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Monthly Wedding Planning September 2021


And then the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and Autumn was awaked. – Raquel Franco. 


There is something mesmerizing about autumn, the way it seduces one into the season with an artful display of nature, that special can't-put-your-finger-to-it feeling, and something that smells like nostalgia, apples, and smoky wood! Summer prances around to the last day with its trademark brilliance, and all at once, summer collapses in fall! While summer days are more active, autumn slows you down and makes you more pensive! There is depth to autumn that even the cool summer lakes can't fathom.


And of course, like the best of friends, autumn is followed promptly by autumn weddings! While we are big romantics, every wedding will have us sniffling and wishing on a star, the autumn weddings which are no less than the art of nature! Autumn sets the ambiance all by herself, and your outdoor wedding set against the backdrop of yellows and oranges and reds has already set out for success! Whether you get married this autumn, or just happen to be lucky enough to be planning your wedding against the stunning spread that autumn has put out, you will always need wedding planning inspiration to help you out! That's where we come in! Our monthly wedding planning resources will let you know what fresh inspiration and trends are out there and what is buzzing in the world of weddings! Read on for some fresh inspo around the block!


While food and refreshments at a wedding are crucial for obvious reasons, it also says a lot about your wedding day! The way you set up your cocktail bar or your wedding dessert station is not purely for practical reasons but also adds a lot to your wedding decor. It works double-duty to keep your wedding guests replenished, while still managing to look cute! Whether it is edible sparkles, fancy sprinkles, or bedazzled cocktail crystals, you can add a glimmer to your plain old cocktail and dessert section easily! Are you looking for a way to jazz up the way you'd serve your wedding drinks? Click on the article below, if you are nodding yes! 

Here’s How to Add Some Sparkle to Your Cocktail Bar or Wedding Dessert Station

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Always wanted a woodland paradise wedding but it's impractical for your specific date and weather? Invite the outdoors inside! Why stick to greenery vines and foliage when you can have whole tree centerpieces in your wedding reception? For couples looking to create a bold statement, traditional floral centerpieces will simply not suffice! Take a look at the article below and find out how tree centerpieces can go on to match different moods, whether it's summer with citrus trees, winter with bare branches, lush and green, or enchanting with cherry blossoms! Tree centerpieces will fit all of your specific aesthetics, and bring life to your party, in quite the literal way! Find out how below! 

20 Tree Centerpieces to Bring Your Reception to Life

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The wedding favor is the most wonderful and creative way for you to say thanks to your wedding guests. And it is so much fun too! Whether it is a plant for their work desk, a special personalized mug to remind them of your special day, the options are as diverse as weddings are! It is also a way to express your creativity! If you want to steer away from the boring and go for some fun and creative options instead for your special day, read on, because this blog contains everything you need to see! And there are so many options too! From vintage bottle openers to temporary tattoos, the options sound equally fun and memorable.


39 Creative and Unique Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

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Fall lingers in and so do the fall weddings. And fall demands to be felt! Fall inspirations are abundant everywhere we choose to focus on! Whether it is the pumpkins and apples and gourds, or it is maple leaves and cozy fall colors all around, you can't not notice that fall is here! If you and your partner are hosting a fall wedding, a fall wedding cake is something you MUST consider! Here are some of the options for you to look at! From rustic to moody, from embellished to floral, everything is thought of! If this doesn't make you want to whip up a fall in sugar-baked goodness, we don't know what will! 

49 Fall Wedding Cakes We're Obsessed With

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Wedding guest books are generally a practical way for the couple to remember their wedding guests and are placed near a gift or card table. While it's timeless and pretty standard, there is no reason why you cannot have some fun with this! Adding a bit of unexpected fun to a traditional wedding guest book can add interest to your special day, and make this mundane activity unforgettable. From tree guest books to pinatas, from record signing to acrylic paintings, let us explore some of the most creative and unique ideas out there for you to use on your special day! 

24 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives You've Never Seen Before

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The wedding bouquet is one of the most important additions to your special day. Not only is it a beautiful way to complete the bridal ensemble, but it is also a cohesive way of introducing elements of the wedding decor into the bridal bouquet. There are several wedding bouquet options for you to choose from! However, if the roses don't impress you and the peonies don't make your heart sing, here are some alternative wedding bouquets for you to choose from! From citrus bouquets to the hoop, from herbs to paper flowers, the options are endless, and all so mesmerizing. We urge you to take a peek here! 

26 Alternative Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Weddings are deeply personal, and while there are tons of inspirations out there for you to take your pick from, you will always manage to put a bit of you in it and give back to the world a newer or personalized version of the idea! This is what makes weddings so special. Every wedding you look into, you get a peek into a different narrative of a love story! Like snowflakes falling from an overcast sky, every wedding planning story is different, so we hope you find your special pieces of the puzzle out there! Happy wedding planning and we hope September was kind to you, October is just magical! And we will see you in a month, right here!


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