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Local Spots: Frequent Your Favs

The best engagement photos feel like they capture a genuine and personal moment between the two of you—a snapshot of your life together. What says “so-you” more than taking photos one of your favorite local spots?

Picture yourselves in all of your familiar places, and go there. Your engagement photographer will get a glimpse of your typical Saturday stroll through the dog park or lazy Sunday brunch. And you’ll have those real dates forever documented in photos. Grab your regular booth at your neighborhood diner, steal glances and sip cocktails at your favorite bar or warm up at that cozy coffee shop around the corner where you first met.

Engagement locations don’t have to be fancy and formal. In fact, just the opposite is ideal because a familiar place puts you both at ease, which means more natural photos. Not to mention, local spots reveal something personal that the two of your share, which makes it all the more special.

Local spots for engagement photos are easy to get to, no-fuss, and often help you feel more at ease in front of the camera. If you’re uneasy about taking photos, take comfort and think of it this way: you’re just hanging out together at a location you’re already familiar with.

When it comes to the weather, you can pretty much breathe easy. Most of these spots are indoors, which means no worries for a rainy engagement session! No umbrellas needed (unless you like that sort of thing as a charming prop, which we do).

Here’s a cute tip. If you’re taking photos at a coffee shop, grab a couple of lattes, or whatever caffeine fix you prefer, to go and have your wedding date written on the cups for a cute photo op—and save-the-date-worthy shot. Or sit and sip at a booth or table.

Bookworms, rejoice. Your local library is a great option for avid readers. The textured background of colorful book spines sets the stage for interesting engagement photography. And beyond the books, you can always find a secluded corner to settle into. And don’t forget to capture the remarkable architectural elements of historic library buildings, in particular--from the grand hall and rotunda to ornate details and adornments.

Did you meet at a bar, or have a favorite place for a night cap? Dress to the nines and toast to the occasion and have your wedding photographer capture the moment. If you time your shoot just right, you’ll be able to deck your shots with sparkling holiday lights, garland, lights and festive decor.

Eat local. Shop local. Snap local. After all, there’s no place like home.

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