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Tiffany and John's Los Angeles Summer Wedding Inspiration: A Colorful Soiree


All weddings are beautiful and unique and special, just like the two people getting married. They have their own unique love stories, their unique ‘how we met’ narratives, their own struggles, and victories. However, with so many people getting married it might blur into a predictable pattern. The wedding whites and floaty pastels. The shabby chic and rustic elegant barn weddings. The way the day blends into the sparkle of the evening and the chandeliers shimmer alluringly. However every now and then among the sea of palatial wedding venues, pristine elegant decor, and bridesmaid in pastel-hued dresses, there comes a wedding which wakes your senses up with bright colors and lots of fun. Tiffany and John’s wedding is definitely not like every other wedding that you see and comes and hits you like an unexpectedly sunny day in the long winter months. A palette cleanser from the ethereal spring tones and the summer whites, there is so much fun, colors, and sunshine at this wedding that it opens your eyes to all the other possibilities that a wedding can explore. Not only does this make it a truly memorable wedding, but it is also a wedding that looks like it was actually a bag of fun!


Tiffany and John had their hearts set on a Los Angeles wedding and can an LA wedding be anything less than pure liquid magic? Known for its endless summers, iconic palm trees, and oceanic views, Los Angeles is a city of dreams! A home for every dreamer, artist, and performer, the city is full of opportunities and a colorful array of talent. A fabled land with historic landmark buildings and vintage rustic outdoors, all in the cusp of various terrains, this Southern California city will have your heart at the first sight and will forever hold on to it! A true soul who gave their heart to this city understands how the entire city is an artist’s canvas where each brush stroke represents creativity and ethnic diversity. With the Pacific Ocean adjacent to it, mountains and deserts within an easy reach and the tinsel town of Hollywood sparkling just within reach and everyone passionately chasing their dreams to reach the promised land, this city provides opportunities by the handful.


It is easy to see why people love the city with such fierceness. With the prettiest of sunsets and the air filled with wild electricity and creative energy, there is Instagram-friendly beauty around every corner of this city! Whether you are the kind of person who loves the artsy flair that the murals of the city offer or you are a fan of the sandy beaches, rolling vineyards, and architectural masterpieces, there is a little something for everyone here! With every sight looking like it jumped out of a magazine, choosing the perfect frame for your engagement photo shoot or your post-wedding photo session is an easy task. Whether you are looking for iconic landmarks like The Beverly Hills Hotel or the Griffith Park, or for a beach location like  Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice, LA has you covered. From the Disneyland Park to Universal Studios, from the Santa Monica Pier to the Hollywood sign, from the sinking sun of the LA skylines to the dynamic street culture, LA is a pretty picture waiting to be captured. In a world of ‘aesthetics’, LA is the cool kid in the neighborhood who knows what is up! Choosing this stunning city as the medium to tell your story is nothing less than sheer delight and our lovely couple Tiffany and John chose right with this one!


Tiffany and John chose the gorgeous The Holding Co. to be a part of their wedding day canvas. A sprawling 4,500-sq. ft. event space situated conveniently near Downtown Los Angeles, Echo Park, Silverlake and Hollywood, this loft-type warehouse wedding venue comes with a hint or modern rustic elements to balance the industrial elements perfectly. Equipped with 35 ft.-high ceilings and vintage birdcage chandeliers, this makes a perfect setting for a stunning wedding reception! Tucked between a sprawling urban/industrial area and a residential neighborhood lies this unassuming wedding venue which was the perfect fit for this special couple’s distinct vibe. The spacious loft and a large open dining area, the glass-paneled garage doors, and the open courtyard, everything about this place seems to be the perfect answer to Tiffany and John’s wedding venue needs! A suitable wedding location to accommodate 150 guests and the option for both indoor and outdoor event spaces, this Los Angeles wedding venue comes with facilities like on-site bridal suite, valet parking and parking. The elements like the wooden plank detail, the bright brick-red walls, and the exposed beam of the ceiling create a welcoming yet exciting vibe! 


The day of the wedding arrived on a warm summer day and we love the shots captured by our Los Angeles wedding photographers, as they captured the true emotions of the day with perfect justice. Tiffany wore a crisp white robe with her initials on it as she got ready for the day. Her hair was arranged in the most glorious curls and her makeup was kept to a glowy natural one. Her girls were dressed in fuschia robes with their initials on them too! We love the photograph capturing the girls in their robes as they shared a moment before the ceremony began. Tiffany soon changed to her wedding gown, a beautiful white dress with draped shoulder details and the white lace overlay added a romantic spin to the dress. We love the plunging neckline and the sheer back of the bodice, as it is these little details that add a playful yet elegant touch to the look. We love the floral hairpiece Tiffany wore which added a brightness to her bridal look. Her dangling pearl completed her look perfectly.


The bridesmaids added a pop of color to the picture by wearing matching scarlet suits! What a fun idea! While the girls held onto bouquets of sunflower and green foliage, the bridal bouquet was minimal and green with touches of white! We love the positivity and sunshine that the cheerful sunflowers bring to the table and it also ties in the look with Tiffany’s headpiece. John’s look was full of vivacious and fun energy which perfectly matched Tiffany’s. He was dressed in a bright cheerful blue which was classy yet down to party! We loved the printed necktie and the black sunglasses and shoes which completed the look! The groomsmen wore matching midnight blue suits and the unexpected ax in their hands added as a quirky accessory! The groom and the groomsmen all wore matching boutonniere to complete the picture. Not the ones to shy away from colors, Tiffany and John were accompanied by a bright bunch of happy people for sure and we love the mix of blue and red of the wedding party!


After Tiffany and John were dressed up, it was soon time to head to the ceremony. While Tiffany was accompanied by her dad down the aisle, they looked amazing. While Tiffany looked like a bright ray of sunshine, her dad looked sleek in his sharp uniform. It was surely a moment worth capturing and a memory to be treasured. John was accompanied to the ceremony by his mother who looked gorgeous in her blue floral dress. Blue seems to be the color of choice for the evening, and we aren’t complaining! We also love the way the aisle was decorated with sunflowers and greenery along both the sides of the way. What a charming touch! The backdrop for the ceremony was a rustic wooden backdrop with vines of greenery cascading down with touches of autumnal leaves and flowers which matched Tiffany’s headpiece perfectly. The ceremony started and love and excitement hung thick in the air as the lovely couple said their vows. The couple had their first kiss witnessed by the loved ones and we could almost hear the cheer in the air as friends and family celebrated the momentous occasion. Our Los Angeles wedding photographer captured the moment in the most perfect shots so that Tiffany and John can treasure this moment for years to come. 


After the ceremony was done with, it was time for the wedding party to sneak in for some photographs. Our Los Angeles wedding photographers captured some amazing shots of the newlywed couple. There are several backgrounds that the photographer and the couple got to play with as they posed by the beautiful wooden plank wall and the lovely graffiti wall with the palm trees on it. We mean, can it be anymore Los Angeles? We also love the shots taken by the brick red wall as it stayed true to the colorful nature of the wedding. We adore the industrial style metal wall which was adorned with beautiful flowers and the colorful array of the wedding party posing in front of it. We think it perfectly defined the mood of the wedding and we love just how bright and beautiful the overall effect was. Whether it is the lovely couple photography or the charming bridal portrait shots or all the different arrangements of bridesmaids and groomsmen adding pops of red and blue to the frames, we love it all. We especially love the precious photograph of Tiffany with her parents. Isn’t that absolutely adorable?


After the photographs were taken, it was finally time for the wedding reception. We love the relaxed chill vibes of the reception, as it looked like the kind of wedding reception where everybody can relax and have fun. The venue was the perfect rustic-meets-industrial spin to the interiors, ensuring that all the guests’ and couples’ requirements were met with ease. The LA wedding photographer did a perfect job capturing the details of the wedding in the most perfect frames. Whether it is the delicate blink-and-you’ll-miss moments of the day the couple will love to remember for decades or the small details around the wedding which will help them relive the day with vivid colors whenever they want, the LA wedding photo expert captured it all. Some of the precious moments of the night including the father-daughter dance were captured with perfect skill. We love how John and his mom were grooving to the music! As the night progressed, Tiffany and John cut the cake and they were captured by our wedding photographer in Los Angeles and its suburbs. Can you believe how adorable that wedding cake was? A simple no-fuss white cake topped with giant sunflowers! If that doesn’t explain the entire vibe of the wedding itself, we don’t know what does! 


As the wedding day comes to an end, we are left with a strong bubbling feeling of secondhand happiness which comes from just witnessing and documenting a wedding so precious, bright, and happy! There is something raw and honest about the couple which translates through the pictures and demands your attention. Whether it is the way they decided to do away with pastels and the classics and dove head-first into colors or it is the way they made the happiest of flowers the chosen flowers for their wedding, everything is refreshing and perfect about this wedding! From the genuine smiles that the couple exchanged, the unique accessory choice of their groomsmen, to the feeling captured in the parent’s faces, everything about this wedding is real and raw. This goes to show that this is a couple who is not afraid to take a risk or have fun on the most important day of their lives. The kind of couple who can take a joke and don't take themselves too seriously. The kind of couple who definitely knows that a wedding doesn’t need to look like a page out of a bridal magazine but needs to feel close and loving and happy. And we sure can’t agree more! By witnessing the wedding day of Tiffany and John, we have just witnessed how it is okay to be a sunflower in a world full of roses!


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