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The 10 Best Indoor Engagement Photo Locations


You're engaged! Now what? Once you've picked your wedding photographer, it's time to get that engagement session scheduled. If you want the glam without the frigid temps of an outdoor winter shoot, try escaping the cold by considering a fun and/or unique indoor location. Before you start, you'll want to keep in mind that some indoor locations require permits or reservations, so you'll want to do your research ahead of time to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

1. Greenhouses

Head to a local greenhouse or your city's botanical garden for a tropical feel in the dead of winter. They offer the comfort of an indoor location with the foliage of an outdoor shoot. Plus, there's tons of natural light.

2. Home Sweet Home

At-home sessions are convenient, fun, and comfortable. Engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day, and there's no place you'll feel more comfortable than in your own home.

3. A Local Hot Spot

Coffee shops, bars, and restaurants are great settings for engagement sessions. For that extra special touch, considering the place you went on your first date or a favorite local haunt that has meaning to both of you.

4. The Shop Around the Corner

Record stores, antique shops, and bookstores offer a quiet space full of visual interest. It's the perfect venue for intimate engagement photography that showcases some of your interests.

5. Hotels

Take advantage of the glittering halls and opulent design of a local upscale hotel. If you're looking for something with a luxurious touch, there's no better way to go than an upscale hotel.

6. Public Buildings

Think libraries, cultural centers, and city hall. Many are opulently decorated and make for beautiful backdrops.

7. All About Transportation

Transportation doesn't just have to be the way you got there, it can be the destination, too. Airplane hangers and train stations give your shoot a striking, unique tone, and you can play up the vintage flair for a more stylized shoot.

8. Theaters

What better venue for dramatic engagement than the home of drama? Theaters offer rich colors, a grand yet intimate atmosphere, and iconic design elements.

9. Museums

If you make a list of the most beautiful and unique places in your city, the chances are that at least one museum will make the top of the list. Whether you want the opulence and sophistication of an art museum or the unique detail of somewhere like St. Louis' City Museum, museums offer beautiful settings that simultaneously celebrate city pride.

10. Your Wedding Venue

What better way to sneak a peek at your wedding than by having your engagement session at your wedding venue? We love the cohesion this can bring to engagement and wedding photography. Or, you can have the best of both worlds by choosing a wedding venue that almost made the cut but didn't for your celebrations.

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