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A Certain Lakeside Coral House which will add Scenic Splendor to your Wedding Day!

Getting married is not an isolated decision and is a combination of a hundred little things coming together to create a day you would want to treasure forever. There is the dress of course, and all the little accessories to work with it. There are the caterers and the DJ and the florist. And then there is the wedding venue, potentially the most important of all the elements. It is after all the locations where your dream wedding will come alive! If you are a city bird, you are probably used to being cooped up in your tiny apartment complex and the concrete jungle that surrounds. This is why it comes as no surprise that most couples dream of getting married in a location that is adorned by nature and has greenery, flowers, chirping birds, and lakeside views. Some even love the view of the mountains and the crisp air for their wedding day, and understandably so! This is because we want to remember our special day as an idyllic one and sometimes that does not involve blaring horns and glare of the city lights. A recluse is what we crave for our wedding day!

If you are a couple who wants New York to be the backdrop of your love story, we certainly get the appeal. There is something so majestic and larger than life about New York that it makes everything seem more dramatic. However, in contrast, it is home to thousands of people from a variety of different stories and backgrounds, making it a very relatable and humane city too. Home to anonymity and inclusiveness associated with New York is a very special place and makes it an apt place for something as special as a wedding. The Big Apple of America, New York is a city full of high rises, iconic black and yellow taxis, the bustle of people heading on with their busy lives, there is a buoyancy to the city’s rush which is infectious and mesmerizing. The city is also filled with an enticing combination of colors and textures, resulting in beautiful captures in the camera. There are several epic structures dotting NYC, from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the glittering Times Square, from the urban backyard Central Park to the glorious Statue of Liberty, and each one of these structures makes the city what it is. A balanced harmony of lush green gardens, glittering hotels, fascinating museums, and delectable cuisines, NYC is a plethora of contrasting experiences mixed in one beautiful package, from Brooklyn to Manhattan to New Jersey. A visual treat in every frame, NYC is the perfect place to capture your love story in all its dramatic glory. With choosing the gorgeous New York City as the setting for your wedding, you will be making NYC’s lovely juxtaposition of the anonymity of the city-dwellers along with the inclusive nature a part of your love story! Whether you want to feature the city icons in a fun pre-wedding shoot or you want to go for a post-wedding shoot featuring the jostling city in the background, we are sure every shot will come out looking like absolute perfection, because we know New York never disappoints.

For the New York couples with a keen eye for nature, we have found the perfect spot for you. Nestled by the banks of Milburn Lake in Baldwin, New York, lies Coral House, a premier waterfront wedding venue established in 2012. An awe-inspiring space celebrated for creating lasting memories, Coral house is favored by many love-struck couples on Long Island. Overlooking the glimmering Milburn Lake, this New York wedding venue is located in a stunning spot and will surely add to the scenic beauty on your wedding day. Whether you’re planning a wedding for a close few or a several hundred guests, Coral House will ensure that your special event is dressed for the occasion, ready to make your day even more special. Equipped to accommodate 1000 wedding guests, Coral House with its variety of premium indoor and outdoor spaces will make your dream wedding just the way you envisioned it to be. Known to be one of Nassau County Long Island’s most gorgeous waterfront venues, Coral House is a stunning red-bricked building that seamlessly combines traditional architectural attributes with modern-day features. Packed with elegant event spaces and luscious lawns, glistening ballrooms, and dreamy gardens, this wedding venue provides all amenities to ensure a dream wedding to brides. 

The outdoor of the beautiful Coral House will promptly win your heart on the first go, without you even venturing in. For the couples hoping for a lovely summer wedding, the venue’s gazebo will be the ideal spot for a summertime wedding ceremony of their dreams! With lush greenery surrounding you and with the Milburn Lake in the backdrop, there couldn't be a more idyllic spot for you and your partner to tie the knot and say the vows. This can also be the perfect spot for our New York wedding photographers to capture some amazing couple photography shots! The area can be decorated as per your vision to suit your wedding theme. This is a perfect ceremony for a more intimate wedding. For a longer guest list, there are various other event spaces in the wedding venue. The American Room is a stunning grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 360 guests and features floor-to-ceiling Palladian windows which provide panoramic views, and glittering chandeliers and ample space to seat all your guests to enjoy a beautiful wedding reception as well as a dance floor. Other event spaces include the Rooftop Terrace, Lakeside Room, Presidential Room, Colonial Skylight Room, and more. Each of the event spaces has a mood of its own and we assure you that you will find the perfect setting to express your love story in. Each main ballroom at the Coral House comes with its very own beautifully decorated bridal suite, complete with a dressing area and powder room. The bride can get ready on the morning of the ceremony in the comfort of her own private suite, as she relaxes with her closest friends and family! The New York suburbs wedding photographer can take advantage of this area to capture some getting-ready session shots. The wedding venue also has space to help you celebrate other wedding events like your bridal shower or the rehearsal dinner!

While the aesthetic offerings of a wedding venue are of paramount importance it ultimately how the people associated with the name is that makes all the difference. Coral House has the most amazing and charming staff that ensures that every minute of your special day glides on smoothly and without any bump in the road. Coral House is a full-service wedding venue which is not only open for weddings and ceremonies, but also for bridal showers, engagement parties, and rehearsal dinners. Along with a special event coordination service, each wedding package is accompanied by a maître d'hôtel, a lobby hostess, and a coat check attendant. Coral House is also equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment throughout the property, making your wedding experience phenomenal. The venue also takes care of many little things like the floral canopy with aisle baskets, the white aisle runner, the availability of chairs, and linens, among other things. In addition to this, the property comes with unlimited parking and a shuttle service. Not only are they dedicated to delivering a comfortable yet entertaining time to your wedding guests, but they are also committed to delivering the couple just the wedding that they envisioned by penetrating through the couples' taste, style, and preferences.

The day you get married is potentially one of the most imperative days of your life. It is to go down a red-letter day, as you will be spending decades and decades celebrating that day as an anniversary and reminiscing about it. Of course, it makes sense to ensure your special day you will celebrate forever is truly a magical day. It is okay for you to fret over the minutest of details to ensure that the day you say your vows, everything is perfect because you are essentially creating important memory here. With your wedding hosted in the Coral House wedding venue, you will surely be creating a memory you will look back on for years to come. With its elegant interior and naturally yielding exteriors, you will have a wedding which will be nothing but magic. You will love talking about this day on each anniversary, will love to flip through your wedding albums and will love cuddling up on your sofa, watching your wedding film, because each time you do so, you will be transported back to the day you got married in the beautiful Coral House on Milburn Lake.

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