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Wedding Cakes of 2020 to Inspire 2021


Chocolate is a universal stress buster but for many (count me in) it’s CAKE! Vanilla, Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut, Red Velvet, Black Forest, Ice cream cake, Molten chocolate cake (Hmmm...Yummy!), we are sure, cake-lovers have tasted all these cakes and would not hesitate to try anything new as well. The umami of a cake is incomparable, no doubt! Hitting the back of your throat and leaving you craving more, a cake is something one can’t say no to. And we can’t imagine a celebration without cake, can we? From baby shower to birthday party to welcome party to farewell and anything in between, the cake is the only thing that accentuates the joy and adds taste be it any happy event. For every celebration, there is a different category of cakes suiting every happy situation. And what happier occasion than a wedding day? Plus what better way to celebrate the happiest day of life than with a cake? A gorgeous wedding cake is truly a focal point at your wedding reception, adding to your wedding theme and really making a statement. From the design to the taste, your wedding cake happens to be one of the most unforgettable details of the day for both you and your loved ones who came to witness your nuptials, so you might as well make it count.

2020 weddings have taught us that health and safety are above everything else. From guest lists to wedding dreams to wedding cake’s size, everything shrank to the comfortable and acceptable size in order to accommodate the safety guidelines devised by the government worldwide. A mere invisible tiny thing has changed the entire planet and its inhabitants. We are delighted that as we hoped, 2021 has brought with it new hopes and dreams with the cure. However, an awareness of health and safety will inevitably have a lasting effect even in 2021 and later after the COVID era. Particularly, venues and caterers will need to take extra precautions like adding contactless faucets, sanitation stations, along with a hyper-vigilance when it comes to cleaning. 2020 has made everyone stronger and more conscious, adaptive, and picky. They would not want to pick anything from anywhere. Besides style, a lot has changed at weddings after COVID. And wedding cakes are no exception!

Every bride wants to cut a cake on her big day that looks and tastes excellent. While the taste of the cake depends on your choice the design totally is decided by the wedding theme you picked for the day of your wedding. For instance, you may love a rustic semi-naked cake, but if you're hosting a black-tie ballroom wedding, that style may not jive. Or for your Valentine’s day or February wedding, you would want to pick a romantic Red Velvet cake. If you have a sweet tooth, choosing your wedding cake flavors will definitely be the most delicious part of planning your big day. While there are about one bajillion things you might have to do to nail the perfect wedding, picking that perfect cake is undeniably the most fun task (especially if you have got a sweet tooth!) but that doesn’t make choosing a wedding cake that takes the cake a piece of cake! The list of popular cakes is long and picking ‘yours’ could be a daunting task if you don’t know these cake-choosing helpful tips. The 2020 wedding cake trends have not changed much in 2021 but you still might want to know about these 2021 wedding cake trends for inspiration prior to meeting with your cake baker to get your creative wheels turning.

Size and style that will save a little dough (literally!): You also might want to consider downsizing if you aren’t a fan of huge traditional tiered confections that are so often served at weddings but love cakes. With the right accents, a small wedding cake can look larger than life plus it will not burn a hole in your pocket as well - the smaller the cheaper! The secret lies in how you design it! 2021 will see more small-size wedding cakes. After 2020, not only the world is reshaping itself but the wedding cakes are also changing in their size and looks. It can easily be seen that cakes are getting smaller and more unique in versatile ways. And artistic cake bakers and designers of 2021 are having fun reinventing and incorporating all types of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials to meet the personalized unique cake demands of 2021 couples. From edible flowers to geode detailing and metallic gold leaf, check out 10 of these unique wedding cake trends that we’re expecting to be huge in 2021.


Blooms on the cake are here to stay: Who says flowers are to smell only? Well, you can eat them as well provided they are on your confection. The true icing on the cake, edible flowers are on track to be a prime wedding cake trend in 2021. Not flowers made of chocolate, fondant, or sugar but actual blooms that you can eat. We love how they look pressed into the buttercream, and we highly suggest embracing this trend if you’re throwing a spring or garden wedding. For your Valentine’s day wedding a nude cake embellished with red roses could add to the romance in the air. Nothing gives us a sugar rush quite like an aesthetic floral wedding cake!

Not metallic but pearly or a mix of both: Pearl, a symbol of unblemished perfection! Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls are definitely a cake’s best friend! Wedding cake and pearls make a wonderful combo together! Especially if you are looking for something to make your exquisite cake seem straight out of a royal fairy tale? Opt for designs in white sugar pearls. If you want it to look glamorous, go for a metallic shade like burnt gold or rose gold. To add a touch of ‘luxury.’ to your cake consider sprucing it up with edible glitters. Usually glammed up with lace, a pearl wedding cake is all the rage in 2021. The elegant ruffles can make the whole wedding look harmonious meanwhile the pearl is especially suitable for a vintage wedding. From vintage to modern, wedding cakes with pearls speak to the soul and enchant the heart. And what better way to give words to your luxurious wedding than cutting a pearl wedding cake?! These 25 fabulous wedding cake ideas with pearls are sure to dazzle your eyes with their luster and elegance.

Single-storey swag fits squarely into the new trend: 2020 is the culprit for the rising popularity of single-tier cakes. And you should not be surprised. With the increasing figures of small weddings, micro weddings, and elopements the guest lists are getting shorter resulting in a lesser number of tiers. These are great for all event styles, but especially minimalist celebrations. Returning to normal grand weddings still might take time as the loss that the entire world has paid towards dealing with the pandemic in 2020 will be borne by people for the next few years directly or indirectly (a very good example that comes to my mind is- increased service charges in restaurants in the form of sanitization fee). Although the vaccination to knock the virus down has come, the come back of gala weddings can still take time. And hence, single-tiered small wedding cakes are here to stay. A single-tier cake is the pinnacle of chic minimalism. Also, a simple design doesn't mean the flavor has to be boring - in fact, it allows you to use it as an opportunity to incorporate fun fillings. A square-shaped single-tiered wedding cake could make the day of your modern wedding!

Cake toppers will never be out of trend: After you have decided on your dessert theme, you need to consider custom toppers for your wedding cake. Big or small, it’s a cake topper that not only adds meaning to your wedding cake but also emotions. For instance, you might want to top off your cake with a dog wedding cake topper if you don’t happen to include your furry friend in your wedding. In the challenging circumstances that 2020 brought to us, these custom cake toppers were a light-hearted way to commemorate the unbelievable times. One of the popular emerging topper themes in 2020 was the classic bride and groom figurines as topper only with face masks. As with any cake, you want to make use of any cakes that are too extravagant. These have a tendency to take away from the overall design of your cake. While in 2020 many couples were considering exciting toppers for their COVID wedding cake, in 2021 couples are keeping it simple and sober. Why waste money on bells and whistles when guests prefer to eat the other spongy part of the artistic creations!

Pay to satisfy the taste buds, not the eyes:  When it comes to embellishments, adornment costs run the gamut. Fresh fruits or flowers, that in some instances can be applied by your florist for a minimal fee, play a pivotal role in the overall cost of the cake. On the high end are delicate gum paste or sugar paste flowers, which are constructed by hand, one petal at a time. But here's the bottom line: All add-ons—including marzipan fruits, chocolate-molded flowers, and lace points—will raise the price (it's worth the cost, though!). Good looks of the cake don’t guarantee a good taste. Too much adornment on the cake can impact the way it tastes. And why break the bank for something that’s once cut is forgotten and probably not eaten as well. No doubt, the beauty of cake impresses your guests but if it doesn’t taste good all the money you splurged on the details will go down the drain. The details could widen their eyes for some time but it’s the taste that brings smiles to the faces of your guests and is remembered for years.

Budget matters and will always matter: Small can save big! Smaller the cake, the cheaper it is. Order several sheet cakes of the same flavor as your small wedding cake that's decorated to a tee to feed your long list of guests. Ditch the tiers, handmade sugar flowers, and specially molded shapes to save a buck or two. Garnish with seasonal flowers and fruit for an elegant (but less costly) effect. If you'll have a dessert table (or another sweet) in addition to the cake, consider a cake sized for half your guests. Servings will be smaller, and the fee will shrink too.

Non-cakes will still make a statement: Let’s fake it for your wallet’s sake! Non-cakes have been on the 2020 couples’ radar for a while, but they'll officially take over this year. Trending now in cake decorating are giant tiers called double-barrel cakes as well as cakes with lots of tiers – the more tiers the more canvas for some beautiful flowers ‘swoon’. If you have your eye on that beautiful tiered wedding cake but do not want to break the bank to have it then the fake cake is the solution. We all know the cost goes up exponentially with the number of standard tiers you add to the cake of your grand wedding and we can’t blame bakers- they spend so much more time and ingredients on these designs which rack up the charges. Fake cake and non-cake could be 2021 couples’ best friends. Plus this is another trick to enjoy your dream wedding cake without hurting your bank account. Another thrifty way that 2021 couples are likely to adopt is alternative tiers crafted in everything from waffles and donuts to cheese wheels (perfect if you and your partner prefer savory over sweet) which gives a whole new dimension to the cake without costing one an arm and a leg.

To-die-for geometric designs & ultra-contemporary confections: To make your wedding truly yours you should customize your wedding cake, whatever the flavor, to your exact vision. If you are a couple on the ball, you might know that classic wedding cake confections featuring frosting frills and floral embellishments are likely to be replaced by sleek and refined modern wedding cakes. Think along the lines of minimalist confection crowned with pretty geometric shapes like prisms or diamonds. 2021 is gonna be sophisticated and delicious in the wedding cake industry. Though towering tiers of white fondant will probably never go out of style (the decadent dessert has prevailed through the decades), the new classics in confections are taking the wedding dessert table by storm and we couldn't be more excited to take a bite out of this yummy trend. And if you're craving a modern confection but don't want to completely forgo the white wedding cake tradition, a clean design with modern, angular detailing, flawlessly balances the two. Trust us, your modern geometry-inspired wedding cake will look more of an art installation than dessert.

Unique wedding cake flavors will appeal more to 2021 couples: Your wedding theme is sure the blueprint for the design and structure of your wedding cake but the flavor of the wedding cake is something that should be ‘YOU’. There has been a shift away from traditional flavors like vanilla and strawberry to new unexpected flavors. Long gone are the days of black forest or pineapple as wedding cakes have ascended the confectionary ranks to true masterpieces, both inside and out. Modern couples are loving the idea of adding teas, herbs, and ingredients that are typically considered for savory food to cake flavors. Imagine a sake wine cake with black sesame paste, wasabi buttercream, and nori flakes- quite unusual! While salty, sweet, and nutty - a scrumptious decadent delight (a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream and chocolate and peanut butter ganache) with extra chocolate and salted caramel topped off with Peanut Butter Cup is a treat for the senses a little French panache with the citrusy flavor of Grand Marnier can do the magic. The cognac adds dimension to simple cake flavors and adds a little je ne sais quoi. In fact, any type of brandy would do to accentuate the flavor of a wedding cake if Grand Marnier is not your thing.

Black beauty with double-duty: Anything but traditional, black isn’t just for Halloween, goths, and ghouls. And the icing on the cake is the color goes with everything! The hottest new wedding color, black is surprisingly perfect for every style or palette. Black wedding cakes are daring and bold, which is precisely why contemporary couples love them so much. A black wedding cake feels ultra-luxe and sophisticated! How about dusting it with gold trim to add some glamor too to your glam 2021 wedding? These unexpectedly stunning black wedding cake designs will take everyone by surprise in the best way. From elegant black and white wedding cakes that skew more classic, to totally decadent red and black wedding cakes that will satisfy your wildest gothic fairytale dreams, black goes with any color perfectly!

Muted textures are making their way to 2021 cakes like never before: It's all in the details. While fondant wedding cakes (with an icing, made from corn syrup, sugar, and gelatin, rolled out and molded over the entire cake) reign supreme from an artistic standpoint. The 2021 brides who are not fond of the sweet taste of buttercream and hankering after a textured finish might opt for fondant cakes. Couples might choose to emboss (or carving patterns into the icing) their confection with a subtle pattern over voluminous flowers and details to make their dessert stand out. From intricate detailing to lace or fabric-inspired cakes to geometric iterations to swatches-of-buttercream, the sky’s the limit when it comes to cake dainty texturing ideas. Textured wedding cakes are a popular trend to consider for your upcoming 2021 wedding; with ruffles, lace, pleats, and buttercream it's a good way to go if you're short of interesting ideas.

Architectural-inspired designs are sure to wow the 2021 wedding guests: To a surprising extent, crafting a wedding cake is much like constructing a building, although one hopes that the finished product will take shape more quickly. The cake's form is determined by the function it has to fulfill. Just as an architect is given the parameters of a building site, a cake maker is given the requirements of the wedding celebration. While horizontal cakes can be as good-looking as any skyscraper, the tall cake is grander, and more easily visible to every guest, staking its claim to a dominant place at the party. Horizontal or vertical, whatever style couples are gonna pick, there's nothing wrong with a cake that, well, looks like a cake. But this year, plan to see more wedding cakes with architectural, structural designs that'll have your guests asking, "Was your baker an architect before (pun intended!)?"

Floating tiers are hitting the charts: Alluring cakes that look like they're doing balancing acts, floating tier wedding cakes was a 2020 wedding cake trend that is sure to take the spotlight in 2021 weddings and further. Whether they're floating on flowers or 3-D shapes, a floating cake, done right is nothing short of magical. Masterfully executed, this wedding cake type typically boasts three or more tiers with the middle tier appearing to float without any assistance. Acrylic boxes filled or unfilled, geometric shapes or supporting pillars in disguise can all be used to achieve the desired effect. With a variety of design options on offer, each cake concept can be considered and decorated with both your wedding theme and color scheme in mind. Take a look at these wedding cakes with floating tiers and be inspired to captivate your wedding guests with a similar mind-boggling masterpiece.

Having a cake that is not a cake: Want to replace your wedding cake with something unique on the big day? You don't necessarily have to serve a wedding cake at your reception if you don't want to. Well, it is your wedding and you are totally allowed to be out-and-outer and break tradition or tailor your big day the way you want. Lots of couples are choosing not to have the conventional tiered cakes of the past, and are engineering their own look and taste for their wedding. Making your own traditions by serving a variety of mouthwatering wedding desserts instead doesn’t harm! There are so many non-traditional wedding cake alternatives at the moment that can help you achieve your wedding goals and add a different dimension to the most important day of your life. You might want to check out these non-traditional wedding cakes that are affordable too while being finger-licking good at the same time. Dessert table decked up with a variety of desserts, donut tower, wedding cupcakes, candy bar, cheesecake, cake pops, pie display, s'mores bar, macarons, pastries, pudding, personalized cookies, croquembouche, ice-cream cake, candy pyramid, and whatnot - the world is your oyster when it comes to the selection of wedding desserts. Your guests will love you more if you consider their allergies and diseases like diabetes while designing your sweet table. You could include gluten-free snacks, sugar-free sweets besides the sweets for those with a sweet tooth.

The future of wedding cakes seems to be bright and light! Cake decorating artists and related businesses are monitoring how to adjust their product lines and spaces not to maximize capacity, but to ensure safety with the emergence of COVID-compliance. They are getting more and more creative and innovative with designs and using quality ingredients. Couples in 2021 are likely to prefer simple yet chic cakes matching their style and personality for their special occasions. After suffering from unnecessary costs and financial losses due to changes in their wedding plans in 2021 they are ready to cut corners by opting for simple cakes with looks that are larger than life, maybe to heal their bank accounts, maybe to steer away from avoidable expenses, maybe to increase their wedding photography budgets or maybe to plan the big honeymoon. We totally agree as cakes are not just any other food item that can be consumed occasionally but in fact, cakes are in itself a vibe and a reason to celebrate. A celebration either starts with a cake or ends with it. It’s a cake that makes a celebration complete. Hence, for every happy occasion like a wedding, a cake is waiting for you to bite into it.

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