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Host a Fairytale Winter Wedding


Have you always fancied the idea of getting married in a dreamy fairytale setting- where a charming prince arrives on his white horse and sings a love song to you as you look at him from your Juliet balcony? Have you always wanted to infuse Game of Thrones wedding details into your perfect fairytale wedding and make it quirky? We dare say that almost every bride as a young girl once had a dream of becoming a princess or queen one day. From swoon-worthy ball gowns to enchanting horse-drawn carriage rides into the sunset there are so many fairytale wedding ideas and inspirations that can add a storybook charm to your love story. These easy to duplicate and DIY fairytale wedding ideas can be helpful if you want to pull off an enchanting wedding day and transform it into a magical retreat. Details are the key to a wedding day that will revolve around the magic and wonder dazzling fairytale theme. 


Inspirations And Ideas For Hosting A Fairytale Wedding:


Fairytale Themed Winter Colors


Choosing fairytale wedding theme colors for a romantic winter wedding celebration can have tons of options for you. Seasonal color palettes for winter weddings. Color schemes for a fairytale wedding can give you a plethora of color combinations and hues that can instantly make your wedding look straight out of a storybook. If you plan to have seasonal winter color palettes, then it will be directly proportional to the time of the year and the location of your wedding. For instance, glamming up your wedding with glitter and sequins can be the ultimate sophisticated spin to your winter fairytale wedding.


Leaning towards silver and gold glitters and pairing this winter color palette with dark greens, moody blues, and deep reds by opting for red roses, eucalyptus branches, white wildflowers, and blue flowers can create an escape to a whimsical and magical world. You can also opt for candy-colored pastel wedding hues like vibrant glittering rainbows, earthy greens, and lacey whites, or choose a dark and moody wedding color theme for fairytale-inspired weddings in warmer climates. For late fall fairytale weddings when the air suddenly turns crisp and breezy, think of rich maroons and black accents and combine them with splashes of rose gold and pink for an ethereal fairytale wedding color combination.


If you are a Disney fan, and always wanted to have your princess moment, pick up your favorite princess story and emulate her style by using the movie's main color palette for your fairytale wedding reception. For instance, for a Cinderella-themed fairytale wedding décor color option, opting for translucent whites, silver glitters, and a lot of light blues can get the ball rolling. Or for a Lion King-inspired wedding color palette, opt for animal prints in your wedding décor details.


And for combining royal wedding inspirations and fairytale wedding ideas, take a page from real-life princesses for your fairytale wedding. The classic royal wedding color palettes are universally flattering and can be pulled off regardless of the wedding budget and style. From velvet to jewel tones and crystals, pulling off a DIY fairytale wedding with royal inspiration can be the choice of color palette your big day needs to exude royal elegance and class.


Fairytale Wedding Venues And Themes For Winters


The next step for hosting an enchanting wedding day is to select a magical fairytale wedding theme that will reverberate with your love story straight from a storybook! Regardless of where you are located hosting your fairytale wedding will need a practical wedding venue selection that will not only act as a backdrop for your enchanting winter wedding photography session but also transport all of your loved ones to a magically dreamy place on your big day. The ultimate fairytale wedding venue selection would be choosing a historic castle as the backdrop to all your fairytale-themed wedding ideas. If the cold never bothered you, we also love the idea of exchanging vows on a snowy mountaintop or in an ice castle.


Castle wedding venues work for both ceremony and reception locations and the biggest flex is you don't even need to cross the Atlantic to find your big day location as there are many historic castles and grand facades across the country made out of sweeping surroundings and intricate stonework standing as rivals to their European counterparts. Options for tying the knot in a majestic castle with an enchanted fairytale wedding theme can be anywhere from the historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina featuring French Renaissance-inspired grandeur to Guggenheim Estate in Port Washington, New York featuring sweeping ocean views and offering regal comfort. Grand villas, estates, and mansions with grand ballroom wedding event spaces and gorgeous surroundings can also be a whimsical alternative to Castle wedding venues.


Similarly, private garden wedding venues spruced up with fairy lights and fresh wedding flowers can offer a rustic appeal to your fairytale wedding. Hosting a backyard wedding and transforming it into a paradise-like garden space with DIY fairytale wedding decorations can also be a budget-friendly option. Likewise selecting a boat wedding venue can pay homage to fan-favorite Disney movies like Little Mermaid and Moana. Pull inspiration from your favorite film and exchange vows on a pretty oceanside venue as there are several Disney movies that take place on or near a beach. 


Inviting your guests to an enchanted forest for your big day will set the tone for your fairytale wedding instantly. Enchanting forest wedding venues can be very dreamy for a fairytale wedding in the woods as long as the weather cooperates. Booking a greenhouse for your wedding ceremony and incorporating it with fairytale wedding theme ideas can transport everyone to a secret little woodsy paradise. However, even a loft or industrial wedding venue can act as a blank canvas if deck it up with some of our favorite gorgeous magical winter wedding details like incorporating twinkling fairy lights, rustic wedding arches, romantic sprinkles of flower details, and garden-inspired wedding cakes.


Fairytale Wedding Outfits And Accessories


Begin your once upon a time saga with the prettiest ball gown as your fairytale wedding reception dress! No fairy godmothers are needed for this classic tip for hosting a winter wedding with dreamy fairytale details. Live your fairytale moment by rocking a sweeping bridal gown that is the perfect fit for your princess moment. A full skirt of a ball gown can be your ultimate choice among all the chic fairytale wedding dresses. A soft and feminine jeweled corset and tulle skirt can also be your bridal reception dress for a romantic fairytale-themed wedding.


There are many designer Disney-themed wedding dresses from many Disney princess bridal collections for a sparkling princess moment that you have always planned for your big day. You can look for sheer sleeves and crystal embellishments while choosing your designer bridal gown as these will glisten in both daylight and artificial light, giving the illusion of enchanted snowfall or fairy dust. Another bridal accessory that gives away a touch of class and elegance is covered buttons in wedding dresses for a royal bridal look. You can also choose to shine like a queen in flowy bridal outfits made out of chiffon, silk, or tulle for a whimsical and romantic bridal aesthetic.


Who is Cinderella without her sparkling glass shoes? Rock a pair of silver sparkly bridal heels, just like Cinderella. With the sparkling ball gown, you would also need a pair of shimmering bridal shoes with embellishments and in winter colors like grey, dusty pink, and dark blue. You can also opt for an elegant kitten heel or consider a pair of sandals with pretty bows on them if you are not confident in heels and still want to rock a perfect Disney wedding theme!


We love the idea of accessorizing princess bridal looks with fairytale-themed bridal accessories like flower crowns and faux fur shawls. Accessorizing your wedding dress with gorgeous winter wraps like faux fur shawls and silky jackets can add a dash of drama to your princess wedding look. You can also pull up a Moana-inspired wedding day by rocking in a vibrant and oversized bridal flower crown. And if Beauty and the Beast is your classic fairytale, then your groom can dress for the part by wearing a dapper royal blue jacket as a sweet nod to a classic Beauty and the Beast wedding theme


Fairytale Wedding Details


There are a lot of flavors for fairytales when it comes to choosing your wedding stationery. Disney-inspired wedding stationery suites and announcements can be a strong nod to Disney magic. Gorgeous fairytale wedding invitations and save-the-dates can be a hard magnetic "pass" to Disney World! For a more Gothic wedding look, use medieval age calligraphy and castle images to bring a more stylish and chic spin to your fairytale theme. A vintage storybook charm wedding look can be accomplished by using images from your favorite real-life fairytale book to inspire your wedding stationery. And to give your wedding invitation a rustic flavor, opt for magical trees, glowing fairy lights, and some mythical woodland creatures to emulate a fairytale-inspired theme.


There are so many cozy and small wedding details to transform your wedding day into a fairytale paradise. Another unmissable element of your dreamy wedding will be a fairytale wedding cake. Fairytale theme wedding confections are the easiest way to host a magical wedding like a plain white cake with some rainbow ribbon, iced writings, and storybook theme cake toppers are all you need. A wedding cake with gold embellishments and icy flower drapes can also be amazing. Embrace your love for Disney's magical world by using an elephant-shaped cake topper as a homage to the classic film Dumbo. Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake toppers for your wedding cake can be iconic or place your favorite Avengers onto the top of your cake for a sweet surprise.


Fairytale Wedding Decorations


Decorating your fairytale wonderland can cost as much or as little as you want. Gorgeous fairytale wedding theme decorations can elevate your wedding space into a magical paradise. For a couple on a tight budget, adding simple fairy lights and soft drapes to a blank wedding event space along with books or lanterns on the reception tables will do the trick. There are certain rustic wedding décor ideas that work magically for almost every wedding budget and weave a fairytale vibe to every wedding style. Deck up your entire wedding venue with white-lit trees, large books, metal carriages, and rose petals to spray the entire event space with sprinkles of fairytale décor details. For instance, premade DIY wildflower bridal bouquet ideas and blooming archways can be amazing for bringing the magic of the forest into your wedding reception. Dressing up your aisle with rose petals can transform any event space into a rustic wedding venue. 


Nothing screams a fairytale-themed wedding like a wedding exit or arriving at the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. If arriving in a horse-drawn carriage is out of your budget, add simple Cinderella carriages in mini candle holder versions as your idea for fairytale wedding centerpieces. Similarly, the use of wrought iron candelabras, candle and votive holders can be great fairytale wedding table decorations for styling up a vintage-themed wedding. Hanging lanterns and fairy light mason jars can also be used to exude a warm and glowing storybook charm which can also double up as your idea for fairytale wedding favors! Dressing up your indoor wedding event space with hanging chandeliers can be a creative way to incorporate your fairytale wedding theme.


Create your own secret garden within your wedding venue with an oversize wedding arch filled with greens and flowers. Or transport all your guests into an enchanted forest vibe by incorporating a rustic wooden wedding arch. You can also look for a wedding venue with an oversized tree as the natural arch to add a special touch to your fairytale wedding.


Hosting a fairytale wedding can be just as delightful as it sounds! Paying a tribute to the cherished childhood storybooks and fairytales on your wedding day is a sweet way to dwell in nostalgia. There are so many noteworthy fairytale wedding details that will make your wedding day seem like what Tinkerbell just ordered! These storybook wedding details will leave your guest young and old alike under their enchanting spell. So as you have eventually found your Prince Charming, envision your happy beginning of the dreamy wedding tale and host a wedding day that resembles your own love story.


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