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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources February: 2023


"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming," said Pablo Neruda and it's really so reassuring to hear, don't you think? There is magic to winter, but in those last lingering cold days of winter, the darkness of mind can set in real soon. Yes, we know it's just February and it might still be snowy and cold in most cities. March is just around the corner and with March comes the happy news of spring! Let's get ready to bid adieu to the gloomy days of winter and think about spring. Not there yet? That's the whole beauty of spring, the promise of what is to come! Life might seem a bit "blah" during these months since the holiday season's glittering glitz is over and the fresh start of a new year has already begun. But it isn't necessary if you're organizing a wedding! Planning for a spring wedding is the finest way to immerse yourself in the season if there is one! The first days of spring always whisper of “hope” and “patience". The promise of flowers among the snow-dusted blanket slowly fading away, the hope of longer days and warmer skin, and the anticipation of thinner cardigans and warm coffee. With the onset of pleasant temperatures and clear skies, when the weather is gradually turning warm, there is a fresh scent in the air from the blooming fields. Moreover, the rabid longing for love that permeates this time of year is as intoxicating as the season is! We vow to chase those winter blues for you with this bright and shiny article if you and your sweetheart share our passion for the upcoming and would like to start planning for your spring wedding. 

We are thrilled to bring you some of the most exciting wedding updates for all of our pretty brides who are planning a wedding in 2023 or early next year. So what are the hot wedding trends for 2023? 2023 is a year of change, and what could be a better metaphor for change than a session of spring wedding planning? We can help you with all you need to know about wedding planning. As a future bride, we make sure you're informed about all the newest buzz and forthcoming trends circulating in the wedding industry with our monthly dosage of resources. So settle down, refuel with some coffee, and let's go! From comfortable shoes to cascading wedding bouquets, we have a lot to talk about, so let's get started!

We can't speak of wedding planning without talking about gorgeous wedding bouquets, can we?   Flowers on wedding days are not something new or trendy,  but on the other hand, it is amazing to see the sheer volume of options available for your wedding bouquets. There are classic uniform bouquets in minimal colors,  and there are petite bouquets that are small in volume but gorgeous nonetheless.  There are bouquets with one single bloom,  and then there are ones that cascade to the ground and are maximal to the very core.  If you are the kind of person who likes a dramatic entrance,  cascading wedding bouquets can be just your thing. If you are confused about where to start with cascading bouquets and what exactly is your style,  drop by the link below and read all about it in this article.  Remember, your wedding bouquets say a lot about your wedding day!

20 Stunning Cascading Wedding Bouquets Via Brides

When we dream of the perfect wedding day each one of us dreams about different things. While some of you might be thinking of a rustic winter wedding in a Barn,  there are others who want to host a garden wedding reminiscent of The Secret Garden.  When we talk about wedding tales there are so many to choose from it can get a little intimidating,  and finding a wedding venue that fits with that wedding theme is even more so.  This is exactly why going for a minimalist wedding can be a game changer.  as it already provides a blank canvas for you and your sweetheart to take creative leaps,  you don't have to worry about the wedding theme clashing with the wedding venue.  Whether you appreciate a blank canvas that allows you to take liberties with your wedding vision,  or you are just a big fan of modern minimalist weddings,  the blog below will provide you with a plethora of options when it comes to searching wedding venues in our country.
14 Striking Minimalist and Modern Wedding Venues in the U.S. Via Brides

When It comes to your wedding day,  it's normal that you want this day to stretch on for days! No amount of fun is ever really enough, and you want to continue the party until the dawn of the next day! Needless to say, your wedding guests will also appreciate it if you put in some extra effort to plan the timeline of your wedding day. If you stretch the timelines a little and plan for some fun activities after the wedding reception, your guests will head home with a smile on their faces. Read the article below to know more about some of the fun after-party ideas. There are no defined guidelines for the venue, the setting, or the menu of the post-reception gathering. In actuality, the majority of after-parties are rather informal and may be held at your wedding location, a pub, or a bar. You may still be inventive and make your after-party special to you, your wedding, or your love story. Check out the link below to explore the topic more and go through venues from Utah to Dc, and everywhere in between.
27 After-Party Ideas That Will Keep the Party Going Via Martha Stewart

If a spring wedding is in cards for you and your SO, you are surely a lucky bride. There is a lot to be grateful for when it comes to a spring wedding, be it the luscious weather, the liberties with your fashion choices, the vibrant blooms, and the bright and fresh colors! Choosing the perfect spring color palette guarantees an aesthetic wedding single-handedly, as it offers a lot to the overall look of the wedding day. Whether you are more into cotton candy pastels, or you are more into bright bold hues, this blog below has all the options that you might want to explore. If you are planning a spring wedding, you should definitely check it out.
6 Inspiring Spring Wedding Color Palette Ideas Via June Bug Wedding

The wedding album is one of the most sentimental testimonials of your love story.  It is that important and tangible part of your love story which will forever be a documentation that you will love to revisit over the decades.  You will laugh at the funny first dance pictures, and a tear or two could escape your eyes as you see for the millionth time the sparkle in your special person’s eyes as you walk down the aisle. It is only natural that you want it to be special in every way. Many newlyweds are unsure about where to keep their wedding pictures. While it's OK to store them on your computer for rainy days, there are times when you'd like to browse through a physical version while sipping hot coffee or wine. A wedding album is perfect for those moments of reminiscing. Read the article below if you want to know about setting up your perfect wedding album.
Tips For Designing Your Dream Wedding Album Via June Bug Wedding

You can look stunning on your wedding day, and could be sporting the most magical wedding dress, but if you don't have the right bridal shoes, it's already a challenging day ahead! One of the most important ingredients to having a lovely wedding day is comfortable shoes. Being a bride, you will probably be walking a lot and socializing, which means comfort is non-compromisable. But you will of course want your wedding shoes to be stunning to look at. Finding a pair of wedding shoes that are not only stunning to look at but also comfy is a never-ending quest. You should feel secure on your wedding day, and when you do find a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and stunning, we may have discovered the ideal bridal shoes. The blog below has a lot of stunning options for you, from elegant, classy, and breathtakingly stunning shoes to details like elaborate embellishments, silk bows, and opulent velvet. Whether you are a high-heel bride or the one to wear kitten heels, minimal or sparkly, you will find your match here!
These Might Be The Most Comfortable Bridal Shoes You Can Buy Via Bridal Musings

Planning a wedding may be many things, but it's never dull! Now is the time in your life when you may let your imagination run wild and prepare every little detail of your big day. And let's face it, there is something really fulfilling about crossing items off a to-do list as they are completed. No amount of inspiration is too much when organizing a wedding since you never truly know what will work and make sense on your wedding day!

Just keep one extremely crucial thing in mind while you plan your wedding: Try to have fun! After all, this is your wedding! Don't obsess about the little things; instead, concentrate on enjoying your love for one another and being married in front of your friends and family. While arranging your big day during the most magnificent season, don't forget to breathe in the fresh air and say cheese to "spring"! Although there is a ton of inspiration available for you to choose from, we realize that it might be a bit intimidating, so we have done all the legwork for you. We hope that this month's materials inspire you all and make you feel happier and more upbeat while you plan your spring or summer wedding!


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