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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources - December 2022


“There's something super special about December.”

― Charmaine J. Forde


December is a month of celebrations, endings, and beginnings. Although spring and summer weddings are vibrantly fun to have, there’s a special spot for end-of-year weddings. December weddings need not turn into lovely winter weddings for you, depending on your location. However that may be, the charming allure of a wedding in the Holiday season and in the last month of the year is just absolutely stunning and thrilling! December, to us, is exactly as Lisa Kleypas described it when she said, “May and October, the best-smelling months? I'll make a case for December: evergreen, frost, wood smoke, cinnamon.” Snowflakes, snow-covered lands, firewood cracking in the background, the smell of gingerbread in the air, steaming cups of hot chocolate sitting at the table, and the gifts under the Christmas tree waiting to be unwrapped are probably how we want the year to end. However, before the Holiday season hits us in its full swing, you will have a good couple of weeks to plan a wedding. Another great time to throw a winter wedding is right around the corner of the New Year. If you find end-of-the-year weddings appealing and want the thrilling beauty of the December wedding to be a heavy theme in your wedding, then we have just the thing for you! Our month-end wedding resources blog post is a collection of some of the best ideas and the trendiest options to include in your wedding. As we mentioned, depending on your location, you could celebrate Christmas in winter, surrounded by snow and fireplaces, or you celebrate the year-end by the seaside, but there’s no reason not to incorporate some romantic elements of a chilly winter wedding, right? The reason why we bring you these end-of-the-month resources is to help you make note of some of the best trends and ideas swirling around for the month and incorporate one or all of them into your wedding! We have six amazing ideas that we want to bring to your attention, and we’re sure all of these ideas will make your wedding planning exceptionally easy! So, take a seat, or not, grab a cup of coffee or whatever you’d like to drink as we get into it! 


Wedding vows are one of the most important parts of your wedding ceremony. We’d like to go so far as to say your wedding vows are a monumental public declaration of your love for your partner. Words and emotions, you’ll marry those into a few sentences and tell your partner what’s on your mind, what you feel about them, and what your future intentions are. Since you put so much effort, thought and emotion into your words, editing and redoing your wedding vows to make sure that your words have the impact your partner has on your life, it only makes sense for you to keep your wedding vows in a brilliant, little sleeve, doesn’t it? With cell phones being the tool of the 21st century, and pieces of paper with your delicate handwritten notes being a thing of the past, if we’re being honest, reading your tear-jerking wedding vows off your phone’s screen does not really make for a great wedding photo! So, how about finding a great wedding vow book to keep your vows safe until it is time to use them? We particularly love the lettered leatherbound vow books, but that’s not all you can choose for your wedding vows’ safekeeping. Floral paper books that conceal your wedding vows can be used as an amazing pop of color for your wedding ceremony, or you could use a black paper vow book to make an impact. To be honest, there are many options to choose from. Just be sure to choose a wedding vow book that fits right into your wedding ceremony theme, color scheme, and decor! Ensure that the wedding books you choose for yourself and your partner are synonymous with your wedding ceremony’s look. The link below has a list of some interesting and amazing wedding vow books for you to use. 

24 Gorgeous Vow Books to Keep Your Love Alive for Eternity

Via Brides


Wedding planning is as fun as it gets, a little challenging initially, but it turns out to be the best roller coaster ride of your life. That being said, it only makes sense for you to have all the help you need at your disposal. Although regular weddings are exceptionally fun and even better when you plan them, we have yet another idea that will make your wedding shine and look absolutely amazing! The last month of the year brings us close not only to each other, family, and friends but also shows us some of the best moments in your city. Since the colder months have better scenery, why not take advantage of that? The best way to make use of this opportunity, while maintaining a beautiful and romantic wedding setting is to use the idea of rooftop weddings! A rooftop wedding will give you the first-hand experience of the urbanscape dressed in the wondrous colors of the sun going down. While we’re on the topic of rooftop weddings and enjoying the scenic vistas of the urban buildings, let’s talk about a twilight wedding too. You can use your rooftop wedding to also throw a twilight wedding, the unobtrusive view of the city from a rooftop wedding venue will be perfect for your wedding photos, your first dance, and even your wedding ceremony! If a rooftop wedding is your idea of a dream wedding for this winter season, then the blog below has a guide that will help you plan, and throw a rooftop wedding party in any season!  

17 Breathtaking Ideas for a Rooftop Wedding

Via Brides


One of the most important parts of your wedding will be your wedding bouquet. And when we talk about a wedding bouquet, the choices are many. You will have to choose between options to use, the colors that go with your wedding theme, and the style of the wedding bouquet arrangement. That being said, it is pretty natural for you to forget about the foliage to use. Although over the past few years, greenery and foliage are taking the front-row seat when it comes to wedding decor, for wedding bouquets, it is easy to put foliage in the backseat. The use of foliage and greenery in your wedding bouquet will change your bouquet look, and make it look exactly like a part of your wedding. We understand that looking for the correct “type” of foliage can be time-consuming, which is why we thought that the link below will be useful. Click on the link below to learn about the different kinds of foliage you can use for your wedding bouquet. This link gives you an idea of what kind of foliage will be a good option for your wedding bouquet depending on the season.  

The Best Foliage to Use in Your Wedding Bouquet for Every Season

Via Martha Stewart


As we’ve mentioned time and time again, wedding planning can be difficult and time-consuming. However, with the right help and aid, you can reduce the time taken to settle on the ideas and help you need for your wedding, and also, reduce the element of confusion. That being said, the moment you decide on your wedding date, you will begin planning the decor, and the ideas that will breathe life into your chosen wedding venue. It is a natural process and we get it, because trust us when we say this, we’d do the same. It is easy for us to visualize our wedding first and then start looking for the material aspects of the wedding venue and what can be done to your wedding decor. As much as we agree with this, there’s a practical approach to wedding planning, and we love it. With time, some ideas that we use, some trends that take over the world, have to be put to rest. So, we thought that an end-of-the-year wedding should not be a “non-trendy” affair. If you’re throwing a wedding in the month of December, then how about you cross out some ideas from your wedding planning options? We are pro-greenery decor, but pampas grass and big tropical flowers as the decor have to be one of those trends that we do not revisit. Other idea-wedding favors are sweet and thoughtful, but wedding planners suggest using a sentimental wedding favor, or a unique keepsake that your wedding guests will love. These are a few of the many other ideas that wedding planners suggest you should scrap from your wedding’s vision board this year as you start planning your wedding. The link below will help you to understand which wedding ideas and trends are overdone and should be scrapped. Additionally, if your heart is set on certain ideas, the link below will help you to choose an alternative that actually works for you! Click on the link to read all about it.  

11 Outdated Wedding Trends to Remove From Your Vision Board, According to Planners

Via Martha Stewart


December weddings are amazing, and Christmas weddings are even better, and you can’t change our minds about it! From throwing a wedding in your local wedding venue to looking for a destination wedding venue with snow-capped mountains to make the most of the season, a Christmas wedding is always welcome. If you’re planning to throw your wedding around Christmas time or want your wedding to embody the perfection of Christmas, then the blog below has some amazing ideas. Throw an outdoor wedding ceremony with snow surrounding you to the chic white, red and green wedding theme colors, from bridal accessories to cool wedding cake ideas, the blog is the ultimate guide for a winter wedding! Click on the link below to learn more about how to throw a romantic Christmas-inspired winter wedding! 

33 Best Christmas Wedding Ideas – The Complete Guide

Via Green Wedding Shoes 


Winter is amazing, and December is the best time to experience it. The end of the year deserves a great send-off, and you can do it even better if you’re throwing a wedding in December. We understand that winter wedding ideas are plenty, but with changing times, the trends change. If you’re throwing a winter wedding this year, then how about you make it super trendy? From trending wedding outfits to ideas on different wedding favors, there’s so much to do! For your winter wonderland wedding inspiration, we found an amazing link with close to 60 wedding ideas! The link below gives you a rundown of the different aspects of wedding details to plan for your winter wonderland wedding. Of course, we don’t mean to tie your hands by mentioning this, but since it is your wedding you can either use the ideas in this link or tweak it to suit your preferences.  

59 Ideas for the Ultimate Winter Wonderland Wedding

Via The Knot


There’s no denying that the last month of the year is charming, thrilling, and celebratory, and gives us a sense of warmth that cannot be found elsewhere. Perhaps this is because of Christmas and New Year, or because we welcome a whole new year of unfound joy and happiness, or maybe because we’re glad to have lived through some of the best moments and survived the moments we did not think we would, or maybe, just maybe, it is all of those things combined. The emotion of a year passing and a new beginning only gets better with a wedding. If you are planning to throw a wedding and are unsure of the season, the time, and the location, then we hope our wedding resource blog helps you make a decision. Just a disclaimer, we do not intend to dictate your thought process or tell you how to throw your wedding. Our intention is to compile some of the best ideas, some of the best trends, and wedding planning tips to help you throw the wedding of your dreams! 


Happy wedding planning!


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