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Must Have Wedding Signs


Time and again we have seen some of the most timeless wedding details that have managed to make a mark in our hearts and stayed with us forever. From some of the funny wedding signs that have tickled the last of the clever bones in us to some of the most emotional wedding signage ideas that have pulled over our heartstrings stronger than ever, we have seen adorable wedding signboard ideas in unions of artistic and creative couples. Weddings will never be complete without eye-catching wedding signs as these unique pieces for the wedding day decor are one of the first things your guests will see upon arrival. Even though it may seem like a small detail, it plays a key role in your wedding decorations. From some of the most beautiful DIY wedding welcome sign ideas that give away the main theme of the wedding to some of the wooden wedding signs in countryside weddings that add to the wholesomeness of the entire charmingly old-world atmosphere, there are a variety of materials and themes to choose from while browsing through wedding sign ideas. You can choose to create wedding signs DIY or order them online and transform your entire wedding celebration with cute and artistic details.

Although it is one of the last things that probably comes to mind when planning your wedding decor, having calligraphed pieces of driftwood for a beachside wedding celebration to monogrammed chalkboard easels for couples looking for cozy and small wedding details, ideas for wedding reception signs can offer a taste of what your guests might be expecting from your big wedding day. From welcoming guests with cute and artistic wedding welcome sign ideas to telling them where to set their gifts, from introducing your signature drinks for the cocktail reception with neon billboards to acrylic wedding signs featuring the Pantone color of the year in wedding celebration details, your choice of wedding signs can be made out of wood, cardboard, fabric, metal, acrylic, light bulbs, marble, and wine cork with modern twists.


Our favorite list of must-have wedding signs:


Ceremony carry signs 

Let your bridal entourage carry an adorable ceremony carry-sign to notify everyone that you are about to walk down the aisle of your dreams and make a memorable and remarkable entrance to the aisle. The ceremony carry-sign ideas can be adorable and pleasing- from your pretty flower girls carrying adorable banners with long wooden sticks and decorated ribbons that say 'here comes the bride' in dainty hues to dashing and charming ring bearers carrying cute catch-phrases like "just married" in winsome wooden slates filled with lush greens and fresh blooms. The artistic and creative ceremony carry signs can be the perfect addition to your memorable wedding celebration.


Food wedding signs 

Welcome your guests with creative food wedding signs that give away what to expect on the menu. For instance, if you are throwing a Mexican themed wedding party, bring in wedding signs with catchy puns like "let's taco 'bout a party" or bring in your classy and chic personality by opting for a luxe and trendy mirror wedding menu with some modish and golden attention attracting elements. Food menus written on wooden chopping boards of varying shapes and sizes are dainty and beguiling. Make your dream waffle bar known to your wedding attendees by installing a dainty calligraphy sign near the waffle stand. You can also introduce your wedding guests to the trendiest wedding cakes of the year by a snazzy cupcake wall with colorful cupcakes in different luscious flavors laid out on a clean polished board for your guests to devour.


Giveaway wedding signs 

If you are giving away adorable and thoughtful things to your wedding attendees, make it known by incorporating creative giveaway wedding signs. For instance, if you are getting married in cold and wintry settings and you are offering plush blankets to your guests, the best way to offer them is by placing a fine-looking mirror sign by the entrance that says "blankets". Similarly, for a balmy summer wedding affair, you can give away mini parasols to protect them from the harmful rays by placing a lovely acrylic sign at the entryway that says "take your pick". The lovers of nature, who want to give their guests seeds stored in tiny winsome pouches so that they can take them home and plant them can give these beautiful wedding favors away under a dangled board that says "our love grows wild!".


Quirky and creative photo booth 

From creating romantic taglines like "better together" and "forever after" by making use of fascinating neon signs to vintage photo booth corner ideas like a vintage van saying "photo booth" in bold, artistic photo booth ideas can be boosted with artistic wedding signages by making them picturesque and pleasing to the eyes. Ideas like utilizing a chalkboard and pretty penmanship to create a whimsical photo booth sign that says "grab a prop and strike a pose" to making use of letter balloons in metallic colors saying "making memories," normal photo booth ideas can be turned into something really artistic and creative with the use of artistic wedding signs.

When you are putting together the details of your must-have wedding signs, do not forget to emphasize the theme and style of these signs as these pieces of decor will be the first thing your guests will lay their eyes on. When there is a sign for nearly every element of your wedding timeline which can tell your guests where to go and what to do, it goes without saying that these wedding signs need to be creative and inspiring. We have rounded out some of our favorite wedding sign ideas and styles which can inspire your festive summer wedding with blooming florals to the black-tie wedding with classic and bold details. 


Our favorite wedding sign styles and ideas:


Store’em Greens 

No one can deny the uniqueness and elegance of storing a mix of greens and dainty blooms inside a long glass chamber with your wedding message in a bold and clear font, directing your guests to the arrival area of the ceremony or the cocktail hour entrance. Perfect for a garden-themed wedding reception, flowers can be beautifully and gorgeously organized in display-box welcome signs, that will look like miniature greenhouses and are excellent for decorating the aisle. One of the greatest accents for nature-inspired wedding signs is the addition of Eucalyptus to an otherwise neutral palette. It is one of the most perfect and fresh ideas for outdoor wedding decor which gives away a calming scent that will waft over guests as they arrive, creating a relaxed mood for the festivities to come. Garlands of green draped over wedding welcome sign templates look like they are 'grown from the same soil' and add a whimsical storybook feel like the organic foliage and use of natural wood stunningly blend into the verdurous vista beyond.


Drifty wedding signs

A wedding by the beach will not be complete without beach-themed wedding signage to inform your guests where the place to be is. One of our favorite rustic wedding signs, natural driftwood wedding signs give us all the beach and seaside feels, looking like it just washed ashore in all its brilliance. From using rustic driftwood as welcome signs to dressing up the ceremony space which can include your favorite love quotes or poems, rustic wooden signs can be adorned with a few fresh greens which can indicate you and your lovers' absolute love for natural and nautical wedding themes. Incorporating reclaimed wood is also a perfect idea for eco-friendly weddings which is not only budget-friendly and trendy but also injects tons of character and charm to the overall decor.


Fairytale romance in spring

Do you want to have a fairytale-like romantic wedding with your favorite spring wedding details? Greet your guests with a warm welcome by installing an adorable welcome sign adorned with spring-themed pretty florals around! Nothing screams the season of fresh blooms and whimsical bird songs like simple wooden frames framed by garlands of baby breath or other spring florals which is a stunning and budget-friendly way to inject some ethereal fantasy into a wedding space. Chic and fancy wedding signboards made out of blooming florals and golden hues (not overdoing the floral details) can be perfect for infusing romantic details into rustic and vintage wedding settings like an industrial-themed wedding or a barn wedding in the countryside.


Translucent wedding signs 

One of the most commonly used materials for wedding signposts, translucent acrylic welcome signs are perfect for a bohemian or a rustic-themed wedding as they surprisingly add a soft touch of a mid-century aesthetic. You can complement it with updated wedding floral trends as per season or as per your wedding theme, whether you are hosting a vintage-themed wedding or a completely black-tie affair. For instance, you can add fragile florals and the lush green backdrop for a dreamy spring soiree or add reddening fall greenery for a stunning visual of autumnal vibes. You can also implement this idea for wedding table signs by hanging an acrylic board filled with all of your guest table assignments.


Classic and modern 

Want to create something fancy and pretty but also something that makes a statement alongside? A navy blue signboard with metallic gold calligraphed writings can go a long way to speak for classic and bold aesthetics. You can also add color combinations like a bold and typography-forward wedding sign with a white background and red gradient letters or a crimson pennant that includes all the sumptuous fall tones of the dreamy autumnal wedding-themed silver or golden letters for a cohesive look for creating a statement without looking rude or uninviting.


Simple wedding statements

Probably one of the most common wedding signs for sale, a neat and minimal wedding sign can be the perfect addition to our favorite micro wedding ideas. There is something oh-so-romantic and intimate about charming and simple wedding signs especially if they are handwritten, which makes them a perfect addition for an intimate elopement in the countryside, or a sweet hillside ceremony, or even a wedding in a cozy mountain cabin. Especially in classic color combinations like good old black and white or pink and white, these wedding sign set-ups can become an absolute dream with the warmth of the nature-inspired details and the freshness of the surrounding greenery. 


Boho chic wedding signs

Perfect for adding life to boho-chic nuptials, delightful and stylish wedding sign boards surrounded by angelic-looking pampas grasses can bring a gush of fresh air to your balmy summer wedding. Boho chic weddings are made more special when you make use of a rustic signboard to welcome your lovely attendees. ‘Sweet Nothings’ can be simple signage ideas that can be adorned with winsome withered and dried flower garlands and hung around by the entrance or reception site to make things more romantic and astonishing in a rustic themed or bohemian wedding. 


Neon wedding signs

A sure-fire way to make your wedding party pop, romantic neon wedding signs are lovely and enchanting to look at! Quirky and creative neon wedding signs come with endless possibilities for design and purpose in making a wedding brightly brilliant only if used with certain tips. From keeping the font minimal and chic to using it as a medium to express yourself at your wedding, colorful neon wedding signs can be perfect for lighting up the way to steer guests in the right direction, plus, custom wedding neon signs can double as a perfect backdrop for a photo booth.


From finding the wedding theme that suits you and your unique personalities to filling up each corner of the wedding reception site with intricate details that speak volumes for your creative mind, your choice of wedding decoration has the capacity to truly make or break the day. Signs for weddings have become a common sight, but, apart from working as beautiful decor items, they also serve a greater purpose in guiding guests on where to go or sit, or even on what to order from the bar. We have seen so many couples getting creative with their wedding signs- from couples using clever thank you wedding signs that also act as a master itinerary which displays the time for evening cocktail hour and gives direction to the next entertainment stop for the night to couples using cute wedding signs where their unique wedding hashtag gets displayed which again goes a long way in viewing their wedding photographs in Instagram under one common hashtag.


Personalized wedding signs are pretty to look at and can lend a quirky and creative vibe with their variations- from chalkboard and canvas to wood and acrylic. It is also important to tell a complete design story with the choice of wedding signs needed at weddings. From ensuring that your choice of wedding signs match the overall font and color scheme to matching the design of wedding printables and tokens, your wedding sign template should complement your wedding's vibe and style along with inspiring other artistic couples to take note.


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