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Unique Ideas for an Engagement Session in Spring


Once they’ve knelt and offered you the ring, the excitement goes through the roof as the journey to your dream wedding day begins. Proposals bring about a lot of serotonin, dopamine, and even a short burst of adrenaline. It becomes an exciting and happy time for both the people involved in the relationship. However, once all the excitement goes down a bit, your journey begins. The journey will involve a lot of nervousness, headaches, planning, second thoughts, and whatnot. Yet, you’ll find heightened feelings for your partner-to-be, excitement, joy, and bliss in that same journey. The first stop right after the proposal is the engagement photo session. If you want to throw an engagement party before the wedding, you can do so. However, it is recommended that you do an engagement photo session before you even start planning any party or wedding. This is because engagement photography can be used to announce your engagement to everybody and they’re a great way to do so. 

Yet, doing an engagement photo session isn’t an easy task. You have to make sure that your engagement session stands out and really captures the attention of anyone who comes across the pictures. If you can plan an engagement session in spring, then it’s even better because spring is a magical time for romance. You’ll need some planning and research in order to pull off a majestic spring engagement photo session. After all, you should announce your wedding in style. The more you research and put some thought into your engagement photo session, the more appealing it will be. Creativity is a very important part of any eye-catching engagement photo session. Thus, in order to help you get started, this article will provide you with some amazing spring engagement photo session ideas. You’ll get some cool ideas for locations, elements to incorporate in your photo session, and even outfit ideas. 

Why do a photo session at all?

Some of us do not like getting in front of the camera. Some of us think that an engagement photo session is a waste of money or just not necessary. However, those people who do not have an engagement photo session miss out on a lot. Here are some reasons why you should definitely have an engagement photo session.

It’s an important milestone in your life Getting engaged is something magical and you should definitely get some pictures clicked in order to look back on this amazing moment in your life. Imagine that you’re old with your grandchildren sitting in your lap. They ask about how you met grandpa/grandma. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have some amazing photos to show them? As we get older, our memory becomes weaker. Thus, it is essential to document all the important bits of our life. Photographs are full of memories and just looking at them brings about a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts. We get nostalgic and all the memories of our beautiful past come pouring into our minds. That is the beauty of photographs.

Practice makes perfect One thing is for certain, you will have a photographer on your wedding day. And you might not be that comfortable in front of a camera. Doing an engagement photo session prepares you for the photoshoot on your wedding day. It makes you more comfortable in front of a camera as well and you learn some poses that you can do on your wedding day. Thus, once you’ve gone through an engagement photoshoot, you won’t end up with awkward photos from your wedding day.

Taking social media by storm Engagement photos are great for social media accounts. They’ll brighten up your feed and that way, your wedding can also be announced to all your online friends. Posting some amazing pictures with impactful captions on your social media account can be a really amazing experience. Speaking in scientific terms, it’ll definitely give you a dopamine boost. 

Making contacts The more pragmatic couples will realize that having an engagement photo shoot is a great way to actually test the work of a particular photographer. This way, you can decide whether you like the work of a certain photographer or not. If you do like it, you can easily book them for your wedding day as you will develop a personal relationship with them throughout the photo session. 

Springtime is a fun time Spring is the most popular time to schedule an engagement photoshoot session. If you’re looking to schedule a session in spring, it’s best that you do it 2-3 months in advance. If you book in advance, you’ll get more choices when it comes to locations, photographers, etc. Moreover, you can focus on other aspects of the engagement party or continue with your wedding planning. Once you’ve booked the session, you can lay back and enjoy it as it will definitely be a wonderful photoshoot. The reason for that is quite simple – Spring. Spring is also called the season of romance and for good reason. It’s a time when it’s not too cold and not too hot. The flowers and the trees bloom with life. As it’s not too cold, you can wear any outfit you want. Apart from the general aesthetics of the springtime, it’s a season when you’ll easily find a wedding photographer. Usually, wedding photographers get quite busy during the summertime as there are a lot of summer weddings. Thus, having your engagement photo session in spring essentially means that you’ll have a very easy time finding a decent photographer. And a good photographer coupled with the aesthetics backgrounds that you’ll get in spring can easily make your photoshoot magical. However, you should book the photographer well in advance as all the other couples would be looking for an engagement photo session in spring too. But you do not have to worry as photographers are not as busy in spring as they are in the summertime. Spring is a magical season that blooms with life and love. Almost all wedding experts will recommend you to have your engagement photoshoot in springtime

Some cool location ideas for spring engagement photo session

The perfect backdrop is essential to make an engagement photo session a hit. If your photo session is in spring, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding a great location. The color scheme, the outfits, the props – everything has to be considered when picking a backdrop. Moreover, you should also consider the budget before choosing a backdrop. Make sure, it’s not too far from your home and doesn’t strain the budget too much. Thus, think creatively and save money. Here are some cool location ideas that you can consider or from which you can take inspiration.

The Hike If both of you are more of the adventurous type, you should consider taking your photographer on a mountain hike. Amidst the serene beauty of mountains, you’ll find your love for each other to become even stronger. And that will reflect in the photos you take there. The backdrop on mountains can be breathtaking. Adventurous, romantic, and wild. This location for a spring engagement photo session might be a bit heavy on your budget, but if you love adventure, you’ll definitely not regret it.

Waterfalls: Waterfalls can also be placed under the category of adventurous spots. You’ll probably find some waterfalls near the mountains and other beautiful natural spots. That way, you can have multiple amazing backgrounds. Waterfalls look amazing as a backdrop. Words cannot capture the aesthetics that a good photographer can capture with a serene waterfall in the backdrop. Moreover, you’ll have a better state of mind when in natural spaces. It’s good for our health to get away from all the chaos of civilized spaces at times. Again, a waterfall as a backdrop for your engagement photography might be a bit costly, but it’ll be worth it.

Modern and Abstract If you’re looking to get quirky, you can discover some enchanting backdrops within the city itself. For that, you’ll need to get your creative juices flowing and you’ll have to find a like-minded photographer too. Think of swings in the park, wall graffiti, flickering neon lights at night, county fairs, the downtown rush, etc. You can click some gems if you come across some amazing artistic backdrops. You have to be on the lookout though, and you’ll definitely need to wander around the city for some time. A photo session of this kind will save you money, but it will take up a lot of your time. So, if you or your partner have a busy work life or personal life, this location idea might not suit you.

Country life An engagement photo session in the countryside is a very underrated location idea. You won’t have to spend a lot and you’ll still find calmness and natural beauty. If you’re a fan of the countryside, you might want to get some photos clicked on a farm. This is an amazing backdrop for people who love farm life and animals. Whether it is a picnic date among the spring blooms or the rustic appeal of the location, there is something about a springy engagement shoot on a farm that is just endearing. You’ll end up having a lot of fun too. Also, natural lighting will be an added bonus for your engagement photographer!

Add a personal touch You don’t have to go about picking a location based on outer appearances. You can instead choose a place that is of special importance for both of you. For instance, you can have your photoshoot at a place where you both met. That would make for a lovely story when going over the photo album with your family and friends. You can go to your hometowns instead. There are a lot of places you can choose based on personal value and importance.

Historical Historic buildings, parks, etc. are amazing locations for a photo session. Parks, for instance, are one of the most popular locations for engagement photography, especially in spring. During springtime, you’ll get some amazing backdrops in a beautiful park with trees coming to life and flowers blossoming. If not parks, you can choose a church or a museum. Your photo album will have a historical aspect to it and it’ll definitely make your photos better. 

Elements that’ll add magic to your spring engagement session

Once you’ve chosen a nice location, you can add some extra elements and thoughtful wedding details to make your photos stand out even more. For instance, you can use props. If you’re in the countryside, you can actually pick up some tools and use them in poses. Or, jump on the backside of a pickup truck and ask your photographer to capture the magic. You’ll find a lot of cute animals when on farms, so why not pose with them? A cute puppy in your arms will definitely make the pictures sweeter. 

If you’re going for the abstract look, get creative. Ice creams, mini cakes, tobacco pipes, musical instruments – the ideas are endless. Ask your photographer to pitch in some ideas as she or he’ll have a better understanding of color schemes and the general vibe that has to be captured. 

Go for action. Indulge in an activity together and ask your photographer to capture you at the moment. The activities that you can possibly indulge in will depend upon the location you choose. For instance, if you’re on the beach, you can opt for some water sports. If you’re in the mountains, you can ask your photographer to click while you hike.

You have to look fly

The most important part of a photo session is your outfits. You have to choose your outfits carefully based on multiple factors. First of all, consider the location. Make sure your outfit is appropriate for the location of the photo session. Once you’ve taken care of that, think of the general vibe and the theme you’re going for. Is it retro or formal? Is the photoshoot a bit casual or are you looking to make a fashion statement with abstract aesthetics? Ask your photographer for some advice as they’re professional and can guide you better. 

Nevertheless, you should be the one making the decision at the end as it’s your engagement photo session. Go through fashion magazines, websites, blogs, etc. to help you decide what to wear. Or, you can just wear your favorite dress that means a lot to you on this special day. The choice is yours.

Once you’ve planned it carefully, you won’t have to worry about your engagement photo session. All you need to do is book everything well in advance, choose the location, outfits, elements, etc. based on your preference, and you’re good to go. The important thing is to cherish your engagement photo session because it will be a special day upon which you’ll look back later in your life. You’ll end up making a lot of memories and it’s essential that they be happy memories.


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