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5 Ways to Wear Winter Wraps


Think winter brides can’t go strapless or sleeveless? Think again. Luxe stoles, shrugs and wintry wraps are a super chic way to stay warm.

Faux Fur, Real Luxe
Faux fur wraps are gorgeous in any shade, but we’re partial to darker colors for an elegant and dramatic twist at your winter wedding. Go bold in burgundy and black as an edgy alternative to more expected color options. You’ll stand out and stay warm—and your wedding photographer will have a field day with all the fun texture and contrast.

But don’t count out the earthy, natural tones of budget-friendly faux fur, especially for an outdoorsy, rustic wedding setting. White is a romantic option that creates a monochromatic look with your dress and  looks stunning paired with modern embellishments.
Play with Pattern
For laid-back bridal style, wrap up in a punch of pattern, specifically, plaid in the form of a scarf or wrap. We love the alluring high/low contrast of pairing a casual wrap with an elegant dress. Bringing pattern into the frame translights to instant coziness in every picture. Best of all, when your big day is done, you can wear this piece again and again.

Fancy Silky
Silk or cashmere wraps not only feel good on, they’re a feel-good gift, too. These wraps are a great bridesmaid gift idea, not to mention, the perfect bridal accessory for outdoor photos.

The Knit Factor
Don’t dismiss knits! There’s nothing like a nubby knit to bring texture to the party. And just like pattern, they immediately put you at ease with a relaxed vibe that stands in contrast to your otherwise upscale gown.

Vintage Vault
Ask family members to see if there’s a great vintage piece hiding in someone’s closet. It’s the perfect something borrowed!


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