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Let Your Wedding Dress Take Center Stage


The wedding dress is a highlight for every bride, a stand-out piece by itself, and the photos where it’s the star are some of our favorites. From the fabric to the tiniest embellishments, every detail is important as they evoke a distinct, sentimental feeling after the big day. We’ve gathered tips to help you achieve the Pinterest-worthy shots of your dress.
Keep it Bright & Neat!
Make sure that the bridal prep room is neat and clutter free, or choose a suitable spot or particular room at the venue depending on the lighting and ambiance. Natural Light makes for beautiful images so, find spots that offer lots of it. Light it up your photos with these tips.
Hang it creatively
Invest a little time (and some money) in finding a pretty wedding dress hanger. Wooden, velvet, or personalized hangers all look very nice in photos. Customized hangers with name engravings or wire designs are a popular trend nowadays too.
Don’t forget the accessories
Accessories are wonderful compliments to your dress, so don’t forget to photograph your dress with your wedding shoes and other bridal accessories. Neutral or simple backgrounds may be the way to go here. Use the dress itself, with its folds and fabric, as the background to bring everything together in a single shot. Your wedding dress in the distance is also an interesting backdrop for that pretty bridal robe you sprang for at the store so, show-off both at once.
Bring in the Family
Bring in your beloved mothers to add some family focus to your pictures. Don’t forget to bring in your sweet and charismatic flower girls for a few photos, too! We would bet you’ll cherish these photos as the years go by!
Set aside enough time
Allow your photographer enough time to photograph the dress and the details properly and resist the urge to rush. It helps if you communicate your vision to your photographer the morning of the big day, or see what they recommend if you have a must-have photo in mind.
In the end, don’t forget to enjoy the day, the process, and of course, the dress! Let its beauty speak for itself through every picture.


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