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5 Creative Cake Trends We’d Love to See in 2020


It’s no secret that we love all things cake around here. While we always enjoy new and innovative decorations, we also admire the tradition and stunning photos that are captured around the sweet treat. There’s a reason why it punctuates such an important evening!

While you’re busy pouring over 2020 wedding inspiration, take note of some of the unique wedding cake ideas we’ve come across recently. These cake trends are just emerging on the wedding scene, so you’ll be sure to wow your guests with a head-turning take on the tradition!

Uber Unique Cake Toppers
Sure, we’ve seen monograms and custom names written in the prettiest script, but how many handmade wedding cake figurines have you seen? Custom cake toppers of the couple are sure to make an impression at your reception. Recreate what makes the two of you-you-for the top of your cake. We’re sure it’ll be your favorite keepsake of the day when all is said and done.

Fun phrases for cake toppers go beyond “Best Day Ever.” Try your favorite expression, a personal mantra, or a phrase that will get your guests talking. 

Pull in a tie to your favorite pop culture reference. Friends, Star Wars, and Pokemon are just a few we’ve seen. What would you choose? 

Dramatic Colors
Color is heading in extreme directions, and we like it that way! Dark and dramatic lends itself to fall and winter 2020 weddings, while also feeling elegant and sophisticated. 

Alternatively, brights are sure to command the attention of your sweets table. Try neon or contemporary, primary hues for modern wedding cake inspiration. Go for bold and create an entire cake in the color trend, or opt for a single layer for a more subtle statement.

Maxed out Effects
It’s all about effects, from handpainted designs to textured layers. Geometric elements feel fresh again when “tiled” on. Frosting and fondant are interesting when stippled, ruffled, and patterned.

Fresh Takes on Decoration
Talk about fresh—a bundle of fern leaves makes for a lush and striking alternative to traditional cake decoration. The bold dimension and photogenic texture are everything! Try different varieties of ferns, herbs and multi-color succulents.

Oversized blooms - the bigger the better - create grandeur and are a nice contrast to their inherent whimsy nature. 

Fruit looks stunning frosted in sugar for a little glitz. Try combinations of citrus, berries, or fig and edible florals to impart a uniquely sophisticated look. 

Alternative cakes are a cute and kitschy way to show a ton of personality. Whether you and your other half are big fans of sweets or other eats, anything you love is an option here. Try various bundt cakes or pie for a visually-unique interpretation of the tradition. Other completely out of the box but adorable ideas? Think pizza, cheese wheels, and pancakes! 


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