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Best of Backyard Weddings


Is there anything to not love about whimsical backyard weddings? Probably the best type of intimate and cozy kind of wedding, backyard weddings are beautiful, whimsical, and magical in the truest sense. Apart from being a great wedding cost saver, backyard wedding ideas can save a lot of your precious wedding budget which can enable you to channelize them elsewhere- from going to the exotic honeymoon destination that you’ve always dreamt of, to paying the down payment for your dream house. There are so many ways to spruce up your backyard wedding ceremony which can turn the big wedding day into a rustic-chic affair as well as a dreamy forestland soiree. After all, there is no place like home. From a classic tented reception to a wild and organic feel, simple backyard weddings are a party for the senses, especially for couples who love being outdoors and want a uniquely sentimental feel, or want their dream wedding on a budget.


Backyard wedding reception ideas can allow your creative juices to flow, and you can finally host the wedding of your dreams with an unparalleled level of flexibility and convenience. For instance, you can showcase your green wedding ideas if you are a plant mama, or bring in extra bold colors to the wedding palette, as the world becomes your oyster when you decide to host a backyard wedding reception. Elegant backyard wedding ideas can transform your big day into something that’ll be etched in your loved ones’ memories forever like a magical dream. Backyard wedding venues are like blank canvases which enable you to design and decorate your wedding day according to your inspiration, ideas, and imagination. They let your artistic mind come out and play! From elegantly formal wedding entrance ideas and romantic tablescape ideas for receptions to statement wedding décor pieces for sprucing up the entire wedding style, your backyard wedding checklist can be filled with never-before-seen wonders and delightful elements of joy.


Our Best of Backyard Wedding Ideas to Inspire Yours


Opt for a chill lounge area
A chill lounge area for your guests to chill and unwind? Sounds like an amazing idea for small backyard wedding receptions, especially when paired with tones of lush greenery for creating a dreamy summer vibe. Some of the most loved backyard wedding ideas for summer start with a relaxing lounge area where your guests can sip tropical cocktails and enjoy light snacks while wearing poppy-colored shorts and glamorous sunnies. Search for some trendy DIY backyard wedding ideas and use things from your own home to dress up your wedding décor and creatively repurpose indoor furniture in various textures or tones for an authentic casual experience. 


Arrive at your wedding by bike

Want a little hipster and boho vibe on your wedding day? Arrive on a bicycle with your sweetheart to walk the aisle and have your first kiss! One of the most fun wedding transportation ideas for your big day, reaching the ceremony spot on a bicycle is perfect for backyard country weddings. The cycle can be spruced up using flowers and garlands while matching with the country romance vibe of your wedding. You can use eco-friendly wedding flowers to decorate the bicycle or pull up on a tandem bike filled with flowers of your choice and surprise your wedding guests.


Artistic photo display

As a strong nod to interactive guest experiences in weddings, ask them to stroll through your backyard- which can be stacked with black and white photos of the newlyweds. This can also double up as a personal décor statement that’s both refined and rustic and can be decorated with glowing lights and whimsy garlands. You can also spin a sentimental twist by displaying old family wedding photos that go generations back. Make your guests feel closer to you by adding handwritten notes about the pictures and what they mean to you. And there doesn’t have to be a single photo station, as you can set up your whole backyard with beautiful photos so that every corner and nook becomes a perfect backdrop for Instagrammable wedding photos. You can hang string lights from trees, or turn your clothesline into a statement engagement photo display, or set up a photo wall with props, hang streamers, add flowers, and more.


Bring nature inside

If you are hosting a casual backyard wedding inside a tented reception setting and want to create a natural dreamland atmosphere, then bring the luscious nature inside and transform your tented reception into a magical forest vibe. Add a unique twist to your backyard wedding decorations by adorning the reception details with wildflowers and pampas grass. The rustic boho chic wedding elements will undoubtedly add a whimsical touch and prove to be a great addition for couples planning a sustainable wedding. Add gold and chrome details for an unfaltering touch of modern sophistication, like golden candlesticks and sequinned reception table linens. 


Hosting a barbecue

Probably one of the best backyard wedding ideas for fall and winter, hosting a barbecue reception is the best way to bring your near and dear ones together under one roof while relaying old family and friends’ stories. If backyard barbecues have been a long tradition in your family, then host a similar barbecue wedding in your backyard with delicious grilled classics like steak, ribs, corn on the cob, and even burgers and hot dogs. You can bring in barbecue-themed menu items for your vegan and vegetarian friends and family. So fire up the grill and talk to your caterer to prepare a BBQ-based menu with classic as well as new additions, matching perfectly with the pleasant temps outside. 


Illuminating with string lights

All backyard weddings are incomplete without string and bistro lights! To make out the best of your property and make it a glamorous wedding venue, deck it up with dreamy gossamer of fairy lights and bistro lights. The warm glow of amber evoked by these dreamy twinkling lights can create a very magical and cozy wedding atmosphere. If you are looking for ideas for backyard weddings on a budget and do not want to break the bank by buying lights or simply want to save on your wedding decorations, opt for wedding rentals or bring out those Christmas lights to the front porch. Creating the perfect mood and setting the right ambiance starts with good wedding décor and strategical lighting planning. Wrap up the reception tent with fairy lights to highlight the structural grandeur or opt for an alfresco dinner setting for your reception with overhead string lights. The welcome display can feature some of our favorite must-have wedding signs which can be illuminated with LED or glow lights with very little effort or cost.


Play a little

Lawn and yard games have gained popularity in recent times, especially among couples who host intimate weddings with small guest lists. If your idea of having fun is bringing your A-game of yard and lawn games to the backyard where everyone can come together and channel out their inner toddlers, there are many fun and entertaining wedding games for outdoor weddings to your rescue. From investing in quirky photo booths, palm readers, and interactive food stations to full-blown yard games like corn hole, ladder golf, and outdoor Jenga, couples are finding unique ways to entertain their loved ones at their backyard weddings. Lawn and yard games are some of the best backyard wedding ideas on a budget for couples looking to save a fortune. Also, you can add your own unique touch to the wedding entertainment by painting the oversized Jenga set in your choice of favorite wedding colors or tamp your initials on croquet balls for creating a personal touch. 


Setting up food trucks, drink stations, and popsicle bars

Planning a laid-back and relaxed backyard wedding? Set up an amazing food truck as an alternative to the traditional wedding menu and treat your guests with yummy late-night snacks, ice-creams, and tacos at your wedding! From setting up a bespoke wagon with summer-inspired tropical drinks for a bit of vintage flair to offering self-serve beverages on ice for a quick and stylish refreshment from a vintage car or truck, alternative fun wedding food menu ideas are fun and quirky. Adding outdoor drink stations is another fun summer wedding idea where a wide variety of drink receptacles can be added that fit your wedding theme. From serving hot chocolate and cocoa with cookies for winter weddings to serving mimosas and sangrias for a unique spring wedding idea for engagement parties and cocktail hours, we’ve seen so many small backyard wedding ideas on a budget that can transform the look and feel of your wedding day. You can also add a touch of nostalgia to your backyard wedding by setting up a campfire and let your guests indulge in a good old-fashioned s'more roasting session as part of your fall or winter wedding celebration.


Wedding dessert ideas for backyard nuptials

Display the epitome of grandma’s kitchen to your backyard wedding by including baked pies for dessert along with homemade cookies and cupcakes. These decadent desserts for backyard weddings are immensely popular among couples who want to go down on their backyard wedding cost and opt for alternative wedding ideas. You can also dress up your dessert table in a glamorous way and double it as an idea for outdoor decoration. With the wedding cake as a centerpiece and all the other desserts matched up in color and style, you can save a lot on decoration by making it the centerpiece of your reception decor. You can also spruce up your wedding dessert table with a whimsical installation by using geometric dishes in metallic colors to showcase an elegant and modern style in the middle of romantic and whimsy details. There are many rustic cake stands, cupcake stands, and other dessert holders to dress up your dessert table with a variety of unique ideas. 


DIY your dance floor

What is a dreamy backyard wedding without a little dancing? There is a fair chance that your backyard wedding venue won’t be equipped with a dance floor. Just because you’re having a backyard wedding instead of a traditional wedding venue doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a dance floor! Why not DIY it? According to many outdoor wedding inspirations, making a DIY wedding dance floor doesn’t take a lot of money or effort. Make a makeshift dance floor out on the grass by leveling the ground or use wooden palettes to create a base or even incorporate a fun color or pattern on a flat surface for a fun wedding dance floor area. Create a customized dance floor that will show off your creative and artistic personality to your guests. If your backyard comes with a swimming pool, have a dance floor built over it, or create a temporary walkway that can serve as the aisle, or even host a poolside wedding with warm lighting.


Create a Wedding Arch

For an ultimate boho chic wedding experience, plan to exchange your wedding vows and kiss under a rustic wedding arch in your backyard. Apart from making up for unique photo ops and a whimsical ceremony backdrop, a rustic chic wedding arch is a beautiful arbor or trellis for the ceremony which can be later used as backyard decor permanently. Try to make a wedding arch out of wood, branches, flowers, cloth, fallen oak branches, and decorate with bouquets of eucalyptus and garden roses and let it serve as a great memory of the special occasion. You can also buy ready-made wedding arches that fit your wedding style!


Plan a creative send-off or wedding exit

The best thing about hosting an intimate backyard wedding- you don’t have to travel between places or to get some rest. This shouldn’t however stop you from going for a creative wedding exit that your guests can take back home as their fondest memory. From ending your backyard wedding with a sparkly send-off to having a cool getaway vehicle like exiting in an adorable golf cart. You can hand out confetti and sparklers to your guests and turn your backyard into the ultimate party. The confetti and sparklers can also double up as beautiful wedding favor ideas if planned with personalization. As an eco-friendly wedding tip, opt for recycled biodegradable paper or flower petals, so your wedding is as environmentally friendly as possible.


So if you’re wondering about how to plan a backyard wedding that’ll forever remain as a magical tale to tell, check out for online wedding inspirations that can fit into your idea of backyard weddings- from logistics to designs. In the light of the recent pandemic, the world of weddings shifted from traditional big fat weddings to intimate and casual weddings. With the rise of minimonies, micro weddings, elopements, and courthouse weddings, there is a rise in private garden wedding receptions and small backyard wedding ceremony ideas. From including furry friends in your wedding without any hassle to including ideas that bring luck to your wedding day, small backyard weddings are best for couples who have a free spirit and showcase their outdoorsy side to their loved ones. We’ve seen so many couples bringing out their best creative ideas to play into their wedding planning- from hosting a mountain wedding in a log cabin away from the world to opting to get married in their grandfather’s backyard. Every time we come across these small and cozy wedding ideas, our heartstrings are tugged with a dash of comfort and warmth. After all, it makes us realize how the best things in life are free!


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