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Our Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Venues


You can’t go wrong with the natural beauty of an outdoor wedding! From abundant blooms, exposed wood and foraged foliage, Mother Nature’s offerings are truly endless.
Here are five of our favorite outdoor wedding venues:

Thistle Springs Ranch, Dallas
Set among native wildflowers and lush cedars, this family-owned reception venue is all about a rustic-romantic ambience. Picture yourself at the antique windmill or reclaimed dairy barn as horses roam free and the sun sets over the lake. The ceremony centerpiece? A rustic altar of gathered wood that can be draped in flowing fabric or adorned with flowers of your choice.
thistle springs ranch dallas outdoor wedding photos

Nestldown, San Francisco
Imagine an enchanting mountain top hideaway nestled among towering redwoods: pure magic. Beneath this canopy of sun-dappled trees, you’ll discover a stunning setting of secret gardens, hidden waterfalls and a timber-pitched barn. Hop on the train that circles the forest for some whimsical wedding photography.
nestldown san francisco outdoor wedding photos

Oviatt Penthouse, Los Angeles
This Art Deco “castle in the air” penthouse offers a bird's eye view of the city with an urban flair. Make it official beneath an architectural glass tent with an outdoor lounge illuminated by the iconic (and photo-ready!) L-O-V-E backdrop.
oviatt penthouse los angeles outdoor wedding photos

Liberty Warehouse, New York
Perched on the water’s edge of Pier 41 in the historic shipping yards of Red Hook, Brooklyn, this pre-Civil War-era building looks out to a panoramic view of New York Harbor. The outdoor ceremony area is the only location in all of New York where the Statue of Liberty faces France - a must-see!
liberty warehouse new york outdoor wedding photos

Camp Lucy, Austin
Don’t let the casual name fool you! This outdoor wedding venue is all about natural luxury. Situated on a scenic Hill Country ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas, Camp Lucy features four breathtaking event areas including the French Colonial Ian’s Chapel and twinkling Sacred Oaks.
camp lucy austin outdoor wedding photos
Even if you live a world away from these areas, you can bring some of this outdoor inspiration home to make your wedding every bit as stunning.


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