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Holiday Season Wedding Inspiration: 7 Hot Ideas to Outfit Your Cold-Weather Wedding


Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore... Oops, sorry! For me, it’s hard not to think of this song from Frozen movie when it’s about winter weddings! If you’re anything like us, we are so into holiday season weddings! Getting married around a late fall or winter holiday like HalloweenThanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve might appeal to couples who love these holidays or who want to get more bang for their buck by having an off-season wedding. One more perk of hosting a holiday wedding is having tons of inspiration for a theme and color palette. A New Year's Eve wedding, for instance, comes frequently wrapped up in metallics like silvers, bronzes, and golds. A Christmas wedding, by and large, boasts the sprinkling of red and emerald jewel tones against extravagant fabrics like velvet and plaid tartan throughout the event.


If your BAE popped the question around the holidays, it only makes sense to fix a wedding date in the early winters next year as the December wedding means you'll have ample time on your hand (about 12 months) for wedding planning which is an ideal timeline to set yourself in motion for wedding shopping which involves checking out venues as well! Any which way, getting married on or near a holiday has its own perks. Holiday weddings can seem like an amazing idea because why not! Family is perhaps already gathered, there’s a festive vibe in the air, and most wedding/reception venues come already festooned with buoyant holiday decor. Plus, how can one forget their wedding anniversary date in the future if it was a holiday (or holiday-adjacent) wedding! Oh boy, you get to celebrate two special events in one - your anniversary plus the holiday! Whatever the reason is, if your heart is set on a winter wedding, chances are you might be thinking about having a Christmas-themed wedding! And the sky’s the limit when it comes to winter wedding ideas to make the wedding stand out. But we don’t suggest you go overboard! Instead of having fake snow on every table, mini stockings as favors, and red and green everything, keep your décor elevated by sprinkling a dose of holiday magic sparingly and intentionally. From wintry ceremony backdrops and tablescapes to cheerful little touches that will certainly put you (and all your guests) in the holiday spirit, below we have rounded up some inspirational winter wedding ideas particularly Christmas wedding ideas that are sure to impress you in a heartbeat.

Fashion the Invitation Suite
Setting the wheels in motion for the big day, an invitation suite is one of many nuts and bolts of your wedding, and of course is your little birdie that reveals the news to the guests that what kind of wedding it is going to be! If you and your partner are hosting a wintertide wedding with a chic, seasonal theme, why not give guests a preview of the event to come with winter wedding invitations? Give the nod to the holiday season by including cozy materials like velvet, satin bows, and laser-cut details for an incredible invitation suite inspired by holiday gifts and snowflakes. We love these kinda elegant laser-cut snowflake-inspired wedding invites, which are perfect for your color palette that has gold in it. Pick out or DIY invites with gold foil elements, winterberry, and snowflake motifs, or mountain-inspired details to set the Thames on fire for an unforgettable celebration. What better way to set the scene for your Christmas wedding than this white, teal/ turquoise, blue invite designed with flat prints of lights/sparklers, nature, and ***snowflakes***!  

Light up the venue with rustic lights
No lights no magic! Thanks a ton to Thomas Edison! When it comes to lighting up a Christmas wedding the possibilities are endless. You can wrap them around trees, string them along fences, and so much more. Let your creative juices flow but adhere to just one rule - avoid multicolor or flashing lights. It’s not a rave party! And forget the rule “less is more.” No doubt white wire mini lights and icicles are all the rage at the moment, but you may pick out the lights as per your wedding theme and style to adorn your outdoor summer wedding or indoor winter wedding. We are already swooning over these 70 cool white snowflakes LED icicle lights! Hang these ice-cold, cool-to-the-touch beauties indoors or out and captivate your guests with snowflakes suspended from the roof or even along tree branches! You might want to check out these 9 best outdoor string lights of 2021 that are perfect for decking up aisles, wedding walls, and backdrops, and illuminating tents for outdoor weddings. For instance, if you are tying the knot against a lush and verdant tropical landscape, the addition of vertical light-string vines will turn the surroundings into fantasy land. A funky web of icicle string lights set up overhead can totally bring your dance floor to life. Regardless of your needs, there is a cartload of twinkling fairy lights on the market today, from the regular plug-in, battery-operated, or solar-power models, as well as different styles of bulbs, from large globes to twinkling fairy lights and everything in between. And the best part is, many outdoor string lights are a dime a dozen, making them a fun and budget-friendly way to spruce up your garden or patio on the wedding day. 

Keep Christmas trees in mind
A lit-up sparkling Christmas tree will not only look breathtaking in the backdrop of your wedding photography but also will add that much-needed festive vibe to your holiday wedding. Place a row of medium-sized trees behind the spot where you plan to exchange your nuptials. From architecting the tower of your favorite dessert like croquembouche resembling a Christmas tree to tying the ribbons reading guests' names and Christmas ornaments with table assignments to the indoor Christmas tree, the world is your oyster when it’s about adding that little else to your nature-blessed wintry Christmas wedding. Another idea that has our hearts is to hang personalized wedding favors for guests on a Christmas tree at your reception. If placing small evergreen Christmas-tree-inspired festive centerpieces on every guest table seems too much to you, then go the traditional way by installing a big voluminous Christmas tree adorned with dangling escort cards and surrounded with wedding gifts, just like you would with Christmas presents or simply flank the venue's fireplace with two tall Christmas trees embellished with the festive fairy lights. A beautifully decorated fireplace makes a fantastic wintertime ceremony backdrop! You might have seen mini evergreen trees placed on the gift table or dessert table at some Christmas-themed weddings but giving away welcome bags featuring pretty evergreen trees is something unique! Christmas-tree motifs spread throughout your venue can take your holiday wedding notches above!

Install wreaths here and there for a breath of fresh air
Woop, we love hoops with heaps of greenery! The moment you hear the word “wreath,” Christmas is the first thing that pops into your head. One of the prettiest winter wedding decorations around, this cute creation from greenery sprigs is no less than a halo of festive vibes! Exchanging vows in the wintertime practically mandates at least one festive wreath. From standard wall and door decorations to more surprising iterations, like just-married signs, place setting markers, and overhead installations, this simple yet lovely holiday wedding decor item opens doors to endless options to make your guests swoon. Symbolic of unity, strength, and infinity, wreaths are as romantic and timeless as a floral arrangement can be. One of the unique ways to incorporate wreaths into your winter festive-themed wedding could be embellishing your wedding cake with a cute ring made of green trails and blooms matching the wedding theme! Surprised? Yes, this lovely piece of nature can fit snugly in just about anywhere on the big day, even your fur baby’s neck (OwO!) and as-cute-as-a-bug's-ear flower girl’s head. ! And guest tables are no exception as well. A tiny hoop of greens placed on the flatware with a sweet name tag is something that your guests will talk about for years to come! You may also forgo the blooming wreaths and consider installing a massive wreath crafted out of pampas grass, toitoi (New Zealand native pampas weed), or wheat-inspired elements as your autumn ceremony backdrop instead if you are getting hitched in a bohemian style. Or how about marking your and your almost spouse's chairs under the sweetheart table with beribboned wreaths spruced up with a wedding-appropriate phrase like “forever and ever!”

Sprinkle some natural elements around (and over YOU)
If you're figuring out a way to bring nature inside, then look no further. From rustic winter wedding cake server set to jaw-dropping ice sculptures to ethereal winter garden table runner to bridal accessories and fuzzy cover-ups. Yes, you have at your disposal awe-inspiring accessories (and the deep, sensual color schemes of rich berries, warm ambers, and glittering metallics). From festive berry-hued lips to a seasonal floral crown of evergreens, winter lets you steal anything you think can elevate your wedding day look. Give your sweetheart chills by walking down the aisle in a gorgeous illusion full-sleeved lace wedding dress complete with a showstopping bouquet of orchids, a romantic flower crown, a glamorous hairpiece that’s a spitting image of freshly fallen snowflakes in your hair. What better time to accessorize and bring out all the glam than when the temperature drops! Gorgeous winter brides call for a dazzling winter setting to take pride of place! Incorporate holiday greenery in the decor to inject some warmth into the ambiance, from the menu to the wedding cake table and everything in between. Check out this simple yet ravishing festive menu scroll that looks just like Santa's nice list and this eye-catching cake table display decked out with paper-cut snowflakes à la the iconic Christmas movie Elf! Line your aisle with festive foliage for a dreamy ceremony entrance. Hang a colossal wreath outside your venue which can act as both a prop for photos and a spectacular focal point. You could even use it to hang a welcome sign in the middle. Consider creating a festive Hygge feeling with tall, tapered candles and a lush green garland for a simple but oh-so-effective tablescape. Oh, how can we forget mistletoe at a winter soirée or Christmas wedding? Make sure your groom’s buttonhole is fittingly Christmassy too! You could include a sprig of holly, mistletoe, a thistle, a red rose, or a mini pine cone. Add a dramatic dose of festive magic to your Christmas wedding ceremony by placing fresh Christmas trees in the backdrop! This one is unique and our fave too - Bottlebrush trees are a fun little addition to your reception tables.

Let the pieces of winter take the lead
“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold,” said Aristotle. So if you have felt something in its original form then only you can understand the attributes that come with it. Invite the blizzard of beauty and joy to your wedding with stunning winter wedding decoration ideas that are few and far between and let your guests know how much obsessed you are with this nature’s white beauty! For an airy, winter wonderland vibe, silver and light blue are excellent duos. They'll bring a classic-meets-contemporary feel to your wedding decor. Speaking of venue decor, where the color white takes all the limelight when it’s a cold-weather wedding, we say pops of black will do the trick too in making your winter fête stand out and for that, you can simply line black candles down the length of the table for a moody, seasonal glow. When incorporated into the tablescape, decorations, and even escort cards, pine cones can play a pivotal role in taking your festive wedding to the next level. You can DIY glistening snow-covered pine cones or opt for a more natural look by incorporating them into a garland runner. Allow tablescapes to steal the show by arranging the towering tree centerpieces adorned with white flowers lending them a snowy look and floating candles for a pinch of magic along with silver leaf accents! The effect will completely be angelic and etched in the memories of our near and dear ones! With so many options to adorn indoor, it’s natural to forget about the outdoors, especially during the cold weather. Talking about the outdoors - answer this - Is there anything more romantic and essential than a fireplace at this time of year? We think nothing! So do not forget to set up a fire pit outside your venue. This will keep guests who want to pop outside warm and also provides an excellent place to toast marshmallows!

Tuck special signboards to wow your guests
If you're in the thick of brainstorming your winter wedding décor landscape, you've probably already embraced Christmas-themed or winter-inspired wedding signs. From invitations to signage and cocktail names, you can astonish your wedding guests with a Christmas wedding that is no less than a winter wonderland by using special language throughout the day. Set up a welcome scene with a chalkboard sign or rustic wooden pallet with all sorts of your favorite cozy or Christmassy things: cushions, vintage luggage, lanterns, boots, blankets, jars of cookies, a sledge, wreaths - anything you love. It'll be the perfect warm welcome! Minimalist couples, this one’s for you - there is no better way than to put an indie spin on a modern look with a framed acrylic wedding sign with pampas grass. Or why not welcome your guests with fun festive signage? We love the addition of the lush green foliage but not more than lucite details. A trendy alternative to paper, lucite and acrylic décor have seeped into the wedding world, and it’s making modern winter weddings more beautiful than ever. The hottest wedding trend, the translucent details bring a touch of elegance while throwing in a dash of unexpected glam. We are not just talking about acrylic and lucite signboards but also save-the-dates and invitations, menus, seating charts, escort cards, and table numbers, chairs, and centerpieces. You might want to take a look at these inspirational ideas to use Lucite or acrylic details on the big and special day.  

It’s not a secret anymore that weddings are becoming better reflections of the couples planning them, giving you more room to include what you admire and to do away with ones that you don’t. No doubt, when fixing the wedding date, most couples gravitate towards spring, summer, and fall celebrations, but we can’t ignore the myriad benefits of planning a winter wedding! From securing a cheaper wedding venue and accommodations to spending less money and sweating less, there is a bucket full of reasons to say ‘I do’ while the snow is falling outside. But here are some challenges too - snowstorms, freezing rain, the shutdown of airports and roads, icy-cold temperatures, vendor availability (Unlike George Street Photo & Video that is available any season!), health-related issues like sore throats, coughs, and the flu to name a few. You can’t have your cake and eat it! After looking at these wedding inspirations, we are sure winter is tempting you to celebrate your nuptials. With that, we are happy that you are no more sitting on the fence about choosing the right season to get hitched. And just a friendly reminder: While you will have your hands full with wedding day festivities on the big day, our professional wedding photographers will be on their toes to capture all the cozy winter wedding details that you put great efforts and thoughts into in the best of frames for you to cherish forever and a day! So go all out for your SO, your loved ones, and of course for yourself because as Elsa’s Olaf said, “Some people are worth melting for!” Break a leg!


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