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Spring Bouquet Roundup


Spring weddings have been widely popular with brides and grooms because of the fresh start of the season and feeling of vibrancy. Something else we love about spring? The flowers! The sweet, romantic aura of spring wedding flowers sets them apart, and we love their happy color and vibrancy coming out of cooler weather months. Read on for our favorite spring hues and blooms to include in your wedding.

Pastel tones look lovely and are extremely popular for spring weddings. They look elegant and add softness to color palettes. Pale pinks and ivory flowers are classic and timeless but still reminiscent of the spring season.

If you prefer neutrals, a bouquet of eucalyptus and white garden roses is surely the way to go!

For our budget-watching brides, local, seasonal spring flowers are a must. A bouquet of peonies, roses, lilac, and delphinium are a gorgeous mix for the spring months. March, April, and May coming together in one bouquet will definitely make a statement! Keeping things local and seasonal keeps cost down, too.

If you are a nature and greenery loving bride, try incorporating fern tendrils into your bouquet. Go green, girl!

But if you love the drama and romance of weddings, calla lilies have got your back. These unique flowers won’t let your better half’s attention waver from you.

Bright colors, like yellow, can add a punch of color to your bridal look. If you’re not a fan of yellow, try adding coral accents to your bouquet. A tall, tapered bouquet of delphinium with coral roses looks whimsy and bright, and we love the alternative shape of this bouquet.

And who can forget succulents! They look extremely beautiful and we loved this variety that offered a bit of iridescent color.

Blue hydrangea mixed with lavender and ivory make a unique color combination that looks beautiful in a traditional round bouquet shape.

Whatever your choice, pair your flowers with a striped or patterned ribbon, or bring in a little texture with silk, tulle, or burlap ties.


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