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Back to Black: How to Incorporate This Classic Color Into Your Wedding


Why choose one color for your wedding when you could have them all by choosing black? Okay, we've fudged it a bit here but technically black absorbs all colors (and doesn't reflect any back to the naked eye). Touches of black add elegance and sophistication to any wedding. Here are some of our favorite ways to include the dramatic hue in your 2019 wedding.

Modern Mani

Keep things feeling contemporary with a dusky manicure for your wedding nails. It'll also help to hide dirt, for those brides who can't help but get their hands dirty.

Getting Ready Robes

You can gift black robes to the bridesmaids for a gift that has universal appeal and will look stunning in getting ready wedding photography.

Make It an Honor

Dress the Maid (or Maids) of Honor in Black with the other bridesmaids in another color.

Or Fun for Everyone

Put all the bridesmaids in black for a look that's timeless and will make them love you. A black dress -- whether long or short-- is one they might actually wear again.

It's a Shoe-In

Who doesn't love a black patent dress shoe? The formal wear classic adds the perfect polish for both the bride and groom. For the groom, a black patent shoe fits perfectly with a touch. The bride can go for something classic or give it a fresh twist by donning wedges (hello comfort!).

Floral Fun

Use naturally occurring black elements to enhance your bouquet or flower arrangements. Anemone flowers have a dark center that appears black and calla lilies come in an almost-black shade of dark purple.

A Blinged Ring

We love a band of black diamonds for an unexpected wedding band. The groom's wedding band can be all black or incorporated black stones.

Handsome Accents

A groom's accessories like his watch, cufflinks, tie, and pocket square are striking in black.

Gen-Metal Groomsmen

Having the groomsmen sport black suits with black shirts will make the bridesmaid's dresses pop in group photos. This monochrome look is also an invitation to play with texture for added dimensionality.

Fit to Print

Invitations can be printed in striking monochrome. Use black as the background for something modern. For a more traditional look, go with white or ivory paper and a stunning black script. Use chalkboard and letterboard signs as wedding signage for understated touches of black with an organic feel.

Table It

Include black elements on your tables for a sultry reception ambiance. Whether you go for tablecloths, candles, or small accents to the centerpieces, there are a number of ways to use black to make your reception even more memorable.


We love to see couples make bold choices with their cakes, and utilizing black is a great way to do it. You can have one tier of the cake black and the rest another color. Or you can include a raven-colored silhouette cake topper for modern meets vintage drama.

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