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The Rustic Winter Wedding Of Katerina And Reed At Cross Creek Ranch


Although summer and fall may be the busiest seasons for weddings, we think there's nothing more romantic than exchanging vows in the peak of winter. Gorgeous fairytale winter weddings are teeming with opportunities to inject the day with warmth and charm, from rich wedding color schemes and cozy aesthetics to seasonal florals and festive food and drink. Hosting an off-season winter wedding does not have to be a holiday-themed wedding day; while red-and-green parties or glitzy metallic events are certainly fun, they are by no means your only options. Without a single holiday wedding theme, you can still throw a festive winter wedding with greenery and cozy details.


Planning your wedding for the winter season offers special opportunities, such as dreamy snowy wedding photoshoots, holiday-themed accents, incredible winter wedding venue options, and opulent wedding décor. There are incredible winter wedding ideas for you to save right away as ideas for your own special day. These winter wedding details will make you yearn for a cup of hot cocoa and a cozy fireplace! It can include scrumptious winter wedding food, winter wedding decorations, winter bridal attire ideas, winter wedding flowers, and more. You can opt for these suggestions on how to make your dream winter wedding a reality, whether you are getting married in December, intend to wed in January or envision a sweet ceremony on Valentine's Day.


There are so many lovely ways to plan a winter wedding, whether you decide to wear warm weather attire (nothing says chic like adding a faux fur coat to your bridal style), serve signature cocktails that capture the spirit of the season, go for some of the most incredible barn wedding venues, or go all-out with a snowy white wedding color palette. It's likely that you were drawn to the winter wedding season for some reason. It might have been the glistening snow, the festive wedding color schemes, or even the joyful spirit. Whatever the reason, you decided to hold your party during a colder season. It's time to get ready for your event now.


Get inspired before you begin the wedding planning process. From thinking about the logistics to doing all of the fun stuff— like picking the dress and choosing the cake, do what it takes to pull off the ultimate winter wedding. Are you getting married in a place where the weather is unpredictable? Are you getting married on a specific holiday? Or are you simply at a loss for how to make your ceremony and reception best reflect the season? Whatever the situation, the internet is full of winter wedding etiquette, design, and fashion advice to help you throw the perfect party. This winter wedding advice can be filled with innovative, classic, and useful suggestions that can sometimes be used as wedding inspirations for every season. Choose one or two to make a subtle seasonal statement, or incorporate as many as you can into your celebration to make it feel truly festive. 


Every year we see so many couples starting their “forever” with plenty of warm beverages, cozy blankets, and romantic candlelight at the reception tables. The beginning month of January 2022 brought us a wedding in Tampa, Florida that looked enchanting and dreamy in all the beautiful ways. From the choice of the wedding venue to the white and teal wedding details, this winter fête was rustic and modern all at once. This next couple from Tampa stole our hearts with their infectious energy that brought us a bright ray of sunshine in the dead of winter! From the way they orchestrated each and every bucolic wedding detail to fit into their wedding itinerary to the way they greeted every wedding guest with a cheerful smile, this heartwarming wedding day was a tale of two souls deeply embedded in love and our wedding photography in Tampa stood as a testament to this magical wedding day that looked like a daydream.


We met Katerina and Reed on a bright and sunny morning in January 2022. They instantly lifted our moods and made us happy with their ever-smiling faces. The Tampa wedding photography session of this gorgeous couple gave us a reason to smile even on dark and dim days. It was the couple's collaborative idea to tie the knot in Tampa and it was very easy to see why. We have always loved the Floridan city of Tampa for its historical and majestic beauty. Situated on an inlet reaching far into the west coast of Florida, this city is best known for its tourist attractions featuring thrilling amusement parks and historic spots for professional couple photography sessions.


Tampa is renowned for hosting a fair number of romantic weddings. For their weddings and honeymoons, couples travel from all over Florida and beyond to this city. With its abundance of wedding venues and romantic island vibes, it's the ideal place to begin a life of marital bliss. All of the stylish wedding venues in Tampa feature a ton of nautical charm and beach-inspired details, making it a popular place for couples to begin their forever. Weddings in Tampa are a special experience for engaged couples in addition to providing guests with lifelong memories.


The idyllic city of Tampa, Florida, offers some of the best photo opportunities for weddings and engagements! The traditional wedding venues in Tampa are a hub of distinctive experiences and unforgettable events because of the stunning natural scenery and pleasant climate. Our Tampa wedding photographers adore capturing the idyllic and tranquil nautical scenes of this location where couples exchange vows and chase picturesque sunsets while their loved ones sip Pina Colada and have the time of their lives. 


The picturesque locations in Tampa can truly take your breath away with their exquisite and serene details. This assertion is supported by Katerina and Reed's Tampa wedding photography, where the exquisite details of their wedding day have our hearts swooning. Truly, the tourist attractions and well-known landmarks combine to make it a favorite among our wedding photographers in Tampa. There are many romantic engagement spots in Tampa that have managed to win our hearts, ranging from the Busch Gardens, the 335 exotic adventure park with fun rides and thrill events, to the historic Henry B. Plant Museum, a luxurious Victorian-era house that now houses the University of Tampa.


Another gorgeous location for engagement photos in Tampa is the opulent Tampa Theatre, which boasts eye-catching details and structures in the Italian Renaissance, Byzantine, and Greek Revival architectural styles. Couples can get married at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, where backdrops with exotic marine animals make for fascinating photo opportunities. Moreover, couples love to indulge in the Latino culture of Tampa at photo opportunities throughout another historic location known as Ybor City. The Tampa Riverwalk, which is also home to well-known landmarks like the Florida Aquarium and the Tampa Museum of Art among others, is the ideal location for golden hour photography in Tampa.


This Floridan city is home to exquisite beauty ranging from dreamy blue skies, stunning sunlit bay areas, sparkling waterfronts, world-class chefs, family fun, and a century of Cuban culture, making it an amazing destination to tie the knot in Florida. Tampa wedding photography sessions can surprise you with stunning sunsets and passing dolphins. Since it is said that Tampa, Florida, is known for its warm hospitality, Reed and Katerina had their heart set on getting married there. Cross Creek Ranch wedding venue won them over after exploring a variety of breathtaking wedding locations in Tampa, Florida.


Katerina and Reed knew they had to get married at this stunning Tampa wedding venue as soon as they laid eyes on it. Florida's Cross Creek Ranch venue is a stunning and modern setting for this wedding. At this serene 18-acre ranch wedding venue in Tampa, the old oaks and picturesque grounds create a timeless romantic backdrop. Three locations are available to you, and a variety of extras are also included to help you create a special day, such as vintage café tables for your cocktail hour and lawn games for your guests. The climate-controlled Carriage House Stable can be decorated with floral accents, specialty linens, twinkle lights, and other items. This location offers a variety of locations for ceremonies, including a magical forest, a private garden, and more. The perfect fusion of natural elegance and rustic beauty can be found in this ultra-romantic stable wedding setting. This classic Tampa wedding venue features climate control ensuring the guests are at ease all year long. The perfect fusion of sophisticated rustic and contemporary industrial is achieved by its 12-foot high ceiling, white ship-lapped walls, statement chandeliers, wooden tables, and romantic bistro lighting.


Similarly, Oak Hall is a beautiful location for small weddings where you can exchange your vows beneath century-old oaks or in the charming outdoor chapel before dancing the night away in the elegant modern barn. The French Country Inn provides a magical setting infused with European charm for smaller weddings, complete with a butterfly garden and cozy bistro lights. Even overnight accommodations for your wedding guests can be arranged in the charming cottage. Oak Hall is the latest addition for Tampa nuptials. It offers a selection of ceremony locations, from historic oak trees to a charming open-air chapel, and can accommodate up to 75 guests. The ideal location for a small wedding in a completely opulent modern barn setting. The interior of this elegant Tampa wedding venue offers a timeless, elegant aesthetic with a subtly Parisian flair and was recently renovated and exquisitely decorated. 


All the Tampa wedding magic happens during the wedding ceremony! You can completely tailor each of the three ceremony locations to fit your ideal vision. You will choose each component of your design in close collaboration with their in-house designers. It is entirely up to you whether you decide to keep things simple and let nature take care of things or decorate the area with lovely flowers. The Magical Forest wedding ceremony location features huge oak trees that provide shade, and the lush foliage gives the area a cozy feel. There are 150 seats available at this ceremony location. Secondly, Garden of the Secrets offers a secret garden ceremony location for your fairytale wedding with a lush, empty space to call their own. The Oak Tree is the third wedding ceremony location offering you to get married under a leafy canopy with Spanish moss hanging from it.


The winter wedding in Tampa got underway bright and early in the morning as our stunning bride Katerina prepared for her special day with the assistance of her team of gorgeous bridesmaids. The crisp white bridal gown and some of the close-up detail shots of bridal accessories were beautifully captured by our wedding photographers in Tampa, which further enhanced the life of the wedding album as a whole. The close-up photos revealed a number of exquisite wedding portraits- the wedding dress hanging against a greenery arch, stunning bridal accessories laid out beneath velvet wedding ring boxes, and a polaroid engagement snapshot. The rustic wedding details blended with thoughtfulness revealed a ceremony welcome table with bug sprays and a placard that said "be smitten not bitten."


As Katerina got ready with her bridesmaids and maid of honor by her side, the bride getting ready portraits turned out to be astounding. They got ready wearing matching bridesmaids' rompers with the bride in the middle flaunting a pretty bridal white romper. The bridal attire was an off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a plunging neckline and a flowing train with exquisite embroidery and lace details. Katerina completed the elegant bridal outfit with a modern bridal hairstyle that featured a woven bun with a statement headpiece, giving the entire bridal look a very neat statement. She also accessorized the trendy look with minimal bridal jewelry, which included a simple silver necklace and stud earrings. The bridal bouquet was beautifully tied together with white and red roses.


Our handsome groom Reed sported a three-piece slate gray formal suit with a crisp white shirt, a teal tie, a white single rose groom boutonniere and a pair of modern brown formal shoes. The team of groomsmen was dressed up in matching groomsmen outfits that matched our groom. Similarly, the lovely teal bridesmaid dresses in mismatched silhouettes and neckline styles gave away a beautifully coordinated wedding party look. They also carried matching bridesmaid bouquets featuring white roses with long stems.


The wedding ceremony began at a secret garden setting with magical forest backdrops featuring huge oak trees and towering tree lines. They exchanged their wedding vows and wedding bands and promised to stay with each other in health and sickness. They completed their wedding by hosting a sand unity ceremony, where they both poured gray and white-colored sand from their small glass jars onto the big transparent jar and became one. They went on to make a great wedding exit and took some time to pose for some stunning couple portraits for their Tampa wedding photography session.


Katerina and Reed, who had just been married, as well as their guests, relaxed for an evening of celebration and fun after the post-ceremony photo shoot was finished. The couple's evening wedding reception was cozy, welcoming, and rustic. From the gorgeous two-tier wedding cake donned in greenery to the dreamy lights that were used to decorate the rustic setting, everything sparkled and glowed with joy. They went on to orchestrate a grand sparkler wedding exit surrounded by their loved ones! 


Reed and Katerina had our romantic hearts as they twirled through the dance floor while kissing and embracing each other. They made us believe how chic rustic winter weddings can be the most beautiful and exhilarating experience for everyone. Everything about this wedding day at Cross Creek Ranch reception venue gave us goals. Starting from the way the cozy wedding aesthetics popped through the ceremony décor to the way the couples had their unity sand ceremony, we loved it all. As much as we loved and cherished this dreamy wedding day in Tampa, we know for a fact that a couple like them who knows how to have a little fun, will breeze through the uncharted waters of marriage seamlessly.


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