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A Beautiful Story Set In The Panoramic Outdoors of the Bay Area Of San Francisco!


Love is not perfect. Well, it never was and will never be! People who are in love are also not perfect either. What is perfect is the idea of loving and being loved the way one wants to be loved. That is what makes the whole idea or we say the perception of love being called perfect. 


We, humans, are deceptive, are we not? Not every promise that we made to someone or is made to us is kept and fulfilled. There are times when people certainly leave or you just walk out, it’s only a matter of time. But what stays with you is the definition of love depending upon how you were treated when you were head over heels in love with that someone who meant the world to you, or you meant the world to that person. We simply don’t know whether love is overrated or is an underrated feeling as we have known people who are happily in love for years and have also captured their love in the best way possible. 


Being in the business of capturing love in its every form, we have understood that love is a kind of feeling that makes you happiest even when you are at your lowest. The world seems to be a better place and every little thing starts to make sense in a beautiful and romantic way. When you are in love, all you want to do is wake up every morning and the person’s laughter is the first thing that you want to hear. Their eyes effortlessly pull you towards them, making your heart so some somersaults in your chest. That person’s existence is the very push you need to get out of the best every day! 


You think about that person at random hours of the day. Even the slightest mention of their name and voila you find your face plastered with a silly grin while your cheeks turned all red and pink with blushing. All you want is to hold the love of your life in your arms, cover every distance that keeps you away from them, and always keep them close to your heart no matter what. All you want is to feel happy when you feel around them. And then a very exact moment makes you think of having a beautiful future together while entering into the new phase of your love life! When you are in love with that person, the only thing that matters to you is that person’s happiness. People often say that you fall in love, but only the person who is in love knows that they are flying in love!


And today we are going to talk about the same kind of love. The kind of love that everyone dreams of and of course the kind of magical and swoon-worthy engagement portraits that every couple wishes for their engagement portfolio sessions. Our lovely couple Robert and Rachel hire our professional wedding photographers to capture their lovely and incredibly romantic San Francisco engagement portrait session in swoon-worthy frames! 


Our newly engaged San Jose couple chose San Mateo Central Park for their outdoor engagement portrait session. Their outdoor engagement session is filled with enchanting and whimsical spots that made their San Jose engagement photography session a treat to our professional San Jose wedding photographers


If we talk about engagement photography locations in San Jose then the options are just endless. From having your professional engagement photography session at the beach to the downtown San Francisco, or redwood forest all within an hour of each other, this lovely location is sprinkled with panoramic photography locations. Capturing an engagement session in this Bay Area is always a delight for our talented wedding photographers, as every photography location in San Jose offers scenic backdrops that make any kind of professional photo shoot session an unforgettable experience for both, the couples, and the photographers. From rustic barns to historical mansions, and Japanese gardens, the options are just endless. Depending upon your engagement photo theme, you can choose the outdoor engagement location in San Jose and have an amazing photography experience. In short, the South Bay area of San Francisco is full of gorgeous photo opportunities (Pretty much anywhere off the 85!)


Talking about our cute and newly engaged San Francisco couple, Robert and Rachel, they decided upon the San Mateo Central Park for their San Francisco engagement photography session. Robert and Rachel’s San Jose engagement photography session is an inspiration for all the couples who got engaged during the winter season of the COVID times. In the great outdoors, the engagement portraits were just mind-blowing. Full of winter shades and lovely greens, Robert and Rachel’s outdoor engagement session was a bliss for our creative team of wedding photographers to snapshot lovely and romantic couple portraits in the great outdoors.


Just like our happy and beautiful soon-to-be-married couple, the day of their outdoor engagement portrait session was also very pretty. Illuminated with the golden sun’s natural light, Robert and Rachel’s outdoor engagement photography session gave endless photography opportunities to our professional San Jose engagement photographers to capture outstanding outdoor portraits in the best frames possible. 


Well, there are colors for every season. Whether you are planning to have your engagement session in summerfallspring, or winter, there are colors designated for each season. Just the way summer photography session calls for light shades, the winter season dips into darker and warmer tones. And you are going through the gallery of engagement photos of Robert and Rachel, then we can assure you that you are going to find darker tones as they have chosen the month of winter for their engagement photography sessions.  


For their winter engagement photography session, both our couples looked extremely stunning and gorgeous together. For the photoshoot session, Rachel dressed up in a purple color mini dress with front buttons till the end of the dress and two cute front pockets. She paired her winter engagement look with black stockings and black ballerinas. The beige-colored scarf around her neck beautifully complimented her purple-colored engagement dress. She kept her blonde-colored hair straight and side-parted. Rachel went all minimal for her engagement makeup look. For her make-up, Rachel chose a light nude shade lip color followed by black eyeliner. And not to forget her beautiful manicured hands with deep brown nail paint looked amazingly gorgeous in all the photos. If you are looking for some winter manicure inspiration, Rachel’s lovely hands can be the one! Keep checking out. 


To compliment our lovely lady, our handsome and charming groom-to-be completely rocked his winter engagement look with some of the best shades. Robert chose to wear a dark maroon shade shirt and paired it with a sapphire blue lapel two-piece suit. He completed his overall look with black shoes with laces and a black belt. His neatly sided parted hair made him look amazingly charming. Robert was indeed complementing Rachel from head to toe in every possible way! Together, all dressed up for the photoshoot session, our lovely San Jose couple looked like a match perfectly made in heaven. 


So, now let us take you on a romantic and beautiful walk through the lovely and professional engagement portraits of Robert and Rachel captured by our professional San Jose wedding photographers in the great outdoor settings of San Mateo Central Park in San Francisco. Let’s roll!


The first picture of their outdoor engagement portfolio was not only inspiring but also something out-of-the-ordinary. Our head over heels in love with each other, posed in front of a white gazebo, wearing personalized black color masks, with the mention of “wife” and “husband” over them in white calligraphy. The long and full shot of our couple standing next to each other overlooking a white gazebo in the background with their masks on was a perfect example of an engagement photography session during the covid times. The way Rachel placed her hand over Robert’s chest was a sign of pure love. We just loved their masks photos. It perfectly reflected the #covidcouplegoals.


The other picture where they both stood in the same position but this time, with their masks off, and the way they both looked passionately and deeply into each other’s eye made all of us go “aww” for a moment. Their close-up shots were also captured beautifully and perfectly while the stunning gazebo in the backdrop lent amazing frames for classic engagement portrait sessions. 


We are absolutely in love with the picture of Rachel and Robert where they held each other’s hand while Rachel stood crossed-legged and smiling all wide. Together they looked so adorable that we could not stop but just blush


Moving onto the next photograph, which is one of our favorites. The picture where Rachel and Robert stood at the entrance of the gazebo a little distance apart and looking straight into each other’s eyes was a treat for our professional photographers to capture. And the very next closeup shot where they were snuggled together was gracefully and romantically captured by our creative wedding photographers of San Jose in the most incredible settings.


As we already mentioned that their outdoor engagement location was filled with lovely greens and seasonal blooms, and not only our couple but even our photographers from San Jose did not leave any stone unturned in capturing our couple in the pristine greens. To add a rustic touch to their winter engagement portfolio, our couple made the best use of the wooden bench perfectly settled in a setting surrounded by greens and lovely flowers. The bench became an amazing prop for our San Jose engagement photographers as they perfectly captured our love birds in various poses while making them sit on that rustic wooden bench. 


Their bench poses are just incredibly beautiful! The one picture where Rachel rested her head on Robert’s shoulder while Robert kissed her head while sitting on the bench was a treat for our creative San Francisco wedding photographers to capture. So, how could they let it go without documenting it in the most romantic way? 


The other picture where our couple shared a romantic kiss was such an adorable photo to look at! We also loved the picture where Rachel sat over Robert’s thigh and smiled wide for the camera. That is such a cute picture, we must tell you! We are absolutely in love with that picture. 


That one monochromatic close-up couple picture steals the entire show. There is something extremely romantic and unique when it comes to black and white couple portraits. They not only add drama and character to the overall portfolio, but they do also bring out the romantic charm in the photos. 


Some of their standing couple portraits are just eye candy. The one picture where Robert and Rachel stood close to each other with their heads joined together, while Robert held him with his waist and she held him by his neck was such a romantic photo. That picture had some golden hour glow which made it look stunningly amazing to look at!


Moving on to the last photos of Robert and Rachel’s engagement portfolio, then let us tell you that they are not only whimsical but alluring and pleasing to the eyes! The orange-colored leaves on the trees under which our couple shared a kiss turned out so beautifully when captured by our wedding photographers in and around San Jose that it looked like a poster of a romantic movie set during the fall season! 


And, lastly, the picture where Robert held Rachel close to her while leaning onto the olive green color pillar was a great picture to sign off their San Jose engagement portfolio in the chicest way! 


There is absolutely no denying that our professional wedding photographers always do an incredible job when it comes to capturing the love and romance of the couples! We at George Street Photo and Video love love in its every form and we take great pride and enthusiasm in documenting memories for our couple that they can cherish forever. Memories are the only thing that is a wonderful keepsake! So, if you also want every precious moment of your love and romance to get captured in the most outstanding way, then book our services and have a blast! 

Happy Engagement Photographing!

Smile Please!


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