4 Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Sometimes wedding planning starts with the dress. But it’s really the wedding venue that sets the tone. Follow these four expert tips for picking the perfect venue for your special day!


1. Guest Considerations

First and foremost, consider your guest count. Do you want your wedding to be small and intimate? Or large enough to accommodate a major crowd?


Either way, it’s important to think of how convenient it will be for guests to get to the venue. Will they have to travel extensively (and expensively)? Is parking doable?


2. Scope it Out

Look for a venue with a lot of natural light. This will be a dream feature for your wedding photographer to capture beautiful photos. Take it one step further by looking at photos of other weddings that have taken place at your venue. This will help you get an idea of how it will photograph.


Definitely visit the venue in person to make sure it aligns with your vision and theme. You’ll want to consider how your wedding decor and color palette will look with the venue’s decor and coloring.


3. Price and Perks

Of course you should dream big, but keep your budget in mind. Some venues are more generous than others with what’s included. Do they provide catering? What about linens, chairs, silverware and other table planning accessories?


4. Outdoor Contingency

If you’re planning to have your ceremony and/or reception at an outdoor wedding venue, consider what the backup plan would be for inclement weather. If you simply can’t live with the indoor option, that might be a dealbreaker. How will your outdoor wedding accessories look inside the venue?


You know what they say: location, location, location!