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Your Best Wedding Photography in New York City

As Billy Joel aptly croons, “but I'm taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River line, I'm in a New York state of mind,” New York is certainly a state of mind and incredibly picturesque one at that!

Here’s the thing about the Big Apple of America! With the high-rise buildings scraping the sky, photo-friendly locations, iconic black and yellow cabs blurring the background and a refreshing variety of people with different backgrounds and stories, there is a reason why photographers and lovers love this place alike! The city is heartbreakingly photo-worthy, textured and full of personality, making even the most random photograph of the sidewalks and New York city lights translate beautifully on a camera film! From evenings at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and walks around the glittering Times Square to grabbing bagels with cream cheese for a quick breakfast from Brooklyn to Manhattan to New Jersey, New York is a party for all your senses. Panoramic views, yummy grubs, lush reclusive parks, and stunning architecture, New York lives up to the hype and delivers!

New York is surely a bubbling melting pot of cultures, beliefs, and communities all coexisting in quiet harmony. There are a variety of different colors and textures woven into the landscape of the city, leaving panoramic views at its wake for our professional photographers to capture. New York City will never cease to surprise you in the most beautiful way, thanks to the lovely juxtaposition of the anonymity of the city-dwellers along with the inclusive nature of the city. It is the epitome of big city life and seeing such a staggeringly pretty city coexist so peacefully with a fast city life is uniquely refreshing. Where everybody is always on the move, New York City certainly cannot be contained between camera lenses, but we capture magic anyway.

If you are thinking of weaving this stunning visual and cultural fabric of the city forever into your love story, we strongly second the motion! New York is more than just hustle and bustle of the textbook city life and has a lot more to offer. Unfolding in its lap are paradise-esqe gardens, museums, attractions ranging from Central Park’s Ice Skating rink to the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum and backed by the glimmering NYC skyline to take your New York photography to the next level. From playing the background of the epic ‘FRIENDS’ to the infamous Woody Allen starring Annie Hall, America’s Big Apple has starred in a plethora of epic movies, TV shows, and music videos and acts as the perfect photo booth for your wedding or engagement photography in new york. The place is crammed to the brim with scenic wedding locations and quirky engagement locations and we have curated the perfect list to provide you with a few amazing venue options.

New York City Engagement Photography

Central Park Which is the one place which can be used as a synonym for NYC? If you are thinking about the iconic Central Park- the scenic backyard of every city dweller and a park that acts as a recluse from the fast-paced city life, you are right! Whether you are to go in for a romantic walk along its billowing walkways or have a cozy picnic at Central Park with your loved one, this park is expansive and accommodating and has the glittering cityscape in the background to make the most perfect frames. What better place to announce your love to your partner than in a Central Park engagement session right in the beating heart of the city? A paragon on its own, the park’s enticing archaic concrete architectural backgrounds, postcard-perfect bridges, calming water bodies and winding trails will surely be a delight for your New York engagement photographer to explore and capture. The amazing thing about this location is the different moods that each corner offers, which in turn allows you to express yourself in your engagement session in your own unique way-whether it is old-school picnic style, or a woodsy moment in the shaded trails, or a more delicate pastel shoot around the blooming riot of flowers!

Coney Island Can you think of anything more romantic than a couple in a funfair, because we honestly cannot! The carnival filled with dreamy lights blurred into a flurry of colors as you are sitting on the giant wheel with your loved one, and having treats as you walk along the boardwalk sharing a cotton candy. We insist that cotton candy is a must for the full effect! Let your loved one win a stuffed animal for you and let your New York photographer take in the childlike wonder of going to the fair! And if you are a couple who rolls that way, Coney Island is the way to go. This place surely reminds one of the old-fashioned love stories and the days of slow living. With thrilling rides, sugary treats and the unmistakable touch of love in the air, Coney Island is the dreamland for lovers and photographers alike. Let your New York engagement photography capture the true spirit of your story in the most amazing backgrounds of this iconic engagement photography location. Coney Island is renowned for being the hub of dime museums, burlesque, circus sideshows, vaudeville and many other visual and performing art forms for long and these are still reflected to this day. Let your engagement session come alive with pastels and florals and vintage cuts and take a trip down the memory lane every time you flip through your images.

Fort Tryon Park A location that offers panoramic views of Hudson River and Palisades, Fort Tryon Park is one of the prime locations of New York City for engagement photography! The stunning art pieces at Fort Tryon Park act as a scenic backdrop for this space and are considered timeless and speak volumes via New York engagement photography. The stone architecture looks absolutely stunning in Fort Tryon Park, breathing the air of regality into your engagement photos. Embedded with 8-mile long pathways and pristine lawns, this park is all lush greens and stone pathways in the middle of a bustling city. The brightly-hued trees blossoming year-round, dressing up the location to look postcard-ready. The quaint architectural structures, and the enticing foliage along with stunning archways create the perfect photographic background for your New York City photography to unfold. The dimly-lit stone hallways look straight out of a picture-book and the surrounding green foliage makes it no less than a wonderland. Give your engagement session a good sprinkling of old-world charm and create a timeless image along the way, and this park provides just that.

Metropolitan Museum of Arts Do you and your special one have a similar penchant for age-old pieces of art that whisper stories of the yesteryears? If you speak the same language about artistic marvels, what better way to pay an ode to this mirrored interest by strutting a pose with your love as you are both surrounded by timeless art. A majestic 150-year old art gallery that takes you on a quick strut through 5000 years worth of art and heritage timeline from around the world, Metropolitan Museum of Arts is quite a place to make your artsy souls happy and take your city engagement photos to a different level. If one wants their engagement session to be blessed by the architectural grandeur along with the priceless arts and artifacts, MET is the place to be. Dress up for the occasion in spiffy formals and bold colors and lend some timeless elegance to your look. Engagement photography at the MET will add the drama and grandeur to your look, leaving a trail of masterpieces in every click! This is surely not a New York engagement session location that will be lost in the memory lanes and get forgotten.

New York City Wedding Photography

If you’re on the hunt for the best wedding venues in New York City, we’ve got a few to suggest, too. These gorgeous wedding venues are iconically inspired.

Battery Gardens Sprawling over acres and adorned with delicately decorated interiors and wide windows providing wrap-around views of the property, with the glimmering blue from the water bodies just out of reach, Battery Gardens is surely the kind to take your breath away. There are so many amazing scenic frames to capture, your NYC wedding photographer will be spoilt for choice. You can also see the Statue of Liberty glowing on the horizon, looking like the shining star that it is! Stretching on 25 acres, this stunning wedding venue offers the best harbor views and is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photography. Whether you want to book a luxurious banquet hall with floor-to-ceiling windows or want to reserve a waterfront venue for your wedding day, Battery Gardens will fit your wedding theme for sure while providing several beautiful backgrounds for photographers. The prime attraction is the iconic and massive tree spreading wide which looks magical when lit up at night. The globe lanterns hanging from the tree bring your fairytale wedding to life and gives this wedding location a special touch that is unique to this place. Battery Gardens is the answer to your ‘NYC wedding inspiration’ searches!

Coral House Coral House is a quaint and charming spot for a newly engaged couple looking for the perfect wedding venues and like things to be simple and elegant. The gorgeous waterfront location and exquisite dining area make this place a perfect fit for your wedding day. The Coral House plays the perfect host of your wedding day and makes it the one to remember and cherish for years to come. There is something iconic about the pink lit sign of this venue and the comforting glow it brings to the space. It is retro yet contemporary and its red-bricked building stands out in its own special way. Sitting pretty on the shores of Milburn Lake in Baldwin, New York, Coral House offers various tasteful event spaces on the property for you to say ‘I do’ and then step in for your first dance and sway the night away. The inside of the Coral House is elegantly decorated while the outdoor venue space has a scenic lakefront ceremony spot that features a beautifully adorned gazebo featuring the breathtaking backdrop of glittering Milburn Lake.

Liberty Warehouse Always thought of getting married under the blanket of a star-filled night? Well, Liberty Warehouse is the close second to your starry-night wedding dream, and that too in the middle of New York City. The building was constructed around the Pre-Civil War 1850s and has later been renovated into this glorious event space. What makes this location even better is that it comes with amazing New York Harbor and the iconic Statue of Liberty serving as the backdrop for your wedding photographs. Situated on the Red Hook, Brooklyn waterfront, Liberty Warehouse features several beautifully decorated and illuminated unique and elegant ballrooms to host your dream wedding. The laidback and contemporary look of the Liberty Warehouse is gloriously variable, making it the perfect setting to go with most wedding themes. The shimmering views of the waterside promenade make this location a coveted one and make you feel like you are miles away from the city while still at an arm’s reach. Let your New York wedding photographer capture this magic in the lenses, as the warehouse delivers that perfect wedding ceremony for you to cherish!

Whitby Castle Whitby Castle is a picturesque mansion wedding venue, located in Rye, New York, which looks straight from a fairytale book or a gothic drama series. If you always dreamt of a fairytale wedding in a huge stone mansion and a sprawling garden, you might have just struck gold with Whitby Castle. Located amongst rolling hillocks, gorgeous views of the Long Island South, and sensational views of Milton Harbor, this location draws the most perfect wedding setting for your New York wedding photographer to capture and leave you nodding in approval at the result. The towering stone structures, manicured green lawns, grand ballrooms, winding staircases, and stunning backdrops, there are many great options for wedding photography to seize that perfect picture as you promise forever to your partner. You are surely going to end up with pictures that aptly capture the regal vibes of the venue, and therefore, a wedding album fit for royalty. Whitby Castle offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony spots. The contemporary-meets-classic design of the venue is fluid and flexible to meet any wedding day theme that you can imagine.

New York is a livewire of a city and the pulsating vibe of its heartbeat is infectious to keep one coming back for more. It is fun, exciting, entertaining, accommodating, toughening, and awe-inspiring, all at once! And to have this city as a vein of your love story is truly something that you will never regret. Whether you are swinging by for a destination wedding or are already a part of the NYC life and are planning an NYC wedding, this city never runs dry of opportunities for you to capture the perfect photo. New York City surely adds that touch of magic to your wedding photography in New York or your engagement photography in New York and will ensure that you will always look back fondly to your time here whenever this city pops up in your conversations. This is a city that never sleeps, is filled with glitz and glamour which looks too overwhelming to seem real. But still, this place is filled with real people with real stories living side-by-side to this magnificence, amidst the towering skyline, gleaming lights, and the pristine Hudson River quietly flowing by. No wonder New York City is a favorite chosen location for most couples and their wedding photographers gleam with glee whenever they get an opportunity to capture the city in all its glowing glory! Let our George Street Photo and Video team capture your candid moments in the most timeless wedding photos. Our professional photography comes with expertise and talent with a special knack of capturing the delicate moments of wedding and engagement, often fleeting between the rigorous schedule of the day. And in their camera, find the most amazing photographic masterpieces! Visit our price and availability page to see photographers’ availability, package information, and pricing!

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