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A lovely rustic chic wedding in New York City


Even though we know that life is beautiful and full of wonders, it is easy to be jaded in life. However, your jaded perspectives are challenged when something so pure and beautiful as a love story comes into your periphery. Love stories have a way of restoring one's faith in the beauty of this world. It is truly fascinating how two people meet as strangers and with spark and shared interest start loving each other enough to spend their entire life together! We, as lucky observers, get to see those exhibits of love, and every single time, it fills us with joy. One such beautiful love story is one of Anna and Matthew. A vibrant couple full of personality and charm, and a wedding full of luscious colors and sophisticated accents, this is surely a wedding which is uniquely theirs to claim and will show their true personalities for years to come. Let us take a photographic stroll through their picture-perfect wedding day, shall we?


Anna and Matthew chose their wedding location to be close to one of the most stunning cities in the world- New York City! A dashing city full of inspiration and drive, NYC is a place where dreams come to life in starlight sparkling and striking colors. Full of authentic stories of people coming in from different places, and different experiences, there is grit and rawness in the city which is beautifully contrasted with the tall buildings, flashing neon lights, and the stunning brilliance of the city culture. It is grand, dramatic, and larger-than-life, which immediately makes any love story a little more theatrical than it already is! Prized by lovers and photographers alike, New York is brewing with spark and stories, adding texture to the tapestry of your love story! It is the stunning range of iconic constructions dotting NYC which steals one's breathe every single time, be it the impressive and iconic Brooklyn Bridge or the glittering Times Square, the stunning Central Park, or the famed Statue of Liberty. However, it is really the essence of the city which makes it so alluring. It is no doubt that this city will make the perfect backdrop for two hearts in love. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to New Jersey, NYC is a total treat. Our beautiful couple chose Freehold Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, as a location for their special day, and it's easy to see why. Located in the New York Metropolitan Area, the township is a bedroom suburb of New York City. Situated at 35 miles from the Borough of Manhattan and about 24 km from the Borough of Staten Island, Freehold Township is a commuter town that is primarily residential and comes with several scenic places to host a charming wedding in. 


Anna and Matthew chose the gorgeous Hamilton Manor to set the setting for their special day, and we aren't surprised. A gorgeous rustic historic wedding venue is perfect for any wedding theme that a couple might be entertaining! An old-world style wedding venue, Hamilton Manor was extensively restored and renovated in 2009 to be the glory that it is today. Sitting pretty on 25 acres of stunning protected wooded acres with a trimmed gazebo, and gorgeous interiors, this is a wedding venue that fits your dreams no matter what, and whether you are dreaming of an outdoor or an indoor wedding. The Hamilton Manor is a premier wedding venue in Hamilton, New Jersey, and is a preferred choice for most of the grand wedding affairs and events in all of Hamilton. A perfect place to host a secluded yet luxurious wedding event, this wedding venue provides privacy and an intimate setting, with the side of elegant architecture and decor which takes one's breath away.


The Hamilton Manor wedding venue offers a wide range of different venue spaces to host your wedding in. The gazebo and rustic barn are perfect for any outdoor ceremony. The gorgeous barn provides a modern rustic element to your wedding and includes a bar, elegant ceilings, and more landscaped gardens and the gazebo provides the perfect backdrop for a lovely outdoor ceremony. As you step inside the Hamilton Manor, you may choose to have your reception in the Grand Ballroom, which is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The beautiful ballroom features striking 20-foot ceilings and gorgeous heirloom chandeliers, along with restored hardwood flooring, elegant draperies, and exquisite decor which look beautiful. Cocktail hour can happen in the trendy Lounge which includes a full bar along with 15 draft beers, and this is where the wedding guests can mingle and have a great time. The Sapphire Room is another option that is perfect for hosting your cocktail hour. Apart from this, the Oak Room is another event space for a small gathering of a wedding reception, and solid oak stained wood floors and the authentic gold throughout, give this room a cozy feeling. A gorgeous stone wall and large wood-carved framed mirrors decorate the room with a cozy rustic vibe. The Hamilton Manor is equipped with modern lighting to ensure all your wedding photography comes out looking stunning! The bride and the groom can also take advantage of the bridal and groom’s suite, perfect for the getting-ready session and last-minute touch-ups! The bridal suite is located adjacent to the Grand Ballroom and sets the perfect backdrop for getting-ready pictures, with the trifold mirror and an antique dresser. The comfortable chaise and settee for you and your bridal party let you and your girls rest and relax and connect. The groom's room, on the other hand, is the perfect area for the groom and groomsmen to hang out prior to the wedding ceremony. It features a stunning stained wood built-in fireplace and bookshelf with a flat-screen television, arcade machine, and more. The Hamilton Manor, with its diverse event spaces and flexibility, is perfect for a wedding of any size or capacity. The look is rich, historic, and luxurious overall, and every frame of this wedding venue makes the perfect picture. Anna and Mathew’s wedding pictures show in itself what treasures that this location holds, and we are sure this is the perfect match for our gorgeous couple. 


As the day of the wedding dawned, the excited duo started getting ready for the lovely day ahead. Anna and her girls got dressed in their vibrant floral robes and our New York photographer did a brilliant job capturing the bunch. She soon changed into her beautiful dress and looked ravishing in the gorgeous trumpet cut wedding dress and the lovely veil which was pinned to her shoulders in an elegant way, as a cape, and it sashayed behind her as she walked. Her hair was arranged in free-flowing waves and a crown of bright tropical flowers, and her makeup was light and airy. Anna’s bridesmaids looked stunning in their jewel-toned floor-length bridesmaid dresses, and they all held massive bouquets full of gorgeous blooms and foliage in vibrant hues. Matthew looked dashing in his gorgeous white tuxedo jacket with contrasting black lapels, black trousers, and a crisp white shirt with a black bow to match! His vibrant boutonniere reflected the exotic blooms of the bouquets and the decor and he looked sharp overall. His groomsmen were looking fabulous in matching black suits and boutonnieres. Altogether, the wedding party looked stunning and came together like a perfect harmony. 


Before the wedding ceremony commenced, our New York City wedding photographers did the perfect job of capturing the bride and the groom in perfect solo portraits and with their respective half of the wedding party. Anna and Matthew had a first look session where they leaned against the same door and shared a moment of solace together before the ceremony began, which was again delicately captured by our professional professionals. Soon, the wedding commenced as Anna was walked in by her father and the couple met on the altar in front of a gorgeous hoop arch, as they spelled out their vows to each other. They exchanged rings and went in for their first kiss, as their near and dear ones cheered for their bright future together. After the wedding ceremony, the couple met outside for some gorgeous couple photography. We love the perfect captures featuring the twinkly lights and the postcard-perfect shots. The couple also posed with their wedding party and the close ones. Soon they joined their guests for their wedding reception and celebrated the occasion with a toast. The couple also had a perfect first dance moment, and after the dance and the toasts from the best man and maid of honor, they came together to cut the cake. It was a stunning four-tier naked cake with floral adornments and we love how it reflected the rest of the wedding decor perfectly. We love the eccentricities that the wedding displayed which was perfectly balanced by the quiet elegance that the venue provided. We loved the touch spark of tropical in the cold-weather season, and all the different ways the wedding was uniquely theirs! The wedding decor was vibrant yet classy and we love the sweetheart table which was enlightened by the numerous glowing candles. The little touches like the gold lanterns and rustic table seating chart, all came together in perfect harmony, creating a wedding day that will be eternally memorable. 

While life is full of several important days, a wedding day sure stands out with a brilliance of its own. This is the day you will look back and rejoice every year, with extravagant dinners, roses, and chocolates. It is, after all, a day you vowed forever to each other. While it is the most magical day of your life, it is also immensely packed with activities and emotions, so it is not surprising that sometimes the memory fails when it comes to remembering the minute details of the most special day of your life. However, this is when the wedding photographs sweep in and save the day. Wedding photographs are not only a refresher to your memory, it also bears memories to last you a lifetime. The special moments of your special day will now forever be treasured and reminisced on for years to come. Anna and Mathew's wedding day was artfully captured by our New York wedding photographers, ensuring every precious moment is seized and treasured forever. Our wedding photographers in and around New York City have done a spectacular job of catching the beautiful moments of Anna and Mattew’s wedding day in the most elegant frames. We love the clean classic shots and the tender moments between the duo which were captured skillfully. We especially love the couple portraits in the outdoors of the wedding venue, as the twinkling lights adorned the frame beautifully. Every frame captured the unique vibe of the couple and every shot was captured with a skilled hand, leaving at its wake the most stunning wedding pictures. From the candid moments to the detailed shots, every picture is obtained with skill and grace, assuring that the moment gets to live on forever within the creases of the couple’s wedding album for forever and a day.


If life is a cookie, weddings are certainly the choco-chip hidden in the cookies. The charm of a couple taking an oath in front of the close ones and not-so-close ones is eternally precious and never gets old. Anna and Matthew's special wedding day is exactly the material that fairytale love stories are made of, but there is a unique realness in them that you can't make up! An exquisite love story celebrated with an enchanting evening peppered with picture-perfect moments, this is exactly the kind of thing that makes life so magical. It is refreshing to see the look of enthusiasm for the celebration and the excitement for the tomorrow which awaits them. A beautiful NYC wedding that is accessible to the city lights but is sheltered in a cozy township just out of reach, this is a wedding day that is enchanting and memorable, and we wish the newlyweds an amazing life ahead!


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