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Trending Groomsmen Attire For Your Elegant Spring Wedding: From Garden To Black Tie


Spring weddings are amazing with their pops of colors and greenery all around. One of the best parts of a spring wedding is that it brings in the joy of amazing wedding planning, which works extremely well with a variety of colors. We love talking about spring weddings, we love spring wedding photos, and above all, we love to think about different ways to make a spring wedding look better, prettier, and near-perfect. Brides and bridesmaids have a lot of inspiration when it comes to what to wear, and how to look picture-perfect when it comes to a wedding. However, for groomsmen, not much is talked about. So, today, instead of talking about bridal makeup, bridal bouquets, and bridesmaid dresses, we’re going to talk about groomsmen alone! Today’s blog will talk about a variety of groomsmen outfits and how to style the boys to look their best for the wedding day. In the following sections, we will talk about some lovely ideas, from elegant wedding day outfits to colorful ideas that make the groomsmen look absolutely stunning. So, for the blog, to make it easier for you to keep track of the different kinds of outfits, we will divide it into different sections. The first section will talk about a few elegant and formal-looking outfits for groomsmen and the second section will talk about bright groomsmen outfits. Let’s dive in then, shall we?


Eloquent and Elegant Edition 


  1. Black Tie, Black Suit


For groomsmen, one of the best options to dress up is a black tie and black suit! To make this all-black groomsmen outfit look just right for your spring wedding, you can choose to switch out the shirts. The shirts in these outfits will add much-needed color and will be the aspect that ties in these outfits to your wedding color combination. Usually, a black tie, a pair of black pants, and a colorful shirt will make a huge difference. One of the best ideas for your spring wedding is to use pastel colors, like pastel pink, pastel green, or even pastel yellow as shirts for your groomsmen with black pants, a black tie, and a black dress jacket will work well. However, before we move on to another idea, let’s talk about something more. For a spring wedding, depending on your taste, style, and wedding theme, you can choose to leave out the waistcoat. For spring weddings, a two-piece suit for groomsmen will work as well. Apart from this, all-black outfits seem perfect for weddings with a groom dressed in all-white! Or you can also choose to coordinate the shirts for the groom and groomsmen. For example, you can have the groom wear white, like the bride, and have the groomsmen coordinate their shirts with the bridesmaid’s dresses. 


Tweak the Idea Black Suit, Colorful Tie 


One of the best ways to make your groomsmen’s outfits, you can think of spring-themed wedding outfit ideas. In the same way that we just mentioned above, you can add some interesting touches to your wedding aesthetic by adding more color to the ties. All-black outfits, with colorful ties, will make the groomsmen look amazing. Another way to add more colorful touches to the outfits is to use floral or printed ties for your groomsmen. This will add a lot of color and depth to the outfits. Additionally, you can try to have similar outfits for each groomsman, but every groomsman can have a different tie. 



  1. White Ensemble 


For groomsmen, another spring wedding outfit can be an all-white outfit. Just like the idea above, you can do it with white! A white pair of pants, a white shirt, and a white dress jacket will work for a beautiful spring wedding. The previous idea for groomsmen outfits will work for a wedding in just about any kind of wedding venue. This all-white outfit idea will also work for every kind of venue, but in our opinion, all-white groomsmen outfits work best for garden wedding venues. Be it a backyard wedding or a wedding in the woods, this ensemble will look stunning. The ideas that we mentioned, the kind of ties and colors to use, will work well with white groomsmen outfits too. Additionally, any other color can also work well with it. So, apart from that, you should consider using colorful pocket squares, if the groomsmen are wearing dress jackets, or even use colorful boutonnieres. All of these aspects will inject color into the outfits, which will make the groomsmen look super handsome. 


Tweak the Idea of Colorful Pants! 


This addition to the groomsmen's outfits will be different from the black outfits. So, to inject some more color into the wedding, you can easily use colorful pants. If the groomsmen do not want to wear all-white outfits, or if the all-white outfits do not sit well with your wedding theme, then you can think of using any color. Of course, to color coordinate your wedding, you can either choose the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses for the day, or you can choose any other color from your wedding color theme to choose as groomsmen’s pants. Additionally, you can also choose to coordinate the ties with the color of the pants for the groomsmen. 


Colorful Groomsmen Outfits 


Now that we have talked about two amazing formal ideas, which can be tweaked to look absolutely different, it is time to talk about some other kinds of outfits for the groomsmen. This section will talk about the different colors and styles that you can choose from, and we will also give you some styling tips for each of these ideas. 


  1. Checkered, or Tweed Wedding Outfits


You can style the groomsmen for your wedding in checkered outfits or have options in tweed. Some may feel that tweed is not a great option for a spring wedding, but we feel that tweed is actually perfect for one. Tweed is actually perfect for any season. Chic and stylish, this kind of outfit will be a great option for a wedding as well. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor wedding or an indoor party for your wedding, groomsmen in tweed will work like a charm. Additionally, a tweed jacket for a spring wedding will add the color you need! Apart from this, we feel that a checkered jacket or even an entire suit for your groomsmen will look absolutely perfect. These outfits will make your groomsmen look like a part of the wedding party, without even trying. Furthermore, both of these options sound amazing to us because you do not even need to style these outfits. The checkered style and the tweed will be enough to add color to the outfits. 


  1. Blue Groomsmen Outfits 

We love spring weddings because these weddings allow us to experiment with colors. We love a good groomsman outfit, that is true. But nothing beats a beautiful blue outfit! You can have the groomsmen dress up in powder blue dress jackets, pastel blue shirts, and navy blue pants. This will make an amazing all-blue ensemble. However, if you’re looking to just add some bits of blue to the wedding outfit, you can simply choose a powder blue jacket for your groomsmen. Another way to have your groomsmen dress up in blue outfits is to use floral shirts and beige pants. For example, you can have them dress up in a blue patterned shirt with brown or beige pants, or you can have shirts for the groomsmen that are white but have blue flowers or blue motifs on them. Both of these ideas will work for a spring wedding. That said, you can also choose to have your groomsmen dress up in blue pants, the blue can depend on the wedding color scheme and have white dress shirts on top. Additionally, we feel that off-white or cream dress shirts will also go well with the blue pants. If none of these colors go with your chosen wedding color scheme, then you can simply choose the color for the shirt as per your wedding color scheme. 


  1. Grey and Cream 


Unlike the other two options, this idea and recommendation are a little different. You can choose a lighter shade of gray for your groomsmen’s outfits. The reason why we love gray is that it can go well with just about any wedding theme and color combination. And the reason why we want to talk about cream for your wedding day is that it will neutralize the outfits for your groomsmen. This combination for your groomsmen outfits can be your last resort if you cannot settle on any other option. That being said, this outfit idea also works well without the dress jacket, or with one. Either way, your groomsmen will look extremely amazing. Also, it can work well with or without ties for your groomsmen. 


Tweak the Grey Outfit Ideas 


Another way to make your groomsmen look stunning and colorful for your wedding then you can also choose to have a three-piece gray suit for them, and add orange and yellow for a waistcoat, and jacket. This will help you make your groomsmen look stunning and perfect. Whether you’re throwing a garden wedding or an indoor elegant affair, this will look good. You can also choose an all-gray outfit and add yellow to the mix. Or you can add some color by choosing accessories for the groomsmen.  


  1. Seersucker Suits


To us, spring weddings are soft, pretty, and beautiful. One of the best ways for you to dress up your groomsmen is to choose seersucker suits. The fabric, to us, looks as though it is made for spring weddings! We love the fabric! Especially in light blue and powder blue. However, when it comes to this kind of suit or attire for your groomsmen, we do not really have color preferences. You can have the groomsmen put on a jacket and a pair of pants, and have a different choice of shirt for them. So, with a seersucker suit, you can have the groomsmen dress in a lovely printed shirt. It can be in the same color as the jacket and pants or can be in a complementing color. Additionally, you can choose to have your groomsmen carry their outfits casually. Instead of having them tuck in the shirt and look all formal, they can put on loosely-fitted jackets, shirts, and pants. This, to us, fits the aesthetic of an outdoor wedding celebration more. Additionally, if your groomsmen are wearing bold and bright shirts for the day, this kind of styling idea will make them look absolutely perfect. The groom and groomsmen photos will also look exceptionally wonderful. 


  1. Olive Green 


The last option on our list is bold olive green. Spring weddings are all about celebrating colors, beautiful scenery, and more, which is why we feel that this color will be a good option. The shade and tonality of the color can depend on your wedding aesthetic and color combination. Furthermore, let’s say, if you’re getting married in the daytime, the choice of olive green tones will be different compared to the shade you’d pick for a twilight wedding, right? So, the tonality should be decided upon as per the time of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception party. That aside, you can also switch up the style of the suits. For example, one option that you can use is the regular one, which is a dress shirt, optional waistcoat along with a dress jacket. The other option that we have for your groomsmen’s outfits is that you can choose to have them wear beige, cream, off-white, or even black knitwear under the dress jacket. The olive jacket with olive pants will be a great option for your spring wedding, and even an all-olive with a dress shirt of neutral shade will look good for the day. Remember, with olive suits, make sure that you check the tone and the shade of the shirt or the knit sweater or pullover because it could be a little different from the photos you see. Colors, when put together may seem jagged. So, keep that in mind. 


Some Tips: Stylish Groomsmen


Talking of cross-checking colors, we’d like to talk about a few tips that you should definitely keep in mind. When you’re looking for wedding outfits, it is only natural for you to choose options that look good and sit well with your wedding options. The same goes for your groomsmen's outfits. The thing to keep in mind is that colors, separately, may look amazing. However, you have to put the swatches of these colors together to see if they go well together or not. Apart from that, make sure that the groomsmen's outfits do not clash with the color combinations or the wedding theme of the day. As you’re choosing your groomsmen outfits, remember to ensure that your groom looks a little different. In other words, your soon-to-be-husband should stand out if you put the groomsman and the groom together. Before you decide on the spring wedding outfit for your groomsmen, remember to do some research first. Check out the latest trends for wedding attire and some Pinterest or mood boards to know what looks good on the groomsmen. Then decide what you’d like them to put on. 


The Bottom Line 


That said, your wedding outfits should be picked out based on the color scheme, we all agree on that. However, when we say the color scheme, it does not mean that everything should be in similar tones. To make your wedding day and its theme looks cohesive, you should remember that complementary colors or even contrasting colors add to the overall look and feel of the wedding. Remember to factor in the aspect of the timing of your wedding and the venue for your spring wedding. That said, we’d like to end the blog with a reminder that you should sit down and do some research before selecting a color and suit. As for the style of the outfits, you can ask your partner or the groomsmen for advice. That being said, we would also like to remind you that you can either use the ideas that we mentioned above as it is for your wedding day, or you can also tweak the ideas as per your preferences. Additionally, if you have a wedding planner, you can even ask them for help and advice.


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