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Host an early autumn wedding in style with these incredible details


Wedding planning need not be difficult! To help you find the perfect answers to create an elaborate plan to celebrate your day of love, joy, and the beginning of a new journey, we have some amazing ideas. Wedding planning can become overwhelming without the correct aid, ideas and inspiration. If you’ve decided to throw a wedding around fall, then you’ll need some ideas to help you get started on the process of wedding planning. We have some ideas for your venue, color palette, bridal bouquet, and everything in between for your early fall wedding! If your heart is set on creating the perfect, dreamy fall setting, then these ideas can help you do just that: 


  1. Venue: Breweries, Wineries, Barns, or Waterfront Venues!


Let’s start from the beginning! When you start your wedding planning, the first thing you will settle on is the venue. And if you’re eternally in love with an autumn wedding, then how about choosing a venue that fits the bill? The ambiance and setting are everything! Autumn weddings are associated with a rustic vibe, which is best found in breweries, wineries, barns, or waterfront venues! For your autumn-style wedding, regardless of the season, a venue will be the first thing you need to get right. However, we have a suggestion before we talk about some imaginative ideas to make your wedding venue right at home with the autumn wedding theme! When you’re choosing a venue for your wedding events, ensure that you consider the temperatures. Autumn weddings are perfect for hosting all of your wedding events outdoors. However, if the temperatures are not suitable, for example, the temperatures are too high or low, look for an indoor location. For autumn-themed weddings, indoor wedding venues such as breweries, barns, or waterfront venues will be perfect. 


That said, an outdoor wedding setting can be easy to decorate! Autumn wedding decor, such as pampas grass props, rustic greenery, flower arches, and colorful pumpkin decor can be great! Another way to make your autumn-themed wedding incredible is to make use of a boat to host your outdoor wedding feast! If you don’t feel great about a boat with a feast, then how about making use of a boat, in deep colors, and decorating it with pampas grass and seasonal flowers? This will add an incredible look and colorful accent to your wedding decor ideas! Additionally, if you have a waterfront wedding venue, then you can have the boat tied to the shore, with the decor items as a lively decor accent!


  1. Fall Wedding Details: Pumpkin Decor for your Wedding!


Fall weddings and pumpkins go hand in hand, to be honest. However, we’re here to talk about the many ways you can spice up your wedding decor with pumpkins! Okay, so let’s get the most common idea out of the way first, shall we? You can make use of carved pumpkins to add a spooky vibe to your fall-inspired wedding ideas. Add some lights and color, or even props to add a fun twist to your scary pumpkins! That said, now, let’s talk about some more ideas, that are not-so-spooky! We love frosted pumpkins! You can make use of dusty red or dusty blue spray paint on small pumpkins, to add them as wedding decor. The smaller pumpkin-inspired wedding details can be used as wedding escort cards or as accents! You can also make use of different colors to add an imaginative touch to the pumpkins and have them placed as table decor, to add an extra twist to fall weddings! 


Apart from this, another adorable way to make use of pumpkin details for your fall-inspired wedding is to make use of pumpkin welcome signage! The idea is quite amazing, and can be a DIY thing if you and your partner are good with crafts! You can carve a pumpkin with a spooky vibe or with a neutral expression. Another way to use a pumpkin welcome signage for your wedding is to carve Mr. & Mrs on it or carve the initials on the pumpkins, with delicate welcome signage! Apart from this, if you want to add some minimal touches to your wedding and don’t like the bolder pumpkin decor detail ideas, then you can try making use of hallowed pumpkin skin as bowls for soups, or drink cooler, or a snack bowl!  


  1. Sugary Extravaganza: Apple Desserts and So Much More!


A fall-inspired wedding is so much more than pumpkin decorating ideas! Apple decor details and desserts scream fall weddings as well. Regardless of the season, you can make use of apple details to add a fresh vibe to your wedding, along with a wonderful fall detail! So, let’s start with some sugary treats for your wedding! You can make use of a dessert table, with elaborate French decor details and fill the table with apple-themed wedding treats! You can have caramel apples, an apple-themed wedding cake, apple pie, apple cranberry crumb pieapple almond tart, or caramel apple pies. However, there’s no bar on your wedding dessert menu.  You can even experiment with some red cocktails or even have some signature cocktails designed for your cocktail hour with an apple as the primary ingredient! 


Now that desserts and cocktails are out of the way, let’s talk about more details! You can have apple-inspired fall wedding decor! Apple decor adds an elegant touch to your wedding, especially if you’re looking to throw a calm snow white wedding! To make use of apple decor ideas to the fullest, you can make use of apple chair swags instead of floral chair swags with delicate “Mr. & Mrs.” signs! Apart from this, you can make use of apples and some fall foliage as corner decorations for your wedding! Another way to utilize this idea is to make use of apple decor for your wedding arches! You can simply add some red apples to the foliage-laden wedding arch to make the arch look the part for your fall-themed wedding.


  1. Bridal Boquet Beauts: The Perfect Early Fall Wedding Boquet!


Bridal bouquets are the perfect way to include and bring in the moody flavors of a fall wedding. A beautiful bridal bouquet with foliage and fall-inspired elements will be perfect. If you’re looking to improve your wedding bouquets, you can try making use of cool and pastel colors! The use of some amazing seasonal floral additions will add the finishing touch to your bridal bouquet! Another idea that we love when it comes to fall-inspired wedding bouquets is the use of some pretty greenery. Nothing depicts the fall season more than greenery and foliage. You can make use of some props to add some elements to your bridal bouquets. For the wedding bouquet, you can try out different styles of bouquets! You can have an extravagantly large bridal bouquet, or you could use a cascading bouquet with overflowing greenery with seasonal flowers. 


Apart from this, you can also include the early fall aesthetic to your wedding with wonderful bridesmaid bouquets! The first idea that we have is to make use of similar bridesmaid bouquets as the bride’s bouquets. However, you can even make use of contrasting bouquet colors to improve your wedding’s aesthetic! For example, you can make use of a moody red bridal bouquet and have your bridesmaids carry hand-tied white or dusty blue bridesmaids bouquets. Another way to add fall elements to your wedding is to make use of the flowers from the bridal bouquets as hair accessories, like braid them into your hair. Also, you can do the same with bridesmaids! 


  1. Color Themes: A Choice of Fall Color Palette!


Another way to add fall details to your wedding is to make use of colors that are just perfect for your wedding ideas! You can make use of different color palettes for your wedding events, or you could choose a palette and use it for all of your wedding day’s events. When it comes to an early fall wedding, the color palette will play a crucial role! If you’re looking for the perfect wedding color palette, then you can try out yellow, orange, and green with a neutralizing color in the palette. However, fall weddings are so much more than the most commonly accepted or used colors! You can use other color combinations, which can make your wedding look dazzling and fall-inspired! 


One of the best combinations that we adore is green and blush pink! This color palette sits well with an early fall wedding! The color combination can be used to set a grand fall affair! The deep green shades can be used to add accents and you can use blush pink as the minimal details, or even throw a reception party with delicate peachy pink cutlery! Another idea that we adore is elegant emerald with gold as your wedding color palette! With this color combination, as with green and blush pink, you can set a scenery. Furthermore, emerald green and gold wedding colors will look especially amazing if you’re having an outdoor wedding! Furthermore, to set the tone for your wedding, you can start by setting the tone for your fall-inspired wedding with emerald green and gold wedding stationery as well.  Apart from this, there are a few more color palettes that work perfectly well for your early fall wedding! You can make use of color palettes like blue, white, and pink, peach and charcoal, amber and pastels, ebony and rose, or woodsy colors with burgundy. All of these color palette options can be used with some changes.


  1. Special Wedding Favors: Spice Up Your Wedding Favors!


If you’re looking to add more colors to your early fall wedding, then how about adding some flavorful and colorful wedding favors? Fall wedding favors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are always fun! If you’re looking for the perfect fall-inspired wedding favor, then how about making use of some ideas that we love? Tiny pumpkins can be hollowed out to make a case to store some wedding favors! You can fill the hollowed-out pumpkins with some candies, and some whiskey bottles! Apart from this, you can also create a beautiful wedding favor basket for your guests! You can add some maple syrup bottles, candies, marshmallows, and seasonal seeds. However, that is not all that you can choose as your wedding favors!


Apart from this, you can also make use of some creative wedding favors by adding some designed candles! You can put in an order for pumpkin candles, or have the candles custom made to some other style, like you and your partner holding hands! You can also add some custom-label chocolates to your wedding favor pumpkins. More creative wedding favor ideas include framed pressed flowers, and cocktail kits personalized for every guest or fruit carton. If you’re looking for fall-inspired wedding ideas that aren’t pumpkins, you can make use of some more ideas like choosing alcoholic beverage hampers as wedding favors or offering some amazing apple cider hamper as wedding favors. That said, when you’re spreading out your wedding favors, you can create a decorative table where you can position the wedding favors! To add a personal touch to your wedding favors, you can leave handwritten thank you notes for your guests with each wedding favor. To decorate the table for your wedding favors, you can add the same elemental decor ideas to add the finishing touches. You can also create a wedding arch, and place it around the wedding favors’ table with signage that says thank you or wedding favors for your guests! 


If you’re looking to throw an early fall wedding, then you should ensure that you consider every minute detail for your wedding day! Make sure that you consider every possible aspect of your wedding day events, the details, and the accents you would like. The ideas above will help you find a starting point for your wedding celebration ideas. You can tweak the ideas to make them suitable for your tastes! If you’re looking to throw a minimal affair, then you can simply choose the ideas that we listed down and downsize them. For grand and elaborate wedding ideas, you can use the ideas, and add a few more of yours to complete the wedding look! Remember to speak to your partner about the wedding details, and the elements you’d love to have. We hope you have fun planning your early fall wedding!


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