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There is something magical about the mountains, won’t you agree? These tall towering mountains have seen the crawl of time and have surpassed many generations. They are full of wisdom and stories. As the tall mountains reach towards the sky, defying gravity, they make us realize how small and insignificant we really are, and how overwhelming nature can be. The air crisp yet pure, refreshing us with every breath, is a welcoming shift from the polluted cities and the white noise of the city quietens for a while. As you head up to the mountains, with every twisty turn of the road, you head closer to the magic that awaits!


While mountains never cease to awe a human heart, love doesn’t too! So when love is strong enough to move mountains and finally declare to the world that you are each other’s, what better place than the ragged mountains to say “I Do” in! A scenic mountain wedding makes jaws drop every single time, as there is something about a union in front of the mighty mountains that never gets old, let alone boring! It is visually amazing and feels crisp, cozy, and intimate. If you are a couple with an appreciation for nature and a streak of adventure, a mountain wedding is a way to go!


Why a Mountain Wedding?


One doesn’t need much convincing when it comes to hosting a wedding in the mountains. There are so many reasons why tying the knot in the gorgeous mountains seems to be a fabulous idea, however, it is surely a different concept than a city hall wedding for sure, and might need some perspective. If you are still on the fence about whether you should say yes to the mountains or not, read on through some reasons why mountain weddings are so amazing! 


The View
One of the most obvious reasons why mountain weddings are so mesmerizing is the view. Nature puts on a great show in the mountains, inviting you into a world that looks so stunning that you can’t look away! Doesn’t matter whether you’re in the Great Smoky Mountains or the stunning Rocky Mountains of Colorado, nature promises to floor both the couple and the guests! Whether you plan for a magical wedding amidst the snow-capped peaks in the winter or you say “I Do” as you are surrounded by the luscious greenery and blossoms of spring, the mountains will charm you regardless!


Great Wedding Pictures
The panoramic setting that the mountain range offers and the natural lighting that an outdoor location allows can’t be competed with. The glorious mountain setting offers photo opportunities by the cartload, ensuring your wedding pictures come out looking striking! While each mountain location is equally amazing, every location has endless unique opportunities of its own, making wedding photography in such a background a sheer delight. Away from linoleum flooring, neutral walls, and controlled lighting, the mountain range offers interest and character to your wedding photography!


Easy on the Budget
Flash news: Nature is free. The natural beauty of the landscape is enough decoration for a wedding and is also more impactful than any wedding decor, which means you can save on the cost of decoration! The decoration is most likely going to be minimal and breezy anyway, with the mountain being the prime focal point and wispy fabrics and flowers being used sparingly, which will help out your budget significantly. Also, mountain weddings generally entail a smaller guest count and a more intimate experience, which means less money spent on the guests. 


Closer to Nature
With a mountain wedding, the atmosphere is serene and introspective. Whether you are the one tying the knot or you are attending the wedding of a loved one, it goes without saying that the mesmerizing experience of a wedding, a celebration of love, amidst the glory of nature is going to leave you touched, and you will come out feeling reinvigorated and closer to nature. Of course, it is a wedding, but it is also an experience that feels like an escape from the city and a retreat to nature. If you are a couple who doesn't mind a little dust or the rustic unpredictable elements that come with the territory, this is the perfect setting for you. Lean on to the vibe with linens, wildflowers, fairy lights, lantern candles, and wooden touches. We promise that your guests are going to love being invited for an experience like such!


Memorable Experience
Hosting a wedding on youtube means you are creating a memorable experience for both your guests and the both of you, as a couple. It is truly an impactful moment that will forever be brought up by friends and family at dinner tables and cozy conversations, with light in their eyes. Gorgeously intimate, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and heartbreakingly romantic, a mountain wedding promises to be a wedding experience you will love to revisit and look back at wistfully.


Mountain wedding planning tips!


While getting married among the mighty mountains witnessing the event is a priceless moment, it is important to understand what a mountain wedding actually entails. While we can’t think of any better ways of professing your love to your partner, planning the logistics of a mountain wedding can come with curveballs of its own. While any kind of wedding planning can be quite a journey, mountain wedding planning comes with the factor of unpredictable and rough terrains. There might (will!) be bumps in the road which will not surface in a hotel wedding. However, we reiterate, the view alone is worth all of the complications!


Being prepared and prior planning is everything when it comes to a scenic mountain wedding. With a little information at hand and a bit of foresight, you can sail through your wedding perfectly. Let us go through some of the tips which will help you host beautiful mountain weddings, some tips to make the most of it, and avoid the common bumps that come along the way. 


Consider the weather
While the mountains are heartbreakingly beautiful, the weather can be quite fickle, and it can go from sunny as a daisy to apocalyptic showers and back to being sunny in all of 15 minutes! If you are planning for an outdoor wedding that has a glorious view and the most epic setting, you can't get away hoping it won’t rain on your wedding day. For a day as important as your wedding day, you need to think of a foolproof plan. Having a solid rain plan is critical and having a backup plan for your beautiful mountain view wedding ceremony will never hurt. Discuss with the venue the alternatives that they provide and where can you shift your party, should there be unpredictable weather. 


Pick the dress smartly
When planning a mountain wedding, pick your dress a little wisely. While a billowy dress with mammoth-esqe mountains surrounding might be the dream, a trailing train sweeping the dirt, rocks, and grass might be a little heartbreaking! Also, if the wind suddenly picks, things can go south real soon! You might want to go for a dress that is a little mountain-friendly, and makes walking through the rough terrain look easy. Maybe a shorter train and a shorter veil might be the way to go. 


Wedding transportation
While it might have been your dream to get married in front of picturesque mountains, you have chosen just the perfect spot, and have carefully chosen the dreamiest of decor to adorn the location with, how do you plan to get your guests there? Having your guests over can be a little more tricky when the location is a few feet above sea level and a lot at the next swanky hotel! Arrange for smooth wedding transportation so that your guests don’t have to worry about windy roads, finding the venue, and such. Arrange for a pick-up point or a hotel and have transportation ready so that the event is more fun than stressful!


Altitude sickness is real
Altitude sickness is no joke and something that neither you nor your guests have any control over. While you and your partner might not be bothered by the elevation, your guests might have a different story. Factor in the altitude with your guests and take stock of whether they will be able to make it comfortable. Ensure there are acclimatization procedures, and enough water readily available, and enough food, snacks, and rest to help with the high elevation.


High Elevation Sun
If you are new to the mountains, take notes! The high elevation sun is something that needs to be considered seriously. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, make sure you are handing out sunscreens to the guests and there are enough shaded areas for the reception. Outdoor tents or canopies can be a great idea to combat that blaring sun. You might be surprised how strong the glare of the sun in the mountains is and the last thing we want is sunburnt guests!


Uneven Terrain
Let’s get it down here. We are talking about eternal elements here, and if we want the sweeping beauty of the mountains, the way there might not be smoothest. Before the ceremony, you might have to carefully consider the uneven landscape and take the matter into your own hands, as you might even have to build a temporary stable surface to provide a level environment. You can also leave it a little unkempt while ensuring there is no precarious and rocky terrain that might cause unwanted incidents.


Speaking of rough terrains, pay attention to footwear! While the bride's sky-high heels might be heavenly, they might not be the most practical, whether while walking down the aisle or while exploring the location for some pretty couple portraits. You can either make cute hiking boots or fun sneakers a part of your outfit, or carry them with you for all the walking, and change into heels during pictures! If your ceremony location is rocky or on rough ground, consider transferring this message out to any attending guests well in advance. That way they can choose shoes which are more in line with location. While this might be a bit of rough terrain to navigate, quite literally, it’s a small bump on the way to a view that will be worth it all!


Mind the Altar
While the altar is a crucial part of the wedding ceremony, choose the altar for your gorgeous mountain wedding with the intention to frame, not block. With a scenic backdrop for your guests to take in, the couples should not let their beautiful ceremony block the views of their site, but rather be a part of the sight! A simple altar with natural materials works beautifully and acts as a frame of a pretty picture rather than taking attention away! Think wispy fabrics, teepee-style wood or bamboo structures, driftwoods, or wild blooms and greenery! You can also go for a geographical arch that cuts through the scenery in a minimal way!


Complementary Color Scheme
Decorate minimally and with care! The last thing we need is bright poppy colors in a stunning location, which can take away from the beauty of the natural view. Try to keep the overall style complementary to your environment, which means using colors that are closer to the elements. Neutral colors in flowy natural fabric with additions of fresh flowers and foliage might be perfect for a mountain with lush greenery in the display, while more earthy tones can be more suitable for mountains with rocky structures and a lot less color. Decorate with an intention to enhance the experience for you and your guests, rather than distract!


When it comes to the mountains, the view is always worth the climb. Mountain weddings are not easy or a whim or an afterthought. It certainly needs some serious planning and can come with some bumps. But as you say your vows, surrounded by the glorious mountains filled with lush greenery or wild jagged rocks capped with snow, and cold breeze in the air promising sights and sounds which one can only imagine, suddenly it is all worth it! Mountains have a way of adding intensity, and we promise you, as you are declared a couple amidst the lap of nature, you will feel like this is exactly how nature intended and the universe planned for it to be, and you couldn’t imagine it any other way!


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