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Wedding Photos Inspired by Perfect Summer Nights


After the dreamy spring days, summer arrives every year with sunshine of her own, and everything seems cheerful, fun, and full of adventure. While spring is more about a gradual awakening of the world from the deep slumber of winter, a transitional period leading up to summer, summer is more perky and full of life, and promises of a good time. Promises of backyard barbecues, bonfire nights by the beach, and tropical vacations laying out enticingly that boost your mood instantly! The flowers are abundant and blooming with all the colors of the rainbow, the fireflies are coming out to play while lighting up the gardens in a magical glow, the smell of coconut and sunscreen lotion calls out to you, speaking of nostalgia and possibilities all at once. And add to that heady mix of sights and sounds the sweet fragrance of love, and the image which emerges is nothing short of poetry! Summer weddings are beautiful, fun, and one of the most favored kind of weddings by couples worldwide! There is a sense of freedom and inhibition in summer weddings which is unique to this season and is quite infectious. Also, summer weddings mean fewer layers, fun colors, plenty of sunshine, a feel-good mood, and ample photo opportunities! If you are a bride-to-be who is planning for a summer wedding, firstly- congrats! And now do you have your notebook ready? Because we are spewing some gems today!


Summer weddings and photography: Wedding photography is something that should not be taken lightly when planning a wedding, because while the decor will perish away and your wedding dress will collect dust over time, and even your most trusted asset your memory will give away, it is the time-yellowed photo squares which will remain, speaking of the amazing time that you had on that special day. So when you plan for that summer wedding, getting the perfect pictures is something of a mandate. And when you look back at it decades from now, you will instantly feel the magical summer feeling emitting through the pictures, irrespective of the time passed. The best way to achieve summer wedding pictures which are just brilliant is by searching for the best wedding photographers you can find, communicating your expectations and providing inspiration. Once you and your professional wedding photographers are on the same page, you are sure to come out of the wedding day with just the wedding pictures that you have been dreaming of.


The Perfect Summer Night Lighting Solutions

The light and the dark have the best of relationships, as we can't really appreciate the magic of light until dark amplifies the effect! For capturing the vibe of the summer wedding nights, some lighting solutions play an important role, and let us look into each one in detail, and explore the possibilities they offer!


Fairy lights
At this point, we are convinced that fairy lights or string lights (aka bistro lights!) can add a sprinkling of magic to any occasion, be it a date night, a festivity, or a wedding! There is something about sparkling fairy lights and a summer wedding evening which is very elementary, and something that goes hand-in-hand. A quick and effective way to add a festive feel to any location, fairy lights sure add enchantment to your wedding night. Not only do they work well as a practical lighting solution, but they also look stunning in wedding photographs. Whether it is a shot of the groom twirling the bride under the canopy of fairy lights, or the lights adding to the bokeh effect of the background as the wedding photographer focuses on the couple, this is surely an opportunity that needs to be tapped for your wedding night pictures!


Is there anything that says “summer nights” more than a bonfire?! So when you and your partner introduce the simple pleasure of a summer night around the bonfire and toasting marshmallows to your wedding night, it is sure to be a winner! Nostalgic and a fun activity for your wedding guests to share, it also provides the perfect lighting for some amazing wedding photography options. The crackling fire and the orangey glow from it can add so much mood and drama to your wedding album, be it the couple portraits or candid pictures with your closest friends and family. 


The moon
The original “lighting solution” for nighttime photography, there is nothing quite like the moon coming out to play for your summer night wedding pictures. Whether it is having the moon in the background in all of its majestic dramatic glory as you and your sweetheart pose, or having the moonlight illuminate the both of you in a milky light, the options are endless and all as beautiful as the moon. If your wedding venue features a lake or a beach, you can have your wedding photographer capture the moon and its reflection on the water, and we promise the effect will be magical. PS: Bonus points for a full moon night, but no pressure!


Starry night
The starry night on your wedding day is like a gift from the universe, and it will be a shame to let it go in vain! Let the glittering stars on the velvety inky blue sky be the prop to your couple portraits, and you will treasure that photo forever! It is dramatic, magical, and almost unreal and something that will make your wedding night feel like it is a night from another universe! A good wedding photographer will be able to capture one wonder of nature (the stars) which align quite perfectly with another wonder of nature (you and your partner)- all in the same frame!


Bring your Rapunzel dreams to life by incorporating gorgeous paper lanterns into your wedding night. You can do this along with all the guests or make it a special moment for just the two of you, and the wedding photographer of course! There is something about the glowing orbs of light floating away into the night sky that is just pure magic and belongs between the pages of a fairytale book, but here you are - living that dream! Let your wedding photographer capture both of you in the most enchanting frame. 


Summer and sparklers go a long way back, and so do weddings and sparklers! So when all three come together, it is magic waiting to be captured! Whether it is used as an arch under which the bride and the groom exit after the wedding or after the couple just finished the wedding ceremony, sparklers bring their own special vibe to the table, and we love it all! While a sparkler exit can be the perfect window for your wedding photographer to capture some stunning moments, there are many other ways you and your wedding photographers can experiment with sparklers for your summer night wedding photography. 


As with sparklers, fireworks go hand-in-hand with summer too (Hello, Fourth of July!), and it can surely light up a summer wedding in the most glorious and celebratory way! Capturing a newly married duo under the glorious shower of fireworks is something that can be quite special. Not only does it bring in a secondary lighting solution to the platform, but it also brings a lot more to the table! So let the fireworks do their thing in the skies above, while your wedding photographer captures the fireworks between you and your partner in some epic captures!


Mason jar lanterns
Rustic mason jars containing thin battery-operated fairy lights have a special place in heaven as they deliver a special kind of magic. Giving the illusion of fireflies trapped in a glass bottle, this lighting solution delivers full-on fairycore vibes and is perfect for a forest wedding or a rustic wedding with a lot of foliage around. You can also have a bunch of such mason jars hung from a tree, as it will provide all the feels of being in an enchanting fairyland! You can also have them placed sporadically on your rustic reception table, inviting a whimsical vibe to the evening. Not only do they look amazing, but they also photograph really well!


Iridescent glow
While we are sure there will be enough primary lighting. Having multidimensional secondary lighting can really help bring the scene alive! Consider sprinkling your location with fake LED candles as it will bring out the most amazing glow, transforming the entire location into a magical land. The faux glow is not as harsh as direct lighting and creates a soft and romantic ambiance for you and your partner to soak up and pose against, and for your wedding guests to enjoy! The best thing is that this lighting allows you and your partner to bask in a magical glow without having to worry about any harsh lighting- all perfect conditions for capturing that perfect shot!


The Best locations for the dreamiest of night photography

While the lighting is crucial in night photography, for a wedding night photograph to really come alive, especially in outdoor wedding situations, special attention has to be paid to the location too. The night paints a moody picture and having a backdrop that can add to that drama is truly what hits the picture home! Here are some of the locations we love for night photography for a summer wedding!

  • Dramatic bridges
    Can you picture kissing your love with the Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge during the evening hour and creating mesmerizing golden hour couple portraits? Or even during the night when the majestic bridges across the country light up like a dream? This is one of the best couple photography night shot ideas and a little glimpse of the city-blur in the background just adds to the charm!

  • Trademark attractions
    Capturing the couple with famous and popular attractions and landmarks in the background is not only the perfect way to pay an ode to the city you are getting married in, but also creates charming images. The tourist attractions might wear a different look at nighttime and add a different allure to your pictures. So, maybe it's a good idea for you and your partner to sneak out with the wedding photographer for some striking captures!

  • Under a tree
    If the wedding location you have chosen has a grand tree in its territory, you are in for a win! Night photography under a huge mature tree might be a great idea when you add lighting to the tree. It allows room for a forest enchantment look and creates images that are unique and memorable!

  • Under the street lights
    There is something romantic and beautiful about clicking the couple portraits under street lights! Even the most boring cities with the most regular road might be perfect for this photo idea. Whether it is a lonesome road or a busy one with flashing buildings and lit-up neon lights, the effect will be just as magical each time!

  • By a water body
    The glimmering lake, the looming moon, and the magic in the air, there is something to be said about the night photography of a couple who just got married and is posing in the most romantic setting, which is by the banks of a lake or by the beach! This is perfect for a full moon night!
  • Empty roads and highways: Long exposure pictures on a highway are an incredible way to capture stunning streaks of light left by busy cars, and can add a touch of whimsy to your wedding pictures. There is a ton of freedom of creativity waiting to be explored when it comes to night photography on empty roads and highways.

  • A country fair
    Will it be a little challenging to pull off? Yes! Will it be absolutely beautiful though? Yes! Something about the flashing lights from the carousels and the merry-go-rounds and the nostalgia of the cloud-like cotton candies makes it the perfect scene for an after-hours night photography option! We promise you will love the results!


Summer has a way of tickling us with excitement which never quite gets old, even when we do. Summer comes in with relentless joie de vivre and sunshine and optimism every year, no matter how dark and cold the winter has been. You can count on summer to come, as sure as the day comes after night, and it provides hope, adventure, and happiness to the bleakest of moments. There is a reason summer weddings are so fun, as it has a special blend of happiness which rubs off on everyone- you, your spouse, and your guests! There are so many different ways you can go with your summer wedding plans, and there is no going wrong here. Let your wedding photographers capture your dreamy summer wedding moments in beautiful captures because these are the pictures you will look back at for decades and will share with your children and grandchildren. There are the tangible pieces of the most magical day of your life that will forever remind you of the day you took the vow among your dearest people. A wedding album is a treasure chest of memories, so let your wedding photographers add the shiniest of gems for you to hold on to! We are sure that after communication and sharing inspiration, your wedding photography will come out looking absolutely perfect.


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