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Weekly Wedding Planning Resources: August 28th, 2020


Summer is taking a sweet turn for the fall, and our heart does a collective flip! We are not there yet, but the air sure bears promises of cooler weather, if you listen closely. The back-to-school feeling which hits even if you are 30, the pumpkin-spice-lattes which comes in a little too early every year, pandemic or no pandemic, and the tell-tale candle bearing names like Gingham and Warm Apple Pie, fall brings a lot of good news. Fall is also the season the leaves fall but love blooms in rich colors. There is a reason why we see so many weddings and engagements in the fall and winter. 


Addressing the giant elephant in the room, yes the love in the air is currently polluted with a certain virus in the air too. This is why the love season can be expected to be a little mellow this year, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing any weddings this fall/winter. Oh, weddings will happen! If you are one of our brides-to-be, hoping to get married come fall, well, get busy! Because fall is coming! Meanwhile, we will come round every weekend, bringing several wedding resources from around the internet, warm wishes, and bear hugs!


Wedding cakes are the sweetest touch to a wedding and can tie in the whole wedding together in terms of decor. There is something special about two people cutting into their wedding cake and that moment shouldn’t be anything less than perfect. A backyard wedding or a home wedding with a total of 10 guests, the cake is still very important, however, it doesn’t have to be a huge 3-tier deal. Small can punch quite a large impact too! Check out these cute itsy-bitsy wedding cakes which are huge on personality!


25 Small Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Swoon

via June Bug Weddings


While a few months ago, wedding shopping required you to put on your comfy shoes and scavenge the stores for the best deals, COVID waltzed by and said, “Hell, no!” Instead of being an option, online shopping has now taken over are a prime medium for wedding shopping. And we aren’t complaining! This has opened us up to options we didn’t know existed! And let us tell you, there are some golden finds hidden between those webpages! Go through this article which highlights some of the best places to shop at!


The Best Places to Buy Wedding Decorations Online

via June Bug Weddings


The wedding dress, albeit beautiful, is not for everyone! For the brides who are not very dress-happy or for a more formal courthouse wedding, why not consider giving that wedding dress a pass and go for a wedding jumpsuit? With the free-flowing elegance of a jumpsuit and its easy wearability, you won’t need much convincing! From minimal to all-out, from structured to floaty, there are options to suit every bride. Look into this article to find out more!


9 Chic Wedding Jumpsuits That Will Make You Rethink Your Wedding Dress

via My Wedding


Despite all the listicles, all that you really need to get married is your starry-eyed partner! If you have that person who is down to create a life with you together, the place doesn’t really matter, does it? This has been made clearer than ever by the COVID-19 brutalities. You can still have the perfect wedding of your life right at your home. All the other ‘must-haves’ are mere nice additives. If you are hosting a home wedding, look into some of these things which will sprinkle your home wedding with a little bit of magic!


10 Must-Haves for Hosting an At-Home Wedding, According to Experts

via My Wedding


The chill of the fall will soon be creeping up on us and we can hardly wait! As the summer cools down to the coziness of fall, love still continues to burn on just as strong. Pandemic or not, the fall of 2020 still brings with it a bunch of exciting wedding trends that we absolutely love. Think more non-conformity, more sustainability, and groovy throwbacks! Check out these wedding trends which you might be seeing a lot of in the forthcoming season. 


7 Wedding Trends to Fall for in 2020

via Etsy Blog


Wedding days are emotional days for the father-of-the-bride as he will be giving away the star of his eyes to someone else! Seize this day to gift something to your dad which is more customized and from-the-heart than over-the-counter, something sentimental to hold on to. Get ready for the floodgates of tears to be opened, as you gift your Dad with these adorable gifts. Have your tissues ready! 


4 Father-of-the-Bride Gifts to Make Dad Cry

via Etsy Blog


We are surely seeing a lot of backyard weddings this year and if sure make our romantic hearts happy! With the uncertainty of the virus still strong in the air, a backyard wedding is a safer way to get married. Wrapped by a chosen few of your loved ones, and getting married in your own familiar backyard, it is a special feeling what goes beyond words! Let us hear the story of Allie and Scott, as they share the whole journey of hosting a backyard wedding in the middle of a pandemic at loose!


How I Threw a Backyard Wedding in the Middle of a Pandemic

via Vogue


Taking that extra bit of care with your appearance is something that all brides want to do! We all want to look our very best on our wedding day, dont we? With so many home weddings and virtual weddings, most brides are taking it themselves to do their own hair and makeup. If you are looking for some easy to recreate yet special hairstyles to try out on your wedding day, there are many to choose from right here.


25 Easy Wedding Hairstyles You Can DIY

via Bridal Guide


Like fall follows the summer, the day follows the night, and the light follows the dark, good times are sure to follow the brutal times. There will be days when you will be able to go out and celebrate your love. Travel the world together with your SO. Eat greasy street food at a fair, or go to Disneyland. Simple pleasures like going to the movies together or booking the familiar table for two with the street view at your favorite restaurant will be experienced and cherished again with a renewed appreciation. Until that happens, you still have your lovely wedding to look forward to and plan towards. Meanwhile, expect to see a whole lot of us, bringing in a whole lot of love! Happy weekend!


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