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Weekly Wedding Planning Resources: August 21st, 2020


While some would argue otherwise, there is literally nothing as worse as not being able to be with the one you love, especially in the face of crisis! When COVID-19 came along, it took lovers some Herculean effort to keep sailing through the stormy seas and have their faith burning in the hopes for the day when this will be together. It was especially hard for couples who had their date set for a wedding in the warmer months of 2020. Couples had to tuck away their floaty dresses and shiny cufflinks for a date in the uncertain future and instead of getting to do all the fun being-engaged things (bridal shower, wedding shopping, planning for their honeymoon, etc), they were stuck at home together or apart, doing grocery runs and walking their dogs, hoping for this nightmare to be over! Sure this might seem irrelevant in the magnitude of the impact worldwide, and it does not impact the GDP of the country, but it sure impacted the Gross National Happiness of the country! However, the couples continued to hold their head high and kept planning for their wedding day with light in their eyes, and we applaud them! As our nod of encouragement, like every week, we bring to you some links around the internet which might help you with your wedding planning adventures. 

There is something about a backyard wedding which is eternally romantic and sweet! Sure, you must have had a different vision for your wedding day, but this is how it is right now, and you might want to make it look as picturesque as possible. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to styling an idyllic backyard wedding. Read on to find out all that you need to know about hosting the perfect backyard wedding!


Simple Styling Tips For A Stunning Backyard Wedding

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 You made your plans and it was all pretty, but the universe had other plans for your wedding day. If you had to postpone your wedding day to a different season or a different theme due to ‘The Rona’, we realize this needs a lot of do-overs and replanning. But surprisingly, in most cases, you won’t even have to start again from scratch. A little accent color here and a few seasonal additions there can make the look apt for your postponed wedding. Find out how!


How to Adjust Your Wedding Design If You Had to Reschedule Your Date Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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 Needless to say, we are crazy about love, and a sweet love note makes our hearts go warm! If you want to add that extra bit of love and intimate touch to your wedding day, you will love these adorable love quotes. From punny to funny, from sentimental to rejoiceful, there are plenty to choose from. Sometimes, one just has to spell it out in so many words and make a heartfelt declaration, and we are all for it! 


 90 Short and Sweet Love Quotes That Will Speak Volumes at Your Wedding

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 When we say pictures are a means of time travel, we weren’t kidding! Anniversaries are great for creating sentimental memories, and this one takes the cake in the ‘sentimental’ department. Every day, on their anniversary day, Gemma Burgess takes a picture with her husband at the same spot as they did on their wedding day, and the effect is beautiful! This is a beautiful idea for starting an anniversary tradition as it will be sweet to look back on when you are 50!


How Sweet Are Gemma’s Anniversary Photos?

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Your virtual wedding is just around the corner, and still not confident about letting someone touch your face? We get you! While virtual weddings, virtual bachelorette parties, online bridal showers, and commitment ceremonies are on the rise, you still want your hair and makeup to look amazing on your big day. Various wedding hair and makeup artists are offering virtual consultations and tutorials if you are thinking of doing your hair and makeup on your own. Read more in this article about certain things you could keep in mind if you are heading that route. 


How to Do Your Hair & Makeup for Your Virtual Wedding Events

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 Being a bridesmaid is a fun privilege as it says you are special for the bride as she trusts you to be a part of her special day. However, with COVID-19 being the uninvited guest of 2020, bridesmaid might be feeling restricted and confused about their role in this. Your bride bestie might be needed you more than ever, and there are still certain things you can do to make this whole process a lot easier. Whether it is just being there to talk, or just pitching in for small tasks, here is the guide on how to be a good bridesmaid during COVID-19. 


How to Be a Great Bridesmaid During COVID-19

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 Wedding planning is just a special as the wedding itself if not more! There, we said it! Working towards creating your perfect day takes a lot of love, effort, and attention to detail. It says you are willing to put in the work because this is important for you. It says you will go into the details so that your wedding day is just as perfect as you always imagined. It also says you are excited to get started on the new chapter and are willing to make this trademark moment of your lives as memorable and perfect as possible. Sure there will be things which you will look back and think it could have been more perfect if only *insert alteration*. But the moment you say “Yes” and see the look in your partner’s eyes, it already is perfect! We love that we get to help you create your own perfect moment and we will come by every week, bearing inspirations-Corona, or not! 


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