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Stay at Home Date Ideas for Valentines Day


As the year gains momentum, February is soon creeping upon us, and with that comes the day which is marked with red hearts and Xs and Os, and gives our couples an excuse to celebrate their love! Valentine’s Day is the day when love runs free and no valiant gestures and announcement of love is slotted under “too much”. From lanky teenagers in converse shoes and emo playlists, who are “hanging out together”, to eighty-somethings who can't help but give their wrinkly smiles when they see each other, love forfeits no one, and the same is true for Valentine’s Day. After the year that we braved and are all collectively pretending didn't happen, any occasion to celebrate and cherish what we have is a gift in itself. This year Valentine’s Day strolls into our lives on a Sunday, which basically means that this day demands to be celebrated! While this year Valentine's Day might look a little different than others, if there is one thing we have found out in 2020, is that love finds a way! Let us take a peek at some of the well-exercised, tried, and tested Valentine’s Day date ideas with some new and creative ideas to fit into our lives relevantly now. Explore and find the best fit for you and your sweetheart.


Mix it up: Bring out the alcohol and celebrate the day with high spirits as you experiment with some mixology creations. Be it beer tasting, wine tasting, or just mixing up some liquor to create a cocktail of your own. Not only is it a fun way to celebrate your relationship, but there is also something fun about mixing alcohol with different mixers to create a drink that is genius and uniquely yours! You can also name it to make it truly yours, so that you can whip up your special cocktail whenever there is an occasion to celebrate, like birthdays, anniversaries (or even date nights)


Cabin Vibes in the Backyard: Invite the camping vibes to your backyard and cozy up with the cabin feel. Create a wood fire, string up some lights, and add some candles and cozy blankets for ambiance and voila! All the chill camping vibes of the ragged mountains right in your backyard. You can nuzzle up, add some warm drinks to the mix and enjoy each other's company under the velvety stars. You can swap stories, put on some music, or enjoy a heartwarming movie, and when the night comes to an end, you can also camp out in the backyard and pretend you are somewhere else, and devour yummy campsite breakfast the next morning! 


Trailer to Your Dream Vacation: With travel restrictions still up in most places, going on that dream vacation might be still on a halt, however, one can always dream! Ease up your wanderlust by prepping for a trip a little further down the lane, maybe later this summer or next year. Plan to the littlest details, and weave an evening around that theme of your intended destination. Work in the decor of the specific area, the order in some regional food, and mix up a drink specific to the area. Dress up as you would do when you get there and share the reflected glory of the trip which is to come. Not only will it momentarily transport you into a different place, but it will also get you excited for the great times ahead.


PJs All-Day: Since all you can really do is stay indoors, make the most of the opportunity, and commit! For a true homebody, it can't get better than this, really! Stay warm and cozy on Valentine's Day with an all-day PJ party. Sleep in, wake up and make a long and indulgent breakfast, and never get dressed for the day. Turn to comfort food whenever the need arises, break into a dance party, or indulge in your favorite shows and movies. Allowing yourself to take a break and truly relax is sometimes all that one needs! If it has to be a stay-in Valentine’s Day, make it the most epic one out there!


Brunch it Up: Start the day off right with a fancy brunch, and soak in the luxurious feeling of brunching at your favorite breakfast place. Cut up fruits the fancy way, make a waffle station, and go all out with eggs, bacon, and more! Add in fun drinks like a fancy cold brew or a sassy mimosa. Add in some fresh flowers and soothing music for all the feels. A fun brunch gives this romantic day just the right start, and gives you the fancy feeling without having to leave the house! Too lazy for all the fixings? Order in from your favorite brekky place and put on some French jazz music to set up a cafe-like vibe!


Bake Something Sweet: What is Valentine's Day without baked goods and sweet treats! And while you are baking with your sweetheart, the treats are bound to be sweeter! So get your supplies and put your apron on and get mixing, stirring, and baking some sweet stuff for you to enjoy later on. Bake it, decorate it with hearts and designs, and pour in some sprinkles for good measure. And if you are feeling extra lovey, write sweet messages for each other to read. After the baking is done, and you are high on a sugar rush, you will find that you are closer than ever!


At-home Spa Session: Bring out your lotions and potions and masks and declare it a spa night, and we promise, you will love it. Nobody hates to relax- and getting a perfect spa treatment at home can help you bid adieu to your stress and truly take a moment to be with each other. Help yourself to some foot scrubs, face masks, light the fragrant candles and essential oils and dim the lights for the full effect, and unwind. Go the extra mile and give each other head massages and foot rubs and soak in the relaxed vibe for a while. It will surely give your stay-in date a level-up!


Game Night: Bring out your favorite board game and give your romantic night a competitive spin. Play a game of scrabbles, build a puzzle, or play your go-to card game, and things will get fun real soon. To give your regular game night a romantic twist, use candy pieces or cookies for checkers, or play scrabbles with just lovely-dovely complimenting words! Introduce romantic “penalties” and bonus perks, and the game night will be the most romantic one ever, we promise! Not the board game kind of couple, plug in your gaming consoles, and play your favorite video games instead!


Take a Sunset Hike! If there is anything more romantic than staring at the dipping sun and watching it go down on the horizon, we haven't heard of it! Spending Valentine's Day with a refreshing nature hike and watching the day die out from up there is truly an experience that will make your Valentine's Day truly special. Not only is it an activity that allows you the opportunity to be one with nature, but it is also a great bonding activity, and can be truly exhilarating. After a good hike, stop and watch the sky work its magic and the sun retire for the day, leaving a magical glimmering sky behind. 


Fortnight: Relive your childhood days and bring a playful element to your date night by building a fort in your living room. Bring out the big sheets and throw pillows, and string in some lights, and establish a password to make it official. Make it as elaborate as possible, and bring in yummy treats and fun drinks for your fort party. There is something romantic about building a fort together, and snuggling up inside the fort as you sip hot chocolate and watch Netflix! It is cute, adorable, and romantic and we assure you it's Valentine’s Day worthy!


Walk in the Rain! Make the most of the February showers by going out on a romantic walk together- rain or no rain. Hold each other’s hands, stop at memorable spots, and exchange stories, and stop at a dessert place to wrap the walk-up. The sweet end to the romantic walk is what movies and love songs are made of. It is certainly rare to just take a walk to enjoy each other's company, without phones, or any intention of a work-out, but just because, and reacquaint yourself to the sweet allure of a walk with your special someone!


Cook up Dinner Together. Prepare your favorite meals and cook them together for a romantic dinner to be enjoyed together. Look the menu up, get the ingredients, and have a bunch of fun cooking! Cooking is a great bonding activity and brings two lovers together, as it is highly interactive. Also, something about sharing a meal you planned and made together from scratch is a deeply romantic experience. If just preparing a meal together is a bit tame for you, try a "cook-off", where both of you make a dish and score each other on skill, technique, and presentation. You can also go all "Masterchef" on each other and give each other a mystery basket of ingredients and see what you can come up with.


Valentine's Day Movie Night: Bring in the cheese by embracing Valentine's spirit with head-first enthusiasm. Decorate your space with paper hearts and banners, make some cheesy popcorn and sweet and spicy snacks, set the mood just right, and sit back for Valentine's Day movie marathon. Dive into one romantic movie after another and give in to the festive spirit completely, as you snuggle with your special person! Some movie recommendations are The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle, The lake House, among others!


Stream a Virtual Concert: Music speaks to the hearts and what better than a concert on the day of love? Whether you want to go the mix-tape, personalized playlist route or you want to attend a virtual concert, be open to the idea of dancing the night away to some classic romantic melodies! Being the year that it is, it is likely that many musicians will open up the space of the internet for some special live stream concert on Valentine's Day, and you are sure to find the artist which fits your vibe perfectly. 


Make a Time Capsule: Time sure flies by fast, and making a time capsule is a classic way to treasure the memories in a very tangible way. Like writing a diary, a time capsule freezes the feeling and memories in time and lets you reflect back on it later, be it a year after or 10 years! Make your 2021 Valentine’s Day memorable by treasuring some special knick-knacks, photographs, notes, and memories into a memory box and keeping it to be opened by your future self. You will be surprised how much your future self will appreciate this. 


In a world of “why” and cynic smirks, be a ray of “why not” and celebrate your relationship with rare and refreshing fervor. Even if you are doing it at home or in a socially distanced way, creating these special moments can bring joy to your lives and make this ride a joyful and adventurous one! Days are long, but years are short, and time rolls quickly. So hold on to the reasons to celebrate, because you are essentially creating memories for you and your partner to look back on when the hair turns gray and the dentures and wrinkles come into the picture. We encourage you to make it count, to make a date out of even the most random moments, and to make lasting memories. Take that hike, pack a picnic, or host a dance party for two. After all, isn't it about creating a world of your own, no matter where you are? Let 2021 Valentine's Day bring the giggly teenagers out of you and your sweetheart!


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