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Heartwarming Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas


It's the happiest day of your life and your partner has just proposed with a ring that sparkled with the promise of forever. You are bubbling with excitement and can't wait to share the engagement news with your loved ones. After you have soaked at the moment with your partner and have shared the news with your close family, the next thing you will want to do is share the excitement with your close girls. Female friendships are underrated and are a strong community that brings much value to our lives. Not everybody is blessed with the most amazing group of girls as they show in TV shows, so if you do, consider yourself lucky. Your assortment of favorite girls doesn't need to be lifelong friendships over decades, but people you have found over the years who have made an impact. It can be your second-grade best friend who shared her lunch with you and ended up being your friend for over a decade. It can be your fellow coworker with whom you tackle daily work life and share the highs and lows. It can be your brother’s wife who grew to be a close friend or just a college roommate you recently reconnected with. These are the girls you have accumulated from all the phases of life, and they are bound to be there to bless you with their presence on your wedding day. So when the wedding day is on the horizon, you will want to put some thought and creativity into asking your special girl to be your bridesmaid.


We know that you are already probably tackling 10 other things at a time in your wedding planning journey, from choosing the table setting to color-matching the linens. Things could become stressful as you try to reserve your ideal venue or decide on the perfect wedding invitation. As a result, we have created this post to assist you in selecting the ideal bridesmaid proposal ideas to blow your special women’s minds! You can use our ideas as inspiration or you can use the advice to choose a very special something for your lovely bridesmaids. Let's get started without further delay.


Host a Wine Night If you want to keep it simple yet fun, host a wine night! One of our favorite festive bridesmaid proposal ideas is to host a wine-tasting or drinks night at your home with your party. We suggest presenting the final ready-to-sip selection at the end of the evening: a great white or red varietal with a custom label that playfully asks the guests to be at your wedding party. Obviously, you will toast to yourselves for the remainder of the evening. Ensure that all of your girls drink or aren't pregnant before you go ahead with this idea though. 


Give out a Scratch-Off Card Create a personalized card with a scratch-off section for a fun and playful twist to the event. Put a cent for the scratching in the mail. Your pals will find the inscription "Would You Be My Bridesmaid?" under the scratch-off portion of the card. You, on the other hand, win the jackpot if they say yes!


Crack Fortune Cookies Open Consider using food and beverages while proposing to your friends, and what can be more apt than custom fortune cookies? Bring the gang over under the guise of enjoying Chinese takeout and a movie. Around the time of the fortune cookies, hand out custom-made treats, which may be purchased online, with the phrase "Would you be my bridesmaid?" printed on the white fortune paper inside. Get ready for the incoming gasps and hugs!


A Bridesmaid Goodie Bag How about putting together an assortment of goodies? A simple gift box filled with wedding-related goods is a safe and nice option if you're not into unusual or nontraditional gestures. Include a handwritten message along with a little bottle of sparkling wine, nail polish, sheet masks, and other sweet goodies.


Bling Out Your Besties Want to go big and dazzle your girls? Host a luncheon honoring the bridesmaids and asking them to be "jewels'' of your life! You can have diamond motifs all around, bring in some finger appetizers that were a visual feast, and have a piece of jewelry for each woman who is invited to the wedding. Extra points if you can package each item in a jewelry box.


Afternoon Tea As you and your loved ones settle in for afternoon tea, don your most feminine floral-print gowns. In addition to scones and clotted cream, petit fours, and cucumber sandwiches, tell your crew how much they mean to you and how much it will mean to have them by your side when you say "I do." The highlight? Swap the tea with champagne after they say yes!


Say it with a Vows Crafting individual vows for each friend as you propose can be sentimental and memorable. When you invite them to join you on your often fun and emotional wedding journey, provide them with a humorous list of ten "vows" that you promise not to do or act like during this time. These can be fun, goofy, or emotional vows and can leave your besties a little misty-eyed.


Amaze Them at Dinner Inform your bridal dream team that you would like to celebrate your engagement over dinner. Arrange beforehand with the restaurant to do one of two things, place a card with the handwritten question into each menu. Or, even better, plan with a server to deliver your note in miniature boxes (or envelopes) while they pour wine for each guest.


Communicate With Balloons Balloons make every occasion a little more fun! Conceal the message within the balloons to make it more fun! Give each person a little box with a small inflated balloon and a safety pin. When they pop the balloon, they will discover a message that reads, 'It's time for me to pop the question!'" For added surprise, you can add confetti or glitter to the balloon.


Succulent Love Some heart-shaped succulents are an adorable bridesmaid proposal suggestion, particularly when paired with a punny card wording like "I prickle you" or "My wedding will fail without you." We love a sustainable gift around here and asking your besties with a plant is always a great idea. After The proposal, your girls can keep the succulents to keep their company!


Puzzle them Want a creative bridesmaid proposal that will leave them guessing? Give them a puzzle they must solve in order to decipher the message. This charming alternative, when assembled, displays a bespoke photo of you and each attendant along with a personalized "Would you be my bridesmaid?" statement. You can also do this for your maid of honor and the rest of your wedding party.


Personalized Ring Dishes The bride is not the only one who has all the rings and jewels! Offer your wedding party a stylish ring dish for storing their own jewelry. Want to make it more special? Have some customized ring dishes with their initials inscribed on them!


Flower-Print Tote Bags Tote bags are back in style, just in time for your bridesmaid proposals. This canvas bag is adorned with vibrant wildflowers and may be personalized with the names or wedding titles of your crew members. Gift it by itself or fill it with treats for your team. You will see these accessories again at the bachelorette party and on every weekend outing. The best thing is that they can use it for their Sunday morning farmers market run, or to go to the library, making them extremely useful!


Getting-ready Robes Here's a bridesmaid proposal gift they'll appreciate: luxurious bathrobes for the big day and relaxing at home after. We love the satin wraps with lace trim that is both beautiful and comfortable. Not only can they be embroidered with each prospective bridesmaid's name, but they also come in more than a dozen colors, ensuring that each present is unique. However, you can go for plush faux fur ones or classy cotton ones as per your preference. Plan for those trendy photos of your ladies in matching robes early on as soon as you invite them to your party by giving them each a robe. Whether you choose a floral design, flannel, or a classic white terrycloth with monograms, one thing is certain: your bridesmaids will appreciate the cozy gesture as much as they will appreciate being your closest friends and family members on the big day.


Sentimental Bridesmaid Candles A bridesmaid candle is a perfect method to propose to your loved ones if you're seeking a small and sentimental gift. There are many handmade candles that come in a range of aromas and you can adorn the candle with a label that defines the term "bridesmaid." You can also customize the labels for your maid or matron of honor.


Fluffy Wedding Party Slippers Using this bridesmaid proposal gift idea, you may ensure that your best friends will accept your proposal without a thought. Not only are these plush slides with a fashionable crossband comfortable, but they also recognize the significance of each attendant's job as a bridesmaid. There are other designs for your maid of honor and you, the bride.


Personalized Glasses Still unsure about how to invite bridesmaids to your wedding? You can't go wrong with personalized glasses. Whether it is wine glasses or coffee glasses, these will always remind your girls of you and your love! If they are coffee enthusiasts, substitute wine glasses for cold brew cups. The trendy can-shaped tumblers can be engraved with the recipient's name, their bridesmaid or MOH title, and a design of your choice. Each glass comes with a bamboo top and reusable straw, allowing your staff to utilize them on the big day without fear of ruining their formal attire.


Say it with Flowers What a fantastic idea for a bridesmaid proposal! Preserved roses are an elegant token of appreciation for those who have stepped up to the role as special as a bridesmaid. These even come with a gold foil card that asks, "Would you be my bridesmaid?" Also, you can have it nicely wrapped to make them even more special!


Charm Them with a Bracelet While we all love jewelry, there is something about a special bracelet charm that will win your girls over in a blink! The emotional bracelet accessory is the perfect way to ask your best friends to be bridesmaids. A heart-shaped "best friends" charm will look fantastic on any of the available Pandora chains, which can be added to your purchase.


A Friends Mug If you and your girls loved watching Friends together, you can gift them with a cute coffee mug that says "The one where you're my bridesmaid," along with the names of your crew and your wedding date. It will keep them caffeinated while they assist you in making million-minute decisions prior to your wedding day.


Bake Them Cake If you are a bride-to-be who enjoys baking, why not ask your bridesmaids in the sweetest way possible? Nobody hates a question being asked through a delicious cake! Whether it's cookies, cake, or pie, your bridesmaids will appreciate the care and time you put into creating the sweet treat. Add a note with the big question, or if you're skilled at icing calligraphy, write the question in frosting yourself.


Enroll in a Floral Workshop Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, so try proposing to your bridal party with a bouquet. We recommend bringing your group to a local floral workshop. You can plan a private gathering and stock each station with the preferred flowers of your girls. Write a note to each invitation requesting their participation in the wedding party. For instance, at the counter of your friend Stella, there will be a personalized note and a rose, as that is her preferred flower. It's a great opportunity to get creative with your friends and make them feel special.


A bridal proposal is not necessary and is easily something that you can skip. But it's one of those things which lets your girls know you value their presence on your special day. It's that extra something that can truly make their day, and yours too! After all, these are the most special women in your life and you want them to be as excited to be involved in your special day and feel valued while at it. We hope these ideas inspire you to come up with some amazing ideas of your own.


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