- it's your wedding day! And this brilliant wedding day starts with you and your crew of bridesmaids in your bridal suite, where you will get ready with them while sipping champagne and snapping plenty of pictures. And guess what will make your getting-ready photos even better? Gorgeous getting-ready outfits for you and your bridal party! Whether you have always wanted to be surrounded by stunning bridesmaids in pretty robes or an adorable crew of best friends wearing cute tank tops with monogrammed shorts, this list of bridesmaids and brides' wedding prep outfit ideas will take you through an elaborate collab of some of our favorites.


Our favorite bride and bridesmaids getting-ready outfit ideas:


Satin Solid Bridesmaid Robes
One of the most classic choices for wedding party outfits, getting ready with your bridesmaids wearing pretty and matching satin solid robes will always be a popular, easy, and fun idea. With so many different color options- from putting "something blue" in your wedding party details to pulling off an all pastel wedding, we love how silky and satin solid bridesmaid robes can make all of you look picture-ready! If satin robes aren't your thing, replace them with fuzzy bathrobes in beautiful solid colors, as getting ready in robes makes having your hair and makeup done a breeze. A fuzzy bathrobe is a warm and cozy option for a winter wedding with cooler temperatures.


Single-colored (Monogrammed) Button-down Oxford Shirts for Bridesmaids
Cheers to the brides who choose comfort and elegance to dress up their bridal party! The effortless chic and crisp oxford button-down dress shirts as bridal party outfits for getting ready in single colors can look great with the classic white for the bride. You can also customize it with monogram details and double these as bridal party thank-you gifts. With so many colors to choose from and endless options to personalize these button-down oxford shirts for bridesmaids, these shirts will make for some seriously fun photos. Some of our favorite bridesmaid photos feature bridesmaids wearing this classy menswear as a twist, looks not only adorable but also displays elegance, as they are monogrammed with a wide range of styles and embroidery threads.


Pastel-colored Rompers for Bridesmaids
Ah, yes! The classic bridesmaid getting ready rompers continue to rule our hearts. Whether you want rompers with sleeves or spaghetti straps or want to go completely strapless, rompers for bridesmaids make easy and adorable bridal party outfits. Pastel-colored rompers for bridesmaids not only come in so many shades but also can make your bridal party look ready for your dreamy spring or summer wedding. But since your bridal party will have women with different body types, it is great to have romper options that are flowing and flattering. The feminine and comfy rompers as bridal party getting ready outfit ideas can be perfect if you're looking for bridesmaid robe alternatives.


Flannel Pajamas
Can there be a more comfortable option for getting ready dresses with your gang of girls than wearing cute and matching bridesmaid PJs made out of flannel? If you're throwing a wedding during the winter months, opt for getting ready outfits for bridesmaids that are equal parts stylish and warm. We love bridesmaids wearing matching jammies in colorful plaid options, especially during wintertime weddings. If you wanted to use velvet fabric for your wedding party look, plaid flannel pajamas for bridesmaids can be your ultimate choice that ranges in options from red plaid flannel to classic navy men’s pajamas. The stylish and cozy bridesmaid PJ set is something your crew will actually want to wear again.


Casual Matching Black Lounge Shirts for Bridesmaids
Very much similar to bridesmaids getting ready robes, comfortable lounge shirts are an alternative bridesmaids' robe option that feels more classic as you don't have to fuss with making sure that it's properly tied at all times. The ease of these comfy lounge shirts for your bridal party outfits can also be a great option if you want to incorporate the classic black color into your wedding. The classic black lounge shirts for your bridesmaids will be appreciated by your girl crew when they're getting ready to curl up in bed after a night of celebrating and dancing.


Classic Matching Tank Tops
We all know that comfort is key, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. The classic tank top is a no-brainer for a bridal party getting ready outfits. You can order matching tank top sets as they are known for being insanely soft and cute and come in a range of sizes from small to plus. Add some glam and pop with bedazzled tank tops for your girl crew and make them complete for some of the prettiest bridesmaids' photos on your wedding day! Tank tops are known for being comfortable, versatile, and allow for plenty of room to pull them over your gorgeous up-dos! You can also add personalized details to these bridesmaids getting ready outfits like monograms and make it a classic outfit to remember your wedding day by!


Matching Hoodies for Your Girl Gang
Want to pull off a Hygge-inspired wedding? Then get started with planning your bridesmaid getting ready dresses around this intimate winter wedding theme. Tying one of our favorite wedding themes with some of the most loved bridesmaid dress trends brought us ‘zip-up hoodies for the bridal party,’ to create the ultimate wintertime bash! Matching hoodies for your bridesmaids are also great if you are having a fall wedding with a little chill in the air. This is one of the few options for bridesmaids' getting-ready outfits, which your gang of girls will wear again in the future. Getting ready for a wedding in cooler temps with matching lightweight hoodies which are easy to slip on and off over an updo is not only a comfortable option, but also leaves you with the choice of pairing them with jeans, yoga, pants, leggings, and sweatpants.


Pajama Shirt Combinations
For getting ready in style while still being comfortable, the option of bridesmaids getting ready pajama and shirt sets has become a new favorite among fashion-forward brides. This combination is versatile and suits almost every kind of wedding style. For instance, opting for silk pajamas and shirt sets can complete a perfectly polished bridal party look as they are known for being stylish, comfortable, and luxurious. Similarly, for a summer wedding party, opting for stylish and cozy cotton short pajamas and shirt sets in dreamy pastel colors can be a great way to celebrate the warm season. Likewise, if you are having a beachside celebration and want to incorporate topical wedding details to your big day, opting for floral pattern pajama short sets is a no-brainer when it comes to getting ready outfits. 


Matching T-shirts for Getting Ready
Planning a completely carefree and relaxed look for wedding getting-ready outfits can start with opting for matching t-shirts. Celebrate your favorite ladies with color-coordinated t-shirts for keeping them simple and comfortable. Just like tank tops, t-shirts for your bridal gang are super fun and inexpensive ways to match with your girls on your wedding morning. We love the ease of soft t-shirts as the bride getting ready outfits that feature the selected wedding theme seamlessly. For instance, a bride who loves vintage and floral themes can opt for matching t-shirts for her bridal crew with wildflower prints on them.


Silk Shorts Plus Camis
Sweet monogrammed short sets that come in summery fabrics can be a great bridal getting-ready outfit in the warmer months. The light and airy silk shorts and cami sets are perfect for a warm-weather wedding and would be right at home at a garden venue or a seaside locale. The silky ruffled shorts and adorable cami tops are chic and girly options for a bridal party getting ready attire. If you do not like solid colors, opt for printed camis and shorts sets and accommodate your wedding themes like printed ice cream cones or little unicorns. You can also use monograms to customize these bridal party outfit ideas.


Floral Bridesmaid Robes
Bright floral robes and matching sunnies to style up your bridal party attire for getting ready can be the ultimate touchdown for a summer-spring-themed wedding! Go for floral robes in your choice of wedding colors and matching sunglasses to dress up your bridal party and steal the show with dazzling glamor. Go with a choice of your favorite fabric for the season. Floral bridesmaid dresses have always been a popular choice, and combining it with the timeless option of bright and floral robes becomes our instant favorite! Especially if you are throwing a summer wedding, these pastel-colored robes in different floral prints can look flawless when mixed together.


Off-shoulder Long Sleeve Rompers
Sleeveless or off-shoulder rompers aren’t just for going out in the summer; they make for great getting-ready outfits! Off-shoulder long sleeve rompers are flattering, sweet, and comfortable for your bridal party that comes in a wide range of colors from dreamy pastel pink to classic black. After the wedding day, your best friends can take home the amazing bridesmaid outfits and wear them everywhere from bed to brunch! Some of our favorite alternatives to bridesmaid robes, getting ready wearing rompers with your girls will feel like a nostalgic slumber party, which can create stunning bridesmaid group portraits all cozied up in bed like the good ol' days. If you do not want your bridesmaids to look identical, style up your gorgeous bridesmaids in different colored rompers and add variety and dimension according to your wedding theme to let each girl show off her personality.


Airy and Oversized Bridesmaids Sleep Shirts
Oversized and flowy bridesmaid shirts have been a popular choice for styling bridesmaids for summer weddings. Also, a popular alternative bridesmaids' robe option, oversized bridesmaid getting ready shirts are versatile and can be paired with a pair of leggings, shorts, sweatpants, or yoga pants. Since they are oversized and flowy, the extra material makes it easier to slide down the waist for removal, which can prevent your hair and makeup from getting messed up. You can also show your appreciation for your wedding party by gifting them classic bridesmaid shirts embroidered with their monogram.


Matching Yoga Pants or Cashmere Sweatpants
The ultra-comfy and cool yoga pants or cashmere joggers can be great options for your bridesmaids if you are getting hitched during the winter months. If your gang of bridesmaids loves relaxing, doing yoga, or lounging, gift them comfortable and matching yoga pants as an alternative to bridesmaid robes. They can run errands, go for their hair salon appointments, or do weekend grocery shopping wearing these comfortable and cozy pants even after your wedding day! You can also plan to wear these cute outfits together for bridesmaid dress shopping, bachelorette parties, and brunches if you decide to give the bridesmaids thank you gifts right away.


Sleep Jumpsuits
Let your girl slip into the trendiest bridesmaid dress options by gifting them matching jumpsuits! Sleep and utility jumpsuits are perfect for fashion-forward bridal teams. Get them personalized with each girl’s name, and pair them with some cozy slippers for a getting-ready gift they’ll wear again and again. We love matching floral jumpsuits for spring and summer weddings, and bold silky jumpsuits in jewel tones which your girls can feel confident and wear long after the wedding festivities. If floral lace or silks aren’t your things then opt for fuzzy animal print jumpsuits that not only feel cozy and comfortable but will add so much fun on your big day!

The curated collection of getting-ready outfits for you and your crew of bridesmaids ranges from floral printed silk robes to quirky and cute monogrammed T-shirt options. While we love bridal and bridesmaids robes as they are an easy-on and easy-off option that makes the transition from doing makeup to stepping into a bridesmaids' dress so simple, there are also super-cute rompers, oversized button-downs, soft sweatpants, and more outfit ideas for bridesmaid that known for being unique ideas to make your wedding party stand out. Discover the newly imagined bridesmaids' robe alternatives and giftable getting-ready ensembles for your gang who have stood by you through all the thick and thins of life. 


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