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Whitby Castle Weddings in New York Are No Less Than Fairy Tales!

Out of many regular days, which fill out our life, there is this one day that glows with a little more radiance than the others do. Of course, it is your wedding day! This is the day you make a promise in the company of your dear ones to eternally hold the hands of your companion and the day you celebrate your unique bond! As normal as weddings are, it doesn't take away from the fact that it is a magical day straight out of the Disney channel fairy tales, and your dearest romantic novel, a day that will enable your most far-fetched dreams to show colors. This is also a day when you and your spouse become the center of your universe and everyone fusses around you, attending to your slightest whims and fancies. While there are several different things which help piecing your wedding day together, the wedding venue surely has a tremendous role to play in this. Having the perfect wedding venue to fit into your perception of your dream wedding makes your extraordinary day even more special. Finding the right match in your wedding venue is extremely necessary and makes your wedding day feel full. 

If you are a couple who is as enthralled by New York like us, hop abroad! New York is not just a city, it is like a preset, a mood, and an entire party of senses. Having the stunning landscapes of New York as your witness as you say "I do" to your partner is an extraordinary experience on its own. Mounting high-rises and neon signs, fleeting traffic, and stunning photo-friendly locations, New York is a gift which keeps giving, the longer you give to the place's allure. The iconic black and yellow cabs blur through the roads and a swarm of people fills up the walkways and subways. There is something comforting in the anonymity of the city which translates into moody pictures and stunning captures. Waking up to the exhilarating presence of New York is exactly the reason why photographers and lovers love this place equally! The city is full of excitement and heartbreakingly photo-worthy moments. From nightfalls at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and walks around the glittering Times Square, from grabbing bagels with cream cheese for a quick breakfast to New York Pizza shared with friends in Central Park, from all the moods from Brooklyn to Manhattan to New Jersey, New York is varied, layered and a great place to be. And it is especially great for two people in love, hoping to capture the swirling livewire of the city in beautiful photographs. A city with panoramic views, starting with enchanting gardens and museums, attractions like the National 9/11 Memorial & MuseumStatue of Liberty, the sky-piercing Empire State Building, the buzzing Rockefeller Center, and more, the NYC skyline is sure to add magic to your love story. With a sparkling wedding in this dramatic city, your wedding day will be nothing less than absolutely perfect, and we bet your NYC wedding photographers will capture every bit of the magic!

If you are looking for the perfect place to home your grand wedding day, Whitby Castle might be just it. Full of old-timey grandeur and breathtaking views, this is a wedding venue that sets the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding. The piece of NYC grandeur NYC, Whitby Castle is a remarkable structure set on 126 acres overlooking the Long Island Sound in Rye, NY, bearing striking similarities to Whitby Abbey in England, including some of the original Abbey stones. Conveniently located, yet looking like it's stuck in a time and place unknown, Whitby Castle is a timeless turn-of-the-century castle claiming breathtaking views of Milton Harbor and full of grandiose ballrooms. Sitting on a bed of perfectly manicured lawns, the castle comes with an impressive ballroom, along with two private reception rooms, allowing the couples to host their wedding regardless of the size. No matter what is your wedding theme or your style, you will find an event space in Whitby Castle which fits your expectation just perfectly!

A striking piece of architecture reminiscent of storybook romances and princesses in flowing pastel gowns, Whitby Castle sure transports the couple as well as the guests to a different time. It also makes the childhood dream of every bride come as close to reality as possible, with its enchanting display of splendor. You can have your wedding ceremony amidst the rolling greens and serene golf course, and the striking castle in the backdrop is all the decoration you will need. Once you step inside, the place embraces you with grandeur and beauty with the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. The tastefully appointed ballrooms beckon for a jubilant celebration and the tasteful decoration makes one feel like royalty! Couples can host up to 250 guests at this mansion-style wedding venue and are assured to have a grand time. Built in 1852, this stunning castle is a throwback to the yesteryears but is surprisingly modern in decor. With its striking architectural elements and historic allure, a wedding hosted here is promised to be phenomenal. Whether you want to take advantage of the gorgeous greenery surrounding the area, say "I do" under a simple arch, or you want to sip on cocktails on the outdoor patio, with gorgeous views of Milton Harbor. Whether you want to dance with your sweetheart on the wooden flooring in the exquisite ballroom, or you want to host a more intimate gathering in cozy receptions, the options are endless with this one. Along with the grandeur of the wedding venue, the place is packed with extensive photo opportunities as well, enabling our New York wedding photographers to capture one gem after another. From gorgeous outdoor vistas to the stately indoor decorum, everything comes together to provide the perfect captures. 

While many factors go into making a wedding location our absolute favorite, however, the most lasting impact which stays with you for years comes from the feeling you get in a wedding venue. That feeling which says everything, yet nothing at all. It usually comes from a location's prior experience of handling celebrations as such and being able to deal with the intense pressure and the vast expectation that comes with it. This great New York wedding venue will instantly make you feel at ease and you will glide through the day with little or no bumps, and soon, you will be married, and heading out, with many memories packed away with you. Whitby Castle wedding venue is sure an impressive place that is sure to rate high on its aesthetic importance, but it is the warm nature of the venue which will make it stand out from the pool of wedding venues. The excellent service provided by the proficient team of experts makes one feel like they are prized and taken care of. The team is bound to provide you with the best of services while they guarantee that your day goes by placidly, as they pay close consideration to every little detail of the day. The Whitby Castle brings in an arrangement of services for couples on their wedding day which incorporates several comprehensive packages and personalized tweaks. The professional and friendly staff at Whitby Castle will assure you and your cherished ones are treated like royalty. They’ll be by you throughout the entire process, ensuring every little thing is accounted for and is taken care of. Their gorgeous on-site restaurant offers exquisite catering options along with full bar service. They also bring with them an extensive list of preferred vendors for you to choose from, people who will ensure your day progresses smoothly. Apart from the wedding venue, the Whitby Castle provides services like a bridal suite and groom’s room, China for the wedding reception, a dance floor for dancing the night away, parking, valet, and more! In addition to this, the couples can take their pick from multiple wedding packages, based on their individual tastes, preferences, and resources. Food is surely an integral part of the wedding day and getting things just right is what Whitby castle takes pride in. The packages for the wedding day cuisine include options such as a cocktail hour, champagne and bellini greeting, a stunning reception table with artistic fruit displays, salads, and cheese!

A wedding day is a special one. The one to go down in calendars and planners. While a wedding day is just for a brief 24 hours at the max, the impressions from the day live on in your mind for a lifetime. From the time you walk in till the time you leave under the canopy of sparklers and fairy lights with your new spouse to claim your share of happily-ever-after, the wedding venue does its best to give you the magic you have been wanting on your special day, but it doesn’t end there. As you say goodbye, you leave behind a piece of your heart in the venue, as it will unendingly be a part of your love story. It is a place that will be visited in the memories every year as you commemorate your wedding anniversary or every time you browse through your wedding album. Having Whitby Castle as a part of your love story will guarantee that every time you think back on your wedding day, there will be nothing but affectionate memories to look back on. With the stunning landscapes and exquisite details of Whitby Castle, your wedding memories will be rich and heavenly, just as you imagined!

Whitby Castle

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