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Top 10 Locations for Outdoor Engagement Sessions


Outdoor engagement portraits can capture the unique setting of the city or town you call home. Even the weather plays a role in setting the mood of outdoor engagement photos, whether it's sundresses and shorts in the summer or overcoats and scarves in the winter. From all the engagement sessions we've done (and it's a lot), these are some of the most tried and true locations for unforgettable photos. 

Urban Street Art
Finding a mural on the exterior of a building is great for couples that love color, vibrancy, and graphic elements. 

Downtown Areas and Neighborhoods
Heading downtown is ideal for couples who love a local feel and enjoy history or historic details. Or, modern details, if you're heading to an emerging, cool neighborhood. 

Skyline Views
Skyline views are so cinematic they will pretty much always make it look like you're in a movie. Beautiful views take center stage, and you don't need any additional props at these locations. 

Botanical Gardens
Botanical gardens offer nature at its most exquisite. We love a natural landscape and colorful gardens to bring a vibrant, fresh touch to photos.

Industrial Areas
Industrial areas can be full of architectural interest. Bridges top that list. These structures bring angles and clean lines to your photo setting. 

Monuments and Landmarks
Monuments and landmarks are the perfect photo op for history buffs. They're also great for anyone looking for a sense of grandeur and legacy in their engagement session. 

Farms and Barns
Comfy, cozy, and cool. Laidback couples often love a rural oasis. If you love a quaint feeling, this has your name all over it. Choosing a farm or a barn can be a great option if you're looking to include your pets in the session. 
Sophisticated and natural, vineyards elevate the outdoors. We love when couples go a little boho with these locations, too. 

Public Parks and Forest Preserves
These locations are easily accessible and often the gem of your local area. Even smaller public parks and forest preserves can look expansive in photos. Public parks are sweet spots that offer benches, gardens, and touches of community. 

Beaches, Piers, and Rocks
If you love the water, let it create a tranquil background for photos. Beaches can be so simple and romantic, while piers and docks offer a peaceful retreat. 

Not an outdoors person? Check out our list of the 10 best indoor locations for engagement sessions. 


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