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Seasonal Wedding Favors That Guests Love


One of the many traditions that modern couples love to continue to their big wedding day is the tradition of gifting a small token of love and appreciation to their loved ones who have attended their special day. From serving as a thank-you note to providing them with a tangible memory from your big day, giving away memorable wedding favors or parting gifts continue to be a part of wedding planning checklists for many couples. However, depending on the wedding season you choose to marry, your selection of wedding favors might differ, and you might want to bring out the best that the season has to offer for your celebrations. We’ve come up with a list of wedding favors according to the four seasons, and you can take your own pick to inspire your soirée.


Spring Wedding Favor Ideas:


Personalized koozies

Custom koozies wedding favors are amazing for spring weddings as your guests get ready to be outdoors for the beginning of the barbecue season. They can fondly remember your gorgeous spring engagement or wedding as they get ready for summer with the custom-made koozie by their side. Also, personalized tumblers are all the rage among couples too. You can decorate these functional containers with spring-themed details like floral designs and colorful ribbons to make them look fun. Customized wine glasses with your initials can also be given away as a chic wedding favor which will remind your guests of you every time their clock says wine o’clock.


Wine or champagne wedding favors

Feature and give away your favorite wine or champagne with unique custom-made wine labels. Spring weddings are the perfect time to give your guests your favorite wine bottles with a personalized label to express your gratitude to them for attending your special day. You can also offer mini bottles of your favorite champagne or wine (red or white) and your guests will be excited to try it and understand your taste. For all your non-drinking friends and family, mini Limoncello bottles and herbed olive oil with personalized tags are amazing and refreshing wedding favors for Tuscany-inspired spring weddings.


Spring flavored treats

Lip-smacking spring-themed candies are cheap wedding favor ideas for couples on a budget. From gourmet fortune cookie favors featuring light pastel colors to little boxed with green mints, there are so many candy wedding favor ideas to make the guests feel refreshed on your spring soirée. You can place these individually boxed treats or individually designed cake boxes complete with personalized labels on wedding favor tables near the exits. Dressing up spring-themed cookies and bonbons in poppy spring shades will add a flirty look to the entire idea. Daisy lollipops and cones with chocolate are timeless ideas for guests with kids or a simple sweet tooth. 


Pretty and personalized pandemic essentials

The post-COVID weddings will require certain protocols to be followed and safety-conscious wedding favors can be brought in to celebrate this historical moment. While face masks and hand sanitizers are a normal part of weddings these days, why not personalize them with your creative ingenuity and give them away to your loved ones so that they remember your wedding every time they use them while going out of their homes. Give your guests custom-designed face masks and personalized sanitizer bottles with cute labels, designs, and even scents as parting gifts, and be sure that your wedding will be remembered in a sweet way forever. 


Customized spring tote bags

Spring tote bags with personalized garden-inspired stamps give way to a high level of creative freedom to customize your spring-inspired wedding favor. Embroidered travel bags in rose or lavender prints or tote bags with guests’ names written on them are the perfect favors that they will surely cherish. For all the days out in the spring sun, your guests will enjoy and appreciate this thoughtful and useful wedding favor.


Summer Wedding Favor Ideas:


Fans and hats

Wicker fans and cool hats will make your guests feel comfortable and fresh during an outdoor wedding celebration, especially if your wedding is on a hot day of summer. Considered to be practical wedding favors for summer weddings, parasols are a cute and quirky wedding favor idea for a beach or summertime wedding. You can go for hats, parasols, and wicker hats according to the choice of your wedding color palette and double them up as adorable props for your wedding photos. If it accidentally rains on your wedding day, plan to give out umbrellas instead in a similar color scheme. Your guests will thank you for the thoughtful idea. 


Potted plants and succulents

Who doesn’t love a succulent plant? One of the favorite green wedding ideas for plant parents, gifting potted plants and succulents or giving away garden seeds can be great favors for a wedding reception which are easy to maintain and very cute. Sturdy succulent plants that won’t wither under the heat like agave, aloe, or crassula can be unique wedding favors which your guests will appreciate. If you are hosting a garden wedding party or a backyard reception, giving away garden seeds can be highly appropriate. Choose easy-to-grow seeds like lemongrass, lavender, mint, and basil as wedding favors because these are gifts that keep on giving back to the environment.


Fresh honey and syrup bottles

One of the most loved spring and summer wedding favor ideas is the sweet summer treat of honey with mini honey drippers. If you are hosting a brunch wedding, giving away mini syrup bottles and honey jars can be cool wedding favors, as a nod to the season’s harvest. They can be used as favors for weddings in every season. Pack these yummy summer favors in tiny bottles and jars, and DIY some to greet your guests with a warm welcome. Olive oil in small bottles can also be gifted if you are hosting a romantic aesthetic-inspired summer wedding. Give them a snack time favorite alongside these unique wedding favors that they can enjoy on their patio this summer.


Refreshing summer produce

A refreshing bag of cherries is a sight to behold at summer weddings, as they are not only pretty to look at but also can be the perfect answer if you are looking to get wedding favors in bulk. Paper bags with strawberries are cool homemade wedding favor ideas to go for as well. Homemade jams from seasonal fruit and berries will always be to the point and can be a tasty and lip-smacking treat to your loved ones. One of the best DIY wedding favors for our foodie couples, your grandma’s good family jam recipe can make an excellent send-off gift or DIY jam date with all your BFFs and make your own flavorsome jam wedding favors out of the refreshing summer season produces.



Capture the romance of summer nights by giving away s’mores as a quintessential summery wedding favor. Wrapped up s’mores will not only add to the sweetness of the big day but, also will raise the sugar levels of your guests, for a long night of dance and laughter. If you are hosting a backyard wedding or having a tented reception, s’mores can be your ultimate outdoor wedding favors ideas, where your loved ones can assemble and spend a long summer night sitting around a campfire, making s’mores. You can add a yummy s’more favor to remember your wedding fondly for the rest of their lives.


Autumn Wedding Favor Ideas:


Personalized maple syrup and cider bottles

Personalized wedding favors go a long way, and what can be better than season-inspired favors to gift your guests a sweet and authentic taste of the season? Buy mini bottles of maple syrup or bottles of sparkling cider in bulk from wedding favor wholesale sections or let your non-alcoholic guests choose between hard cider and peach-flavored beer. Homebrewed cider and maple syrup jars are sure to be a hit at your wedding. Tap into a harvest theme with mini maple syrup favors and wrap them up in small Negronis bottles, along with calligraphed leather seating tags and bundles of fresh fall-colored flowers.


Pumpkin wedding favors

Fun wedding favors which can also sit nicely with your Halloween-themed wedding details in the fall months featuring a slightly spooky Jack-o'-lantern style, pumpkin wedding favors are loved for being picture-worthy and effortlessly autumnal. Mini pumpkin candle favors can also double as your centerpiece ideas for reception tablescapes, and they'll steal your guests' hearts just like they stole yours. You can also give away pumpkin spice-scented handmade soap bars as fall wedding favors with customized labels or pumpkin-shaped cork or even coasters with animated pumpkins for a frame-worthy fall soirée. If you don’t want to overload pumpkin spice as your primary fragrance or flavor, then opt for other fall-themed scents like Farmhouse Cider, Orange Clove, and Pumpkin Souffle.


Bottle opener wedding favors

One of the most incorporated cheap wedding favor ideas- gifting season-themed bottle openers is a chic way to make your wedding day an unforgettable affair. You can’t go wrong with chic rustic wedding details with motifs like an antler-shaped bottle opener or a super-chic maple leaf design as your choice of fall wedding favors and fall bridal shower favors. You can add woodsy accents and motifs to make them extra appropriate for the season. If you are looking for a more chic and sophisticated way of giving bottle openers, then slip a rustic key bottle opener onto a mini bottle of your favorite liquor- whether it’s whiskey or merlot for an exclusive rustic, vintage, and seasonal flair.


Caramel apple favors

One of the most decadent fall wedding favor ideas- caramel apples are love! Keeping you in sync with the autumnal-themed wedding details, caramel and chocolate-dipped apples can be set out in large copper kettles or as an alternative to traditional wedding desserts for your departing guests. If you are on a serious budget and want fall-inspired wedding favors for guests, opt for caramel apple favor tags and loop them into candy apples or source fresh apples from the nearby farmers’ market or local orchard for a festive cheer. 


Fall themed flowers

Probably one of our most favorite wedding flowers for fall brides- sunflowers and pine trees are striking reminders of this season. The harvest season can be celebrated by giving away beautiful packets containing seasonal sunflower or wildflower seeds, to bring a cheer to your guests’ yards. However, this works only for countryside residents where people have actual yards, and for all the city dwellers, opting for roasted edible pumpkin and sunflower seeds can be great. We love the idea of giving away candy wedding favors - delicious chocolate-covered Oreos in the shape of a sunflower, or mints in sunflower-shaped bottles. If you are fond of practical DIY wedding favors, pack bundles of fresh fall-colored flowers or pine cone soaps as favors for a look that's traditional and quirky all at once.


Winter Wedding Favor Ideas:



Apart from being elegant wedding favors, candles shaped like pine cones and adorable pinecone firestarter wedding favors can feel as if you are giving your guests a cozy night by the roaring fireplace. You can wrap up the ornaments with chevron paper, twine, and a piece of pine for this wedding. Gather some pine cones and wax, and create your own DIY wedding favor by packing these ensembles with personalized tags and satin ribbons. Your guests can light the wicks and relax by the warm and cozy fire on a chilly night of winter and remember your wedding day fondly days or even years later. 


Hot chocolate favors

One of the most timeless wedding favor trends for winter weddings, hot chocolate wedding favors add to the cozy and warm elegance of a wedding in the chilly season. From hot cocoa favors spruced up with light sprinkles of cinnamon and spices and tied with handwritten thank-you notes to giving away hot chocolate spoons featuring chocolate-coated layers with snowflake sprinkles so that your guests can relish a hot mug of cocoa in their blankies after going home, the sky’s limit when it comes to the best and useful wedding favor ideas for winter weddings. Hot chocolate on a stick wedding favors are super cute and unique, which can keep your guests’ fingers nice and cozy cupped around a warm mug of delicious chocolate.


Knitted woolen favors

To give away a dash of warmth and snuggly vibes on your winter wedding, opt for knitted wedding favors like hand and leg warmers, scarves, or even shawls. These crafty and unique wedding favor ideas for winter weddings will set the right tone for your celebration. You can also ask one of your crafty and artistic family members or friends to create hand-knit or crocheted coasters and cushion covers to add to the aesthetic of your guests’ houses. Simple and wintry knitted hand warmers made out of flannel and cotton are easy picks for winter wedding favors that will add warmth to your wedding.


Christmas themed favors

A strong nod to the holiday season and festive cheer, Christmas-themed unusual wedding favors add to the wintry spirits of your winter wedding. You can be the Santa at your wedding and hand out small handmade bags and rubber-stamp with "naughty" or "nice" to guests and fill up the former ones with coal-shaped sweet edibles and the latter with peppermint sticks and peppermint-chocolate bark. These holiday-themed wedding favors can also range from chocolate-covered pretzel sticks and warm handheld warm apple pie favors to bell-themed favors for combining Christmas and wedding bells.


Candle wedding favors

Candles and winter weddings go hand in hand. For all the lovers of cozy and warm wedding details, hand out candles as modern wedding favors for your winter celebrations. Adorn pine cone scented soy candles with beautifully crafted holiday tags and personalized messages or pair spicy and warm scented candles with personalized matchbooks for a little extra flair so that your guests go home feeling cozy and loved. You can also paint the candles and celebrate your choice of wedding color palette or “scent scape” your winter wedding with your favorite winter fragrance. 


Your closest friends and family will most likely fly or drive in from the farthest corners of the country to attend your big day. They might be selecting the trendiest wedding ensembles and looking for thoughtful presents to gift you on the biggest day of your life. Your wedding day is a reflection of the two of you as a couple and the choice of your wedding favors will give them a lasting impression. Hence, this is the perfect opportunity to share your favorites and showcase your unique personalities as a couple. From take-home bags of cookies to monogrammed wine labels, reap out the best of this fun wedding tradition and give your loved ones something precious to remember your big day by.


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