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Our Favorite Fall Wedding Color Trends For 2023


Wedding planning is a crucial part of your wedding day, which is why we make it a point to bring you some of the best and freshest ideas to improve the look and aesthetic of your big day. If you’re planning a fall wedding, you’ll know that there are many wrinkles and ideas to iron out, and that can become a little overwhelming. From which wedding color palette to choose to the wedding theme ideas, there’s so much to choose from that it can make you feel as though no amount of planning or time will be enough. If your goal is to throw an elaborate wedding, with some of the best ideas for your wedding day, we have some of our best fall color trends for you, which will definitely add beauty and charms to your wedding celebrations. If you’re throwing a fall wedding, and are still unsure of the colors to choose, we have a list of ideas that will help you. And the best part is, just because your fall wedding may happen next year does not mean that you cannot incorporate these color ideas into your wedding. 


  1. Blush Pink: Pretty Pink Wedding Ideas 


Blush pink is trending, and rightfully so. This color makes your wedding color combination and the details jump out, which leads to amazing wedding photos. To us, blush pink is more than just a fair choice for bridesmaid dresses. To us, this color is a great choice for fall wedding decor ideas, especially if you’re choosing to forego the “moodiness” of the season. We know, when we mention fall weddings, the first thing that pops into your mind is the moody shades. But we feel, this time around injecting some pops of colors to your wedding ideas will do the trick for you. Instead of going for a deep-color wedding theme, try using blush pink and pink in the wedding color scheme


If you’re looking for some ideas to incorporate into your wedding, then we have some great ideas for you! Of course, blush pink bridesmaid dresses are the best idea, but how about we step away from that? We think pink and blush pink tablescapes are a great way to make your fall wedding look bright and airy. Whether you’re throwing an indoor wedding, or an outdoor one, this will add some extra sparkle to your wedding day. Another way to use blush pink is to use pink or blush pink accessories. For example, if you’re throwing a moody wedding with black and deep shades, you can use satin blush pink ribbons as hair ties or even belts for the wedding outfits! You can also have the flower girls dressed in lovely blush-pink outfits! Another way to use this shade is to add pink or blush pink accent flowers. 


  1. Dusty Pink: Moody Fall Weddings with a Twist 


Since we’re on the topic of pink wedding ideas, let’s not forget to mention this lovely dusty pink shade. One of the best on-trend colors, dusty pink adds a classy touch to your wedding day. It helps you amplify the wedding decor ideas and helps you make the most of the shade as well. To us, dusty pink is as good as red for a fall wedding. We feel that dusty pink, in your wedding, will help you add an elegant touch and make your wedding day look brilliant. 


To use dusty pink in your wedding celebrations, all you’ll need is to plan it well. A great way to add this shade to your wedding day is by choosing the groom and groomsmen’s tie in this shade. To synchronize the shades, you can also have your bridesmaid outfits planned in dusty pink shades. Apart from this, this color is deep and warm, unlike blush pink, so we think that it will be a great fit for your wedding details. For example, you can have dusty pink napkins for your wedding guests. You can also set the tone for your wedding by choosing to send brilliant dusty pink wedding stationery. Apart from this, we feel that dusty pink table runners for your wedding will be a great choice. Also, to elevate your wedding day’s table settings, you can add greenery runners to your dusty pink table runners, which will help you create a lovely touch to the wedding look. 


  1. Moss Green: Add Some Pastel Colors to Your Wedding Aesthetic 


We love wedding ideas and we love offbeat wedding ideas even more! Moss green is a color that we don’t often see in wedding ideas. Simply put, this beautiful color is a lovely shade, and adds some impressive touches to the wedding theme. To us, a moss green color and shade is a great choice simply because it adds depth along with an aspect of “delicate detail.” Moss green can be used as an accent color to your wedding color scheme ideas. What’s more, you can juxtapose the color with white and cream shades, which will add a brilliant touch to your wedding day look.  


If you’re thinking of adding this color to your wedding, then we have some ideas for you. We are sure that a fall wedding color scheme, to most of us, is nothing but deep and dark shades of the season. But moss green is a dusty pastel shade that adds a moody touch to your fall wedding without making it moody. Moss green can be used in your wedding as an accent. One of the best moss green accents to your wedding is to have moss green wedding invitation envelopes with your and your partner’s initials embossed on them. Another way to add moss green to your wedding is to choose a greenery wedding bouquet instead of traditional bridal bouquets! If you are not a fan of greenery wedding bouquets, you can simply add pretty white flowers with greenery instead! You can also choose tablescape details in moss green. For example, fall weddings are perfect for using colorful crystal glasses. You can look for moss green or olive green glasses, which will help you add more touches of shade to your wedding. Last, but not least, you can have a wedding cake in a moss green shade. To make the wedding cake look just right and perfect for your wedding day, you can use a cake topper or some cute glitter balls on the cake. 


  1. Burgundy: The Perfect Fall Wedding Color 


Trending colors and shades are great and amazing, but this one is an amazing evergreen wedding idea! We love burgundy, especially for fall weddings. This color is one of those colors that adds elegance, moodiness, and a pretty pop of color to your wedding without even trying. To us, burgundy wedding ideas are just right for a fall wedding. This color, we think, will always be on trend if you ask us! There are many ways to use burgundy in your wedding color palette. Before we get into the different ideas that you can use for your wedding day, let’s talk about some amazing burgundy color combinations that will be a great fit for your fall wedding. 


A black and burgundy wedding color scheme is a great place to start. You can add taupe or cream to the mix as well. You can also use the same color scheme, but instead of cream or taupe, you can also add gold to the mix. Another evergreen color scheme to use is navy blue and burgundy. This color combination is classy and beautiful and you cannot go wrong with this one. You can also pair burgundy with peach, blush pink, moss green, and shades of red. 


There are plenty of wedding ideas that you can use if burgundy is one of the colors for your wedding. Although there are plenty of burgundy wedding ideas for us, we will give you a few ideas that will help you transform your wedding. Surely, we do not want to skim over moody burgundy wedding arches and pretty burgundy bridesmaid dresses, but we do want to mention some lesser-known or lesser-talked-about ideas. To us, burgundy will look amazing if you have burgundy pillar candles. This will be a great accent to your wedding day. And if you pair it with burgundy table runners, napkins, and tableware, the wedding setting will look even better. Another way to use and inject color into your wedding is to use burgundy centerpieces. You can also add some hollies or cherries to the mix to make the centerpiece look amazing. 


Apart from this, let’s not forget that burgundy wedding outfits, including stylish groomsmen outfits, are a great way to add color to your wedding. Another amazing idea is to choose burgundy bridesmaid outfits. The style of bridesmaid dresses can be in any style. Also, along with this, you can also choose a beautiful wedding cake with burgundy details. You can also have a burgundy ombre shade on the wedding cake. To make this wedding cake even prettier, you can choose gold trims for the cake. Lastly, you can also choose to have burgundy escort cards for your wedding guests! 


  1. Mustard: Perfection in Brighter Shades 


Fall wedding ideas are made of deeper shades of color, which is why we’d like to bring mustard to your attention. There are a few ideas that we know will look just amazing for your wedding day. mustard is a captivating color choice for a fall wedding. Its rich and vibrant nature harmonizes with the autumnal palette, while its versatility and elegance make it an ideal option for couples seeking a unique and sophisticated affair. By incorporating mustard into various aspects of your wedding, you can create a truly memorable and stylish celebration that captures the essence of the season. Mustard brings a sense of sophistication and elegance to any wedding style. Whether you're planning a rustic barn wedding or a chic urban affair, this distinctive hue can effortlessly blend in and elevate the overall aesthetic. 


You can use mustard with navy, burgundy, dusty pink, sage green, and (or) ivory. To bring out the best in your wedding with mustard, you can also have ombre shades, with a range of yellow shades for your wedding. That said, let’s talk about some amazing wedding ideas that you can use for your wedding day. A great way to add mustard to fall weddings is to have the groom and the groomsmen use mustard in their outfits. You can have them use mustard ties, or have them use a mustard pocket square for the wedding. Another amazing idea for your fall wedding is to have mustard wedding tablecloths, this will add a touch of warm color to your wedding aesthetic. Next, you can choose floral details in mustard of course. Next, you can choose bridal footwear in the same color as well. 


Apart from this, you can have mustard wedding escort cards, with gold or black lettering. Along with this, you can also choose a pretty white wedding cake, and it can be a simple cake. And on that, you can add pops of yellow to the cake. Another way to add mustard color to your wedding is to choose cute cookies with mustard icing. You can have the colorful icing in the shade, and have some patterns designed on it. 


Bonus: Black, Burgundy, Orange, Navy, and Gold 


This is the perfect wedding color combination. We know for a fact that pretty much every fall wedding has a few of the colors we just mentioned above. Since we love putting a twist on every color combination and wedding idea, we feel that using the colors we just mentioned will be a great option for your wedding day. Wondering how? We have some simple ideas for a wonderful wedding! You can have the groomsmen and the groom’s outfits in navy, the bridesmaids can be dressed in burgundy. To synchronize your wedding’s details, you can have the ties for groomsmen and grooms in burgundy. Orange can be used heavily in your wedding details. Fall weddings mean pumpkin spice, meaning you can choose snacks and wedding desserts in the same shade and flavor profile. 


You can also use big pumpkins as decor! Some smaller pumpkins, you can paint over to make it look like a part of your wedding day! That aside, black can be a part of your wedding guest dress code, or your outfit changes for the reception in black as well. That aside, you can also have pretty black and gold wedding stationery for your wedding day. You can use navy, black, and gold for your tablescape. You can have black napkins, burgundy pillar candles as decor, black tapered candles for pretty looks, gold cutlery for dinner along with white or ivory place settings. The table runner for the wedding dinner tables can be burgundy or even orange. 


The Takeaway 


With that, we come to the end of our inspiration blog. We hope that the ideas that we listed above help you choose the right colors for your wedding day! We absolutely adore fall weddings, because what’s there not to love about cinnamon spice, pumpkin delicacies, and the perfect weather? Since we love the season, we’re sure that your wedding will be a pretty and elegant celebration as well. To help you throw a wedding with the best wedding decor ideas and the most adorable wedding details, we listed down color ideas that will make your fall wedding day look different, and on-trend. The ideas we mentioned above along with the colors are just suggestions. You can absolutely choose to change a few bits and bobs, because why not? Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you should plan your wedding down to a T. You can use the colors and the ideas that you and your partner love the most. That said, make sure that you look through some inspiration and gather some ideas so that you know what you’re doing. And then, make sure that you sit down with your partner and talk about the wedding ideas that you love so that you two can decide what you want. If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, you can have them as a part of the discussion too.  


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