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Love in the Winter- Kate & Matt Engagement Portrait Session in Pittsburgh City!


Whether you have a love or hate kind of relationship with snow, one thing that we all can never deny is that the winter season indeed makes for some amazing and utterly romantic proposals! Love in the winter season will definitely add warmth to your heart, no matter how freezing it is in the outside world! We can agree to the fact that winter has always been the most romantic time of the year to confess love to your sweetheart or to ask that important question which will change your whole life forever! Everything about this season is romantic and whimsical! Whether it’s the snowflakes or the cozy fireplaces with couples stealing a kiss, or how everyone looks in sweaters! Perfectly paired with the cheerful holidays and celebrations, couples who are planning to have their professional engagement portfolio done in the winter months will have the mind-blowing setting to make loveable memories that will last a lifetime! 


Just like all of you, we also believe that there is a different kind of romance to witness and embrace during the cold and freezing days of the winter season! Everything about this season is adorable! It is absolutely magical and romantic in the sense that you and your darling can sip hot cocoa and enjoy a warm dinner against that cozy fireplace, and snuggle together later in a warm blanket, and watch Netflix!


Trust us, there is nothing like romance in the winter! It is that time of the year when snuggling up next to your loved one in the subway or going for a walk where there is a lot of snow is nothing but appealing! In fact, all the couples who got engaged during this month will have endless opportunities to pose for fabulous winter engagement photos! Not only couples, in fact, our professional and affordable wedding photographers also like this month as the white snow in the background always lends a magical background for stunning engagement portraits! It is a treat for our engagement photographers to document a winter engagement photo shoot, especially in Pittsburgh, because in Pittsburgh the winters are nothing but all about snow! 


Winters in Pittsburgh are not an easy breeze, yes you read it right! While a majority of couples prefer to stay in their apartments and find an excuse to cuddle up with each other, our thrilling, adventurous, and head over heels in love couple, Kate and Matt, made the best of this season. They went to the outdoors of Pittsburgh city and got their dreamy and romantic outdoor engagement professional photoshoot done by our creative and talented Pittsburgh wedding photographers! Being in the business of capturing memories, we understand that when two people are so much in love with each other, the season does even count! All they want is to get the best and swoon-worthy pictures so that whenever they will flip the pages of their photo album the feelings come straight rushing, fresh, and hug them! 


Our lovely Pittsburgh couple was all about love, and this blog features a cute and romantic story of their engagement photoshoot! With so many alluring and heartwarming photos to have a look at, all we can say is start taking down the notes from their engagement portfolio about the poses and wardrobe if you are also planning to have a romantic winter engagement photography session in Pittsburgh!


Talking about Pittsburgh and engagement locations in this charming and alluring city, especially in winter, the options are endless! From the beautiful Christmas Tree Farm to Mellon Park closer to the downtown area to the engagement photographers’ all-time favorite location, Historic Harmony, the options for beautiful winter engagement locations in Pittsburgh are sprinkled everywhere! Trust us, most of these locations will work for a session without snow, but all look so much more magical with it! 


Our romantic and lovely couple, Matt and Kate, chose the North Shore for their Pittsburgh engagement photoshoot session! It is absolutely true that Pittsburgh is a city with beautiful buildings and bright yellow bridges that are always photo-ready, no matter the season! But, there is something special about the North Shore of Pittsburgh, especially during the winter months! This lovely place boasts multiple bright yellow bridges (Roberto Clemente and Andy Warhol are our wedding photographers’ favorites to capture!), along with mind-blowing and adoring views of this fantastic city, all along the walkway! With snow everywhere, Kate and Matt’s Pittsburgh engagement session looked nothing but perfect and mind-arresting! 


The true essence of a winter engagement session is only felt and completed when there is some snowfall, and guess what? Matt and Kate’s North Shore engagement session had everything! From a white blanket of fresh snow to snowfall, everything was just perfect and flawless for our talented wedding photographers in Pittsburgh and nearby areas to capture in the magical frames! For their engagement portrait session, Kate chose to wear a rust-brown turtleneck sweater with black tights and a black knee-length overcoat! She paired her entire look with black heel boots! She wore her mid-parted hair down. The light makeup and her tinted cheeks gracefully complemented the overall weather of the winter season! Whereas, Matt kept his winter engagement look quite casual yet appealing! He chose to wear a checkered shirt featuring different tones of blue, with a black round neck tee-shirt underneath! He paired his look with black denim and black sports shoes! Matt’s stubble was enough to make Kate fall in love with him all over again for the rest of her life! 


Kate and Matt’s engagement day was bright and white, surrounded by snow everywhere! Our affordable Pittsburgh wedding photographers started their day by documenting our lovely couple in the best of frames! The very first picture from Kate and Matt’s engagement portfolio, where they snuggled into each other overlooking the beautiful waters and towering buildings in the background, was nothing but an ideal picture that will look great on the wall of their living room! Kate and Matt’s long and wide shots with the stunning views of the city in the background were really breathtaking and mesmerizing!


Kate and Matt’s close-up shots were full of love, romance, and tenderness! Surrounded by pristine white snow, these two shared a passionate and warm love which can be clearly seen by everyone in their photographs! Our talented and creative engagement photographers in Pittsburgh did wonders in capturing the close-up shots of our adorable couple! Kate and Matt’s laugh, hug, stolen kisses, and everything in between was fantastically captured by our talented photographers! Their love and romance left our professional Pittsburgh photographers in awe-ment for a moment! 


There is a picture of Kate and Matt, where they are holding each other's hands and standing straight as arrows on white snow! Can you see it? Yes, that one only! Don’t you think that exact picture looked like nothing but a sci-fi movie poster with the lead actors that looked as if they have landed on the earth to save the planet (pun intended!!)? Well, as already mentioned above, the North Shore of Pittsburgh is all about bright yellow bridges, and an engagement session is incomplete without the iconic yellow bridges lending themselves for a backdrop! Kate and Matt’s engagement portfolio has plenty of photos highlighting the vibrant yellow bridge in the backdrop! 


As Kate was already all-packed in her wardrobe for the engagement session, to keep himself warm and cozy, Matt slipped into a black-colored zipper hoodie sweatshirt which perfectly complemented Kate’s overall all-black engagement look! Both Kate and Matt looked adorable as they walked over the snow-covered yellow-colored bridge holding hands while the snowflakes worked like shimmering glitters! The showering snowflakes added an extra flair of romance to Kate and Matt’s outdoor engagement portfolio! That one picture where Kate and Matt shared a kiss while standing in the center of the bridge actually looked like the poster of a romantic winter movie! Remember the “Snow Coming” movie, yeah exactly like that only! There is another photo that made our photographers reach for the tissues! Wanna know which one? The one where Kate rested her head on Matt’s shoulder, and he kissed her forehead! Aww! That exact photo actually got us and made everyone go ‘aww’ for quite a moment! 


Winters in Pittsburgh are quite unpredictable! At one moment you will find yourself surrounded by fresh white snow and the second moment, voilà, all clear! The same thing actually happened with our couple during their photoshoot session! For a while, the bridge was all covered with a white blanket of snow and the next moment it was all clear and the concrete road of the bridge was clearly visible! Our couples took off their jackets and sweatshirts and made the best of the weather! Kate in her turtleneck tan/brown sweater and Matt in her checked shirt looked adorable while sharing a kiss in the center of the bridge! They even shared some romantic ballroom dance moves, and our experienced wedding photographers in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas captured their romance in the best of frames! Their dance moves, the intense eye lock, the kiss, the giggle, and everything in between was gracefully and artistically captured by our talented wedding photographers! The only reason couples across the states book our services and want our photographers to capture their wedding or engagement is because our photographers have keen eyes for the details! They live and love to capture the smallest detail in glorifying frames! In the majority of Kate and Matt’s engagement photos, our engagement photographer creatively captured the solid rock shining elegantly on Kate’s ring finger, and that too in the best possible light! Every picture from Kate and Matt’s engagement portfolio radiates the love, passion, and warmth they have for each other! 


There is a cute photo from Kate and Matt’s engagement portfolio, that we are pretty much sure will be posted either on Kate or Matt’s Instagram, which will make all their single friends jealous and will give new engagement photoshoot pose ideas to the engaged couples! The photo where Matt lifted Kate in her arms just like a small baby and shared a kiss actually looks nothing but just adorable and of so much love! Our Pittsburgh and suburban engagement photographers can’t stop gushing over that exact picture! 


An ideal winter engagement photography session is incomplete without cozy blankets and kissing poses! Wrapped in a red and black checked blanket, Kate and Matt’s winter engagement photo session had an unexpected pop of red color, perfect for complementing the all-white backdrop! They actually looked utterly cute and adorable wrapped in the blanket, stealing a kiss while our talented wedding photographers in Pittsburgh captured their love and romance in the most creative frames! While Matt stuck to his casual shirt and denim look, Kate had a slight wardrobe change during the photography session! She dropped off her black knee-length overcoat and slipped into a beige color sweater with a gray pom-pom beanie cap! She looked absolutely stunning and was glowing beautifully against the all-white backdrop setting! 


Our romantic couple did not leave any stone unturned with our photographers in North Shore, Pittsburgh! Kate and Matt’s iconic kissing pose in the center of the bridge was something worth capturing in fabulous frames, and our talented engagement photographers did a great job in doing that! Our couple went for a little stroll and posed against some green shrubs that created a cinematic frame for their winter photoshoot! The white snow and the bright green accents of the shrubs created a festive kinda setting for Kate and Matt’s romantic engagement photography session! 

One of the best things about Kate and Matt’s Pittsburgh winter engagement session was amidst the winter white snow that almost froze them, the way they held each other tightly to keep warm was something that was beautiful and definitely worth capturing! The end result of our couple’s winter engagement photoshoot was super-super cozy photos where their love and emotion for each other shine bright!


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