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Minimal Fall Details And Barnesque Details Make Kathleen And Giovanni's Wedding Dreamy, Beautiful And Perfect!


Winter is a magical season, after all, as Christmas is always around the corner. We love winter also because before winter comes around, we have fall weddings! Autumnal weddings have a comforting charm and are always simply serene. Although we absolutely love the classy fall wedding steeped in dazzling Halloween-inspired wedding decor, there’s something exceptionally fine and special about a minimalist wedding with cute decorations! Because we love pretty weddings, we were thrilled to see Kathleen and Giovanni tie the knot in Indianapolis on November 6th, 2022. Theirs was a wedding steeped in some of the best colors of the season and was paired with a great dress code. From the couple to their parents, from the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to the wedding guests, there was nothing this lively couple missed out on. Our Indianapolis wedding photographer met the two on their wedding day before the day started and took photos of the two and turned happy moments into timeless memories. Their wedding took place in two different locations, one for the wedding ceremony and another for the wedding reception party. The day was as perfect as we had imagined it to be. 


The wedding ceremony took place at the St. Christopher Catholic Church, and the wedding happened in JLH Wedding Barn. Both of the venues are fine choices, and absolutely perfect for the day their wedding day turned out to be, everything nice and sparkling with excitement. The wedding ceremony venue and the wedding reception party venue were only a short drive away from each other, making it easy for the wedding guests to travel between the two venues. St. Christopher Catholic Church was decorated in minimal decor and with lots of fruity decor, which we absolutely love in a winter wedding! The table at the altar was decorated with a beautiful basket of fresh yellow flowers and retro lantern decor! To make the decor look just perfect, the couple added a calming blue art piece. The wedding reception venue, JLH Wedding Barn is a well-known rustic wedding reception venue. The establishment centered around lush greenery and manicured lawns makes it perfect for any type of celebration. The most charming detail of the wedding venue is that it comes with a wonderful romantic vibe, courtesy of the exposed wooden beams, elegant chandeliers, a built-in bar, and stellar drapes. The reception party decor ran in the same minimalist vein. Styled with barnesque touches and string light curtains on the wall, made the wedding venue look completely at home with the surroundings outside! What’s more, the couple had settled on the table settings as well, they had a center table for the family, which was in barn-wedding style. For their wedding guests, the couple decided on beautiful white tables and a calming set of tablescapes with orange napkins and minimalist centerpieces! The beautiful wedding centerpieces were a blend of candleholders and small vases of orange and white flowers, paired with some greenery. The table settings, in themselves, were romantic! To tie all of the decor ideas together, the couple chose bronze cutlery! For the couple’s seats, they had a beautiful “Mr and Mrs.” signage in gold and glitter paired with myrtle leaves greenery! Just like us, the wedding guests were swooning over the details! 


The wedding day started with the bride and groom going into their dressing rooms to put on the wedding outfits and start the day of celebrations! Giovanni and his boys were super excited to get the day started. The getting-ready photos of the groom-to-be speak volumes of his excitement! The groomsmen's outfits were light gray, and the groom chose a classy three-piece suit for his wedding. To start off the day of celebrations, Giovanni started by putting on his tan watch. His black three-piece suit fit his look perfectly well. Our photographer made sure to take the groom’s getting-ready photo just as well as they took the bridal getting-ready photos. Both were exceptionally wonderful, bubbling with the solemn excitement of the day and the duties, yet so full of life. When the groom was dressed, he sat down with the groomsmen for a customary toast to enjoy the few moments before walking out of the dressing room to marry the woman he so loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Watching the groomsmen cheer the groom warmed our photographer’s heart. As the groom was dressed, the mother of the groom, dressed in a light blue outfit added the last touches to his outfit by adding a beautiful boutonniere. Giovanni smiled as his mother smoothened the jacket of his suit. And just like that, he was ready for the day. 


Kathleen, in her dressing room, was just as excited as the boys for the day. Her bridesmaids donned peach satin getting-ready outfits and looked radiant. The bride had decided to dress classy as she got dressed for the day. She put on a lace-sleeved blouse and paired it with white pants. As the girls sat down to have a chat and were talking about the exciting day that was yet to unfurl, our wedding photographer took some bridal detail photos to encapsulate the moments in timeless memories for the lovely couple to look back on. The wedding dress was hanging at the door, looking ready to be worn. The beautiful wedding dress had thin straps and was embroidered, befitting the naturally beautiful bride. The wedding invites for the day were simplistically designed with bold lettering. The wedding stationery sent to the wedding guests also included a card with invitation messages. The detailing of the card included a greenery wreath around the bold lettering, which is reflected in the wedding decor of the wedding ceremony as well as the reception party decor. The save-the-date card was a cute photo of Giovanni and Kathleen from their engagement photo session! The couple had picked out a photo with abundant natural beauty in the background for their photo session. During the wedding detail photography session, our photographer added the wedding rings on top. 


As the time for the wedding ceremony inched closer, the girls started getting dressed. The bridesmaids’ outfits were picked out by the bride keeping the weather and the time in mind. The pastel olive green and gray slip-on dresses were just perfect for the greenery-laden wedding! The bride started by putting on minimal romantic makeup for the day. After Kathleen donned her pretty dress, she walked out to greet her bridesmaids and mother in the dressing room. Everyone gasped at the beautiful bride-to-be. Smiling, the girls helped her add the last touches to her bridal updo and make-up. The mother of the bride had donned a navy blue dress with white and green patterns. She looked at Kathleen with utmost joy and pride, a small smile playing on her lips. As the mother of the bride helped her secure the back of her wedding dress, she smiled into the mirror at her daughter. Kathleen looked back, and could not resist the urge to hug her mother. As the two shared an emotional moment, the bridesmaids brought Kathleen her wedding bouquet. The wedding bouquet was made of the simplest of flowers, and it looked absolutely stunning! With white flowers and overflowing greenery, Kathleen had chosen a small cascading bouquet for her day and as she got dressed, posed for a few solo bridal photos. Our photographer captured Kathleen in all her natural beauty. The wedding photographer deliberately took photos of the times when she was talking to her bridesmaids and burst into a smile, apart from the posed photos, to capture the essence of the heartfelt moments. As the bride left the dressing room to reach the wedding ceremony, the bridesmaids picked up their bridesmaid bouquets, which were a fresh arrangement of orange and white flowers tied with greenery.


Giovanni had already reached the wedding ceremony venue and had been waiting for the love of his life to arrive with his family, groomsmen, and friends. As the wedding guests started to arrive and take their places, the bride arrived and waited for everyone to be seated. And when the time to make the bride walk down the aisle arrived, the father of the bride, dressed in the same colors as the groomsmen, walked to his daughter’s smile. He hugged his daughter, with a broad smile on his face. Before the bride walked down the aisle, the young ring bearer. with poise and well-practiced walk, walked down the aisle, signaling to the wedding guests that Kathleen was ready to walk down the aisle and meet her soulmate at the other end. Kathleen entered the church, arm in arm with her father, softly smiling at Giovanni as she carefully walked down the aisle. Giovanni helped Katheleen up to the altar, and the wedding ceremony started. The two smiled at each other as they put on the rings. Taking their vows with bright smiles, they were married. After sealing the vows with a kiss, the two walked down the aisle, holding hands, with bright smiles! The wedding guests cheered, smiled, and stood up for the couple as they walked out. As the wedding ceremony ended, the guests left to reach the reception venue. The bride and groom stayed back for an elaborate photo session. 


The bride and groom had told our photographer that they wanted their wedding couple photos taken at the reception venue because they loved the outdoors better. So, the photo session after the wedding ceremony was a short one. The bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the ring bearer gathered around the altar to pose for a photo. Then our photographer took a few photos of Katleen and Giovanni, right after. The couple smiled brightly. Right around that time, the ring bearer hopped in for a photo with the perfect couple. When the time to go back to the reception venue arrived, Kathleen and Giovanni re-created their first kiss to have a timeless memory of the moment. And then, it was time for the reception party to start! The reception venue was decorated with minimal decor of greenery, with some charming touches of gold. The wedding table placements were put up on a beautiful gold easel board. At the top of the placements, the couple had placed two photos from their engagement photo session. The wedding reception venue was decorated with the best of everything! The creativity of the couple and the thoughtfulness they’d put into the details were easy to see. 


Apart from the desserts on the wedding menu, the couple had a pretty station for glazed doughnuts. The wooden station was placed on a rustic barrel, making it the perfect rustic wedding decor addition! What’s more, the couple had decided to add pumpkin spice to the wedding escort board as well! The escort board sat with a gathered set of differently-sized pumpkins at its foot!  As Halloween had just been here and gone, the couple had added a fall-inspired corner to their wedding decor! For their station for gifts and cards, the couple had decided on a wonderful pumpkin-themed decor! The station was complete with a thank you notes slab for the guests to leave their beautiful words for the newlyweds! The bigger pumpkin on the table was branded with a hand-painted “C,” as a nod to their joint last names, now, Consiglieri. The wedding decor also included candles for those who had passed on and could not attend the beautiful couple’s wedding. And the wedding entry was decorated with the best “fall-inspired decor” ideas! The reception venue entry was decorated with two large barrels, placed side by side and the barrels were showered with shiny pumpkins. Orange, yellow, and white pumpkins decorated the front. The welcome signage was handpainted on a wooden board and topped off with beautiful greenery and floral decor. The couple had also chosen a beautiful three-tiered cake with greenery runners running along each tier of the cake. The white marble cake was sprinkled with gold dust and was complete with a romantic cake topper


As the guests entered and took their places, the couple made their entry and the entire room erupted into claps and happy cheers. To start off the celebrations, the couple had their first dance to their favorite song! They twirled and glided over the floorboards, which only made the dreamy couple look dreamier. With perfectly coordinated steps, the two finished their first dance with a warm embrace and a kiss. The wedding guests clapped and smiled, truly the couple’s love for each other was a sight to behold. Then the two danced with their family, smiling and trotting along, vibing with the music with happy smiles. As the dances finished, the dance floor was open to the wedding guests! As the wedding party was going on in full swing, Giovanni and Kathleen stepped out for their wedding photos under the open sky, surrounded by natural beauty! 


Using the expansive space outdoors, Giovanni and Kathleen struck some romantic poses. Kathleen brought her white-flowered cascading bouquet for the wedding day photo shoot with her husband. The natural beauty of the barn made the two stand out from the surroundings and made them look like the only two people in the world, even if it was just for a moment. As our wedding photographer stepped out with the lovely couple, the sun was shining bright. As the two switched between poses, our wedding photographer clicked a detailed photo highlighting the wedding dress’ embroidery, the wedding ring, and  Kathleen’s wedding bouquet. The couple stepped on a grassy patch in the barn, to click some more romantic wedding photos. Our wedding photographer also clicked a candid couple photo of these lovebirds as they had been hugging each other and had lightly head-bumped each other. As we were coming to the end of the outdoor photo shoot, Kathleen planted a sweet kiss on Giovanni’s lips and playfully took his hand, started running toward the horizon. With one hand, she pulled Giovanni, and with the other, she picked up her wedding dress’s train. Our wedding photographer found this moment to be playfully beautiful, much like the love they shared. Taking the opportunity to make Kathleen’s loving gesture a little more than a single photo, our photographer urged them to continue and took some photos from different angles! Right after that, the two stood in front of the railings, looking in opposite directions, making it just perfect. 


After the outdoor photo session, the couple stepped inside to finish the last of the planned events for the day. As they entered the wedding reception venue, again, they decided to have the wedding cake-cutting ceremony before dinner was served. The three-tiered cake looked wonderful. The minimalist wedding cake was complemented with a cake topper of a couple hugging each other. As Kathleen arrived for the cake-cutting ceremony, Giovanni took off his jacket and sat down on a chair, waiting. Kathleen appeared with the bridesmaids in tow, and one of the groomsmen announced the cake-cutting ceremony so that everyone could gather around and congratulate the couple. With all smiles, the two cut the cake and went back to their high table, surrounded by their friends and family. Before the dinner was served, the best man and the maid of honor took the stage to give heartwarming speeches and congrats to the couple. And then, just like that, the two were married, and loved, not only by each other but also by their closest and dearest.


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