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Spring Color Combinations For Your Garden Wedding!


Of all the seasons we love spring the most, simply because it brings together the best of everything! We love the amazing weather and the pops of colors everywhere the most. For those who are tying the knot or are planning a wedding in the spring season, we’d like to talk about some color schemes that will make your wedding look ethereal, stunning, and stylish! For spring, we are sure you’ll have the floral ideas to decorate your wedding with, and we’d like to bring your attention to the color combinations. Your wedding color palette will make your wedding look stunning, different, and pretty. Also, it will breathe life into your wedding ideas. If you’re planning a spring wedding, then we have some amazing ideas for your wedding color choices, along with how to implement the wedding color scheme. Let’s dive in then! 


  1. Cerulean Blue, White, Amber Yellow, Tea Green, and Forest Green


Let’s start off our list with something different and something fun. This color scheme gives you a serene and interesting look at your garden wedding. The thing about this wonderful wedding color scheme is that it will work for a beautiful outdoor wedding, which is actually taking place in a garden or you’re throwing an indoor wedding peppered with garden-inspired decor ideas. This brilliant color scheme will help you inject a breath of fresh air into the decor and wedding details. Of the colors in this theme, you can choose amber yellow and forest green as wedding accent colors. A few ideas on how to use these colors for your garden wedding are as simple as choosing cerulean blue as table runners, table covers, or/ and having your bridesmaids put on these colors! White can be included in your wedding as a white wedding dress along with pretty flowers, and floral decor for your wedding, or you can choose to add some cute details to your wedding tablescape along with extra details, such as ceramic pots and vases. Tea green and forest green can be used as wedding photo backdrops, extra accents, or details to your wedding cake, or have your flower girl and ring bearer put on these outfits. Also, if you’re confused about how to include certain colors as wedding accents, then you can think of using those colors as table runners or tablecloths for dessert tables, or you can choose to have these colors as your wedding signage backgrounds or choose to use these colors, in a coordinating fashion for your wedding escort cards


  1. Lavender, Pink, Teal, Off-White 


This is a fresh, pretty, and delicate kind of wedding color scheme to use for your wedding. Lavender is a charming and brilliant element to add to your outdoor weddings. This pretty flower, as we just mentioned, adds a brilliant touch, and makes your wedding look like the stuff Pinterest boards are made of. The delicate aesthetic appeal is definitely one of the reasons we like the flower, and the color just as much. If you’re looking for a wedding color scheme that brings you close to the idea of an outdoor wedding and adds an effervescent scent, then lavender is a clear choice. If you pair this color with teal and off-white, pink, or even deeper shades of red, the wedding color scheme will be complete. First things first, you can choose to have only one shade, for example, choose red and use the gradient colors to go with lavender. However, this will give you a wedding color scheme with only two colors. You can, however, use all of the colors we’ve mentioned above, to add more details to your wedding colors. Now that we have that out of the way, we feel that using pink and teal along with off-white will help you make your wedding look colorful, bright, and airy, befitting a garden wedding. To incorporate these colors into your wedding, all you need to keep in mind is that you can use lavender-heavy wedding details. For example, make sure that most of the tangible wedding details, such as the floral decor, the wedding tablescape, the wedding arbor decor, and the pretty bridesmaid dresses can be lavender. The other details, the little ones, can be in other colors. For example, the groomsmen and the groom can have teal, blush pink or off-white ties. You can also use the remaining colors as your wedding’s accents. You can use some pretty details such as ribbons to tie your wedding favors, use colored wedding wrappers for the favors, choosing menu cards or table numbers in the colors you haven’t used. 


  1. Pastels


Yes, we know there aren’t color ideas on top here. However, hear us out! When we say pastels, we mean using all the popular colors, blue, pink, red, yellow, peach, and purple. You can also add some pretty colors, such as powder blue and lilac. These colors will work well with the pastel shades of your wedding color scheme. What kind of a colorful spring wedding would it be without any inclusion of a pastel color scheme? Pastel colors go hand-in-hand with the delicate nature of spring weddings. We love the fact that you can practically add just about any color to your wedding’s scheme, in pastel, of course, and it will look just perfect! And that is why, we’re not talking about color-specific ideas. We’ll just give you some ideas on the colors and the choices for your wedding so that you can make arrangements for your wedding. So, one of the best ideas for us is pastel desserts! Think of delicious cupcakes with pastel color frosting on top, colorful cookies, and even finger-licking macrons. These are amazing ways to add some amazing colors. You can choose to have them in one color or have them in the colors you’ve picked for your wedding scheme. Next, you can choose to have a lovely wedding cake. As we suggested with the wedding dessert ideas, we’d like to tell you the same for your wedding cake. You can choose to have the wedding cake’s tiers colored in different colors or have them in different colors. The colors you choose can be different from your wedding color scheme, or you can choose shades from your wedding color scheme. This will help you improve your wedding’s aesthetic. Apart from this, you can choose pastel-themed cutlery and tablescape. 


  1. Blue and Yellow with a Dash of Green 


Now, instead of talking about different kinds of colors, or lesser-known colors, let’s talk about the primary colors and a color palette inspired by those colors. Since spring is a season of bright times, flowers, and refreshing days, we feel that blue and yellow are the perfect way to celebrate the season. You can use these colors, blue and yellow, as the cornerstone of your wedding color theme. To add more flavor to the color scheme, all you need to do is, choose some greenery or even one other color, a neutral color, to balance out your wedding theme. These colors are easy to use, which is another reason why we feel that this color scheme will go well with your wedding theme. You can use these colors for the floral decor, of course, and for your wedding’s theme. Your wedding dress can be white or ivory. However, if you’re thinking of something bolder, you can choose to have a colorful blue, yellow, or a blue and yellow wedding dress. However, if you want to keep your wedding look traditional, which is to have a white wedding dress, then how about using white and blue accents for your wedding dress? You can go for blue and yellow-themed hair clips, and choose pretty bridal footwear. Another way to create a wedding look with bold yellow and blue colors, then how about you choose a bridal bouquet with those colors. This will help you improve your wedding’s overall aesthetic. Another way to make your outdoorsy wedding look beautiful and Instagram-worthy, then you can choose yellow and blue table runners and have woven greenery added to the look with yellow and white or blue flowers peppered all over it. This will help you improve the look of your wedding! Also, another way to add more colors to your wedding is to choose candles, tapered or pillar candles, which will help you to enhance the lovely look of your wedding day. To add a dreamy touch to your wedding look, you can use bright string lights, balls of string lights, or floating lights for your wedding. 


  1. Peach 


Peach is a popular color choice for weddings as it is a soft and romantic shade that exudes a sense of warmth and sweetness. It is a versatile color that can be paired with many other colors to create a beautiful wedding palette. Peach pairs well with shades of pink, ivory, gold, and green, making it a great choice for a spring or summer wedding. What’s more, the color goes well with colors such as black and white. Other than this, depending on your preferences, you can choose the supporting colors for your wedding palette. Peach-colored bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice, as they complement a range of skin tones and can be easily matched with floral arrangements and other wedding decor ideas. Peach-colored flowers such as roses, peonies, and ranunculus are popular choices for wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Adding peach accents to your wedding cake or dessert table can also add a touch of elegance and romance to your special day. When it comes to wedding invitations and stationery, peach-colored designs can create a warm and inviting tone, while also adding a touch of sophistication. Overall, peach is a beautiful and versatile color choice for weddings, and can create a stunning and memorable atmosphere for you and your guests. For color options that can go with peach, you can think about pink and orange, this is a classy, outdoorsy color idea. Another color combination that you can try for your wedding is lilac with ivory and other colors for your wedding reception party. 


Bonus Colors Ideas for your Garden Wedding 


With that in mind, you can come up with other color options for your wedding ideas. These color combinations will work for you, that’s for sure. However, if you’re looking for something special, or you’re looking for something more in simpler or one-color tones, then here are some more ideas. The first color we love for your springtime affair is pastel green. If you love pastels but you’re not into the “rainbow” effect, then how about you only use the pretty shades of pastel green? Pastel green is a beautiful and refreshing color choice for spring weddings. It is a soft and soothing shade that evokes a sense of new beginnings, growth, and renewal. This color can be incorporated into your wedding in many ways to create a beautiful and cohesive look. For a romantic and elegant touch, pastel green can be paired with soft shades of pink and ivory. This combination creates a dreamy and timeless atmosphere that is perfect for a spring wedding. Pastel green also pairs well with other soft pastel colors, such as lavender and baby blue, creating a delicate and sophisticated color palette. Incorporating pastel green flowers, such as hydrangeas and succulents, into your wedding bouquet and centerpieces is a great way to add a touch of freshness and natural beauty to your special day. Apart from green color details for your wedding, you can also opt for woven greenery, it will transform your wedding. You can also choose to swap out green and use colors such as pastel blue, powder blue, mint, strawberry Cream, and hazelnut for your wedding color scheme. These colors give you a beautiful spring glow. These colors also help you to create a wedding aesthetic and bridal look that is unmatched. These color choices will not only make your wedding day perfect but will also help you take amazing dreamy wedding photos. 


Extra Things to Keep in Mind


When you’re planning on creating a beautiful wedding for yourself, then how about actually throwing a wedding out in the open? You can use a tent-like structure for your wedding reception party. The tent can also be in a color from your color scheme. This will help you tie in all of the different details of your wedding. Another amazing idea for your spring wedding, which is garden-inspired is to throw a lovely outdoor wedding with a faux tent created out of string lights. You can wrap the string lights around the trees and shrubs in the wedding venue as well. You can set up barn-style dinner settings for your wedding guests to sit under the open sky, and stars. This will add a dreamy touch to your wedding. Also, another way to improve your wedding’s look is to choose a wedding venue rich with greenery and styled gardens. If your goal is to throw a wonderful garden-inspired wedding, then your wedding venue should look the part. Consider looking at different venues, and check how the venue looks around the time of your wedding date, this will give you a realistic idea of how the venue will look during your wedding. 


With that, we come to the end of our wedding inspiration blog. We hope that the ideas on color combinations help you to pick and choose the perfect palate for your wedding. You can choose any of the ideas that we mentioned above, or you can tweak the colors and ideas to fit your preferences. Before we leave you, we’d like to mention that the ideas that we’ve mentioned above, the different ways you can add particular colors, are just ideas. Those are just examples to illustrate how the colors can be combined to create an overall look that will transform your wedding. However, it does not mean that you cannot tweak those ideas and change them to something else. If you’re planning on throwing a garden wedding, or you’re thinking of including pretty garden-themed colors in your wedding, you should make it a point to talk to your partner. Ensure that you are including your partner in the planning process of your wedding. After all, your wedding day is a celebration of love between the two of you, which is why including your partner, and having them give you some ideas as well is a great way to include them and incorporate ideas that are favored by both of you.


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