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Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: August 14th, 2020


What does a wedding look like today? In some ways, it remains the same as ever, and in others, everything has changed. The definition of a wedding has gone through more changes and adjustments and personalizations in the last few months than it has in the whole of the last decade! With words like virtual wedding, home weddings, elopements, micro weddings, and minimonies being exchanged liberally, it is a tell-tale sign that lovers across the world will evolve and come up with new loopholes around restrictions, come what may. Love will have its last word, as it always had! If you are a bride planning her wedding at this unfortunate time, firstly, Go You, Girl! And secondly, we are right here to help you navigate the trying times by bringing you resources every week from across the internet to help you plan your dream wedding! 


This whole coronavirus journey has been about figuring things along the way, and this is another one to be added to the lot. With so many unknowns out there, how does a couple planning a wedding know what is the perfect duration of time to postpone your wedding for post-COVID-19? Since it is all up in the air, do you go ahead with your original date, even though your plans might be compromised? Or do you wait it out and hold on to the dream of the wedding you envisioned in your mind? Explore here for some direction with that thought!

How Much Time Should You Push Out Your Wedding Post-Coronavirus?

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How do you show love in a world where giving your loved ones a tight hug or even a high five is considered irresponsible and meeting over for a few drinks is just atrocious? Sending care packages, of course! Isn’t that genius? Send in notes or letters, and little trinkets and things you know the person sitting on the other end will love. Highly customizable and full love, what better time then a global pandemic to spread some love? Explore the option for the most fitting care packages for your special one, and feel free to add in a personalized touch. Let your close ones know you are thinking of them!

Care Packages to Help You Send Your Love During Social Distancing

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Already spend a pretty penny on that gorgeous wedding dress, just when your wedding day ended up being postponed? Don't worry because fun is just delayed, not canceled! Storing your pretty wedding dress in the proper manner will let you relive the excitement of when you saw that gorgeous dress for the first time. However, there are several things one should be mindful of while storing a wedding dress. We don't want it looking anything less than perfect on the day of the wedding, now, do we?

How to Store Your Wedding Dress If Your Big Day Was Postponed

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The travel itch might be finally getting to us, and these desert houses available to rent via Airbnb comes in like a warm streak of sunshine! Being enough of a getaway to scratch that itch, but still being road-trip worthy, hence, safer, these Lake Tahoe desert dens lets you soak in the pristine desert setting and is a welcome change in the scenery! Maximum chill vibes and the luxury of a vacation house. What more could one want for a domestic honeymoon during COVID-19? Take a peek and be inspired!

23 Hip Desert Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb

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Planning for micro weddings and celebrating your postponed nuptials later? You don't have to compromise on your Micro weddings. The biggest buzzword in the 2020 wedding community, a micro wedding is usually attended by five to a few dozen guests. Your micro wedding might indeed be smaller in scaler than what you imagined, but it doesn’t have to be compromised in spirit! This article spills the beans on everything one needs to know about hosting that perfect micro wedding. Read on to find out more.

How to Plan a Micro Wedding So That You Can Celebrate Your Postponed Nuptials Right Now

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Weddings have gone through many changes perspective in the last few months. Change of plans seems to be the theme of the year. Elizabeth and Kyle originally planned their big spring wedding at Blue Hill Stone Barns but had to reassess and settle for a home wedding while having their guests witnessing the event through zoom. How does a wedding at the home where you have already been sharing feels like? Allow Elizabeth and Kyle to take you through their special day in this article. 

A Wedding at Home in Brooklyn

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With some areas being in the clear and some areas being worse affected than ever, there is no clear cut direction as to which way to head. We are all doing what seems best to us. While that might be scary thought, not having a manual, it is probably heartening to know that you don't have to go through these tough times alone, as you have the love of your life by your side. And with that special person holding your hands through this storm, how bad can the storm really be? In the spirit of that thought, we encourage you to keep on believing and dreaming and to keep working your way towards that dream wedding, whether it is next week or in 2022, because it is nothing but a stairway leading you closer to the person who can make you smile through this crazy time. Meanwhile, we will come in every week with our little bag full of useful wedding planning resources!


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