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Photo Collection: Low Light & Night Photography


"Without the dark, we’d never see the stars." – Stephenie Meyer


Daylight may have its own fan base, but we all know that there is something so special about night time that intrigues us, moves us, and more importantly, fascinates us with its mystery and enigma. When the world goes to sleep, and our surroundings come to silence, and still, we find ourselves paying extra attention to our spirits, subconscious, and minds. The exquisite dreams that take us on impossible journeys with our soulful imaginations coming into play, there is no doubt that night time is a metaphor in itself for all things artistic and beautiful. When the sun goes down in the evening sky and the stars twinkle on the horizon, we are seldom engulfed by a sense of mysticism and our body slows down to the pace of life when the various shades of night come out.


From the beautiful sunsets where the sky blacks out the subjects making dreamy silhouettes to the ambient and whimsical starlit skies away from the city hum, there is a reason why professional photographers around the world celebrate the beauty and charm of golden hour and night time in detailed shots. Every professional photographer becomes an expert night time photographer after years of practice in honing the right set of skills that goes beyond the gorgeous night photographs in low light and dark venues. Especially when the fall is here followed by the season of winter and the air suddenly turns crisp with a sudden and fresh change, making the days shorter and nights longer, the beauty that autumn and winter pertain to photography is truly fabulous. Professional night time photographers love to shoot in low light while capturing the raw emotion and connections of nature and create moody portraits that are full of shadows, beautiful grains, and rich tones.


Here are some of the best reasons to have a couple photography session in low light


Low light photography sets the mood 

Creating unfiltered moods and the deepest spirits, low light portraits metaphorically be the perfect cup of cinnamon tea and caramelized apple pie on a cold autumn evening. To be aware of the light and shadow and how it affects the forms of shapes and objects in detailed shots, it is very essential to capture low light images that do not look flat. The unique perspective of the slow pace at night pushes the moodiness even further and creates detailed portraits that daylight photography cannot.


Creative freedom 

Embracing the little grains in a dark mode portrait opens up a whole new world for a professional photographer while enabling creative freedom. Photography sessions in low light will naturally have some grain to the final portrait and finding the perfect shooting style that will speak through them resonating with their unique skill and talent is the ultimate artistic liberation. The rawness in grainy dark mode portraits adds emphasis to the connection between the subjects and hence low light photography is the perfect way to capture raw moods and human connections. For instance, when a couple is having a professional fall photography session, clicking the couple portraits in dark mode brings out the rawest and unfiltered emotions that can speak through souls. 


Endless options 

When a professional photographer chooses to photograph in low light the endless options for shooting that open up are truly tremendous. Especially couple photographers looking to capture beautiful couple portrait silhouettes portraits in dark mode are always rewarded with stunning images. Finding the perfect little pockets of light breaking through the tiniest crevices and cracks, can reward timeless dark mode couple portraits that not only look stunning but also reflect the proficiency of the professional couple photographer.


All the lovers of unconventional and quirk, to-be-married couples who are not fond of the regular white wedding with soft color palettes in natural whites, pinks, and neutral pastels, can opt for dark wedding venues especially during a fall wedding or a winter wedding when the nights get longer and add the extra drama they have been looking for. Adhering to the fact that there is beauty everywhere even in darkness, wedding portraits in dark mode can be absolute masterpieces filled with rich and smokey details. The unique wedding photography session in dark mode can be perfectly paired with not-so-ordinary color palettes of dark hues and Bordeaux accented with moody florals. The bride and the groom in dark and dramatic styles can be the perfect mood for a dramatic fall wedding as well as an exciting and impressive winter wedding. 


When it comes to taking beautiful wedding pictures, one of the biggest challenges is poor light conditions. Adding bold and Bordeaux color palettes to your wedding as well as choosing a dark wedding venue can be the most intimate way of expressing your unique personalities and celebrate your nuptials beginning in an avant-garde feel. When you have the idea of incorporating a dark wedding decoration palette, you do not have to necessarily move away from incorporating pinks or reds and including darker shades of these wedding color palettes by adding burgundy, mauve, maroon, plum, or even fuchsia shades. The rich and moody hues of a dark wedding theme can be perfectly elaborated by adding some sparkles by including sequined ebony and golden linens to create the perfect dazzle for your dark mode wedding photography session. The key to achieving a perfect dark wedding theme is to find the perfect balance and that can be either by adding amazing accessories to lighten up the entire ambiance like soft and glowing candle votives, soft floral patterns, or an all-white wedding cake with richly colored flowers.


Here are some of the tips to photograph at a dark wedding venue: 


The right photography equipment 

Shooting a wedding in low light can be a challenge, especially when a couple chooses to get married in dimly lit spaces like an old church or a countryside barn without windows. Having a full-frame camera can enhance your low-light performance getting quality images at higher ISOs. Rather than having a crop sensor camera, a larger camera sensor can always gather more light and get the best out of available light for wedding portraits. Also using prime lenses that have wider apertures can allow more light into a camera's sensor and can help when you are struggling to get enough light to capture the best wedding moments.


Back button focus

At a dimly lit wedding reception or a wedding ceremony in a dark wedding venue, where there isn't enough light a customized setting called the back button focus is different and out of the box way to use the professional camera. When the wedding guests and the couple are moving really fast on the dance floor and there is a lot of action happening around the wedding photographer, where it is very difficult to quickly lock and focus on a particular subject, this customized camera setting locks the focus and releases the shutter all at once using the same button. To capture the perfect wedding moments, you might need to use this black button focus camera setting to continuously snap-snap-snap! 


Focus on an object 

This can be done during toasts and outdoor receptions, where the only ambient light is coming from candles and low-lit lights on the tables and corners and the subjects are facing away from the center of the table. During a dark and dimly lit wedding photography session, it can be impossible to catch the guests’ reactions in focus as there is almost nothing to illuminate the faces, focusing on an object instead of people can bring out the best candid reactions and capture them in memorable wedding portraits. 


Using the camera settings wisely 

Understanding how a camera's sensor receives light is mandatory for shooting in a dark wedding venue. Using a camera flash is the best way to light up a low light situation, however, during a wedding ceremony when the couple is exchanging wedding vows, using a camera flash can be really distracting and generally not allowed. Using the flash for shots when the bride is walking the aisle or there is a bridal party going on can reap amazing results in creating breathtaking bridal portraits. But after the wedding ceremony begins, you will need to find an alternative to the camera flash and that can be done by opening up the aperture, slowing the shutter speed, or raising the ISO. 


Embrace the grain and noise 

For all the professional wedding photographers out there, the noise and grain in wedding portraits shot in dark mode can become a concern. Although the grain and noise in wedding portraits can be lessened but not completely removed especially when you are shooting in a dark wedding venue. It is also amazing to remember that a grainy image in any way is better than a blurry and out of focus wedding portrait.


Encapsulating the romantic and clandestine feels, dark mode wedding photography sessions are known to push boundaries and idiosyncratic edited wedding portraits can radiate a different level of precision and charm. From dark wedding trends sweeping the internet during the fall season with the Halloween reverie playing in the background to the inspirational moody and dark wedding themes where a 'Not-So-White Wedding' takes place on a perfectly white winter day surrounded by snow-clad landscapes, there are so many dark and classy wedding inspirations, that can be the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary without missing out on class and elegance.


Best places to get the perfect night shot for couples: 


Dramatic bridges 

Imagine kissing your love with the Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge during the sunset hour and creating captivating golden hour couple portraits, or even during the night time when the stately bridges across the country light up like a dream. This is one of the best couple photography night shot ideas and a little sprinkle of headlights of passing cars and blazingly lit cityscape in the background can be sheer magic. 


Famous attractions 

Getting captured in night couple shots with famous and popular attractions and landmarks in the background might get you the perfect photo that you have been looking for. Famous and popular locations are excellently illuminated at night and the surrounding atmosphere is generally different when compared to that during the day, and the detailed couple shots may come out as truly magnificent and stylish. 


Street lights 

Considered to be one of the best couple photography ideas, clicking couple portraits under street lights even in the most boring cities might look magnificent with all the buildings and boards lighting up like a dream, turning them into interesting background subjects. If you can also find water bodies around, the reflection of the cityscape on the water is a different level of art that can be captured in magnificent night shots.


Empty roads and highways 

Another excellent subject in night photography, empty roads, and highways can create an excellent background subject for dark mode couple portraits. With incredible artistic energy and a touch of whimsy, long exposure photography technique on a highway is an incredible way to capture beautiful streaks of light left by cars. It is perfect to create a spooky mood during Halloween couple photography sessions on an empty road, especially surrounded by forests or water bodies with the endless amount of inspirations that can be brought into play.


From catching neon signs to blinding car lights, from light painting to neon signs, couple photography inspirations and ideas at night can take you to glorious places. All the night photography ideas for couples can be complemented and mixed with exquisite and sultry creativity that can represent a couple's unique personalities and styles. The eclectic atmosphere that night brings with it, turning everything moody and glamorous, can be captured in unique couple photography sessions by our talented team of engagement and wedding photographers. For the best and exclusive couple night photography ideas, you can get in touch with us and bag some of the best and customizable professional photography packages for yourself.


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