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An Ode to an Autumn Wedding in San Jose


"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"– Albert Camus.


Fall weddings have a different fan base for all the right reasons. From cooler temps, cozy scarves, to pumpkin spice and everything in between, fall weddings can give you not only off-season discounts but also gorgeous inspirational decor for your wedding day. Ranging from hayrides and haunted houses of Halloween to the scrumptious family time dinner of Thanksgiving, there are so many reasons to have a fall wedding. It is the start of the holiday season that is packed with a dash of nostalgia and reminds us of the beauty of nature. 


Ranging from the typically temperate weather to the gorgeous bridal bouquet options, from the annual shedding of trees covering the grounds with bright orange and red leaves to the aromatic fragrance of grandma's baked turkey straight from the oven, autumn weddings are a party to the poetic senses. There are so many reasons why autumn has been so romanticized by authors and poets throughout history. Maybe it is the reason why the landscape of autumn bursts with orange-gold leaves, just like a painter's rendering, or maybe, all the fall quotes make so much sense as you read them while sipping a strong cup of coffee. 


In the fall of 2019, we got to document the love story of the stellar San Jose couple- Michelle and Tony that gave our hopelessly romantic souls with the ultimate couple goals. The interesting duo warmed up our souls with their power of strong chemistry and ultimate passion for each other. Their chemistry reflected very strongly on their wedding day and our wedding photographers in San Jose did a fabulous job of capturing the very essence of their romantic love story on their special day. The way they twirled around the floor on their first dance like fallen leaves of an autumn rustle in the wind, it gave our photographers an inspirational wedding photography session in San Jose.


It was Michelle's choice to get married in San Jose and she planned to get her professional photography sessions to be done around this beautiful Californian city. The glorious beauty of San Jose is surrounded by the rolling hills of Silicon Valley, popular cultural hotspots, and Spanish colonial revival structured architectural landmarks. Being the third-largest city in California, the glorious past of San Jose was deeply rooted in the agricultural industry, and to this day the striking reminiscences of the grand history reflect as naturally vintage and rustic backdrops in San Jose professional photography sessions. Whether you have been planning to do a pre-wedding photography session while exploring the rich historical significance or you want a post-wedding photography session in the eclectic Downtown District, you will never run out of backdrops for wedding photography sessions in San Jose.


Ranging from 1927 established vibrant flower beds of Municipal Rose Garden to the largest collection of authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, the interesting photography hot spots in San Jose will tempt you to have your professional engagement photography sessions here. Couples who are looking for fun activities to include in their engagement session in San Jose can head to the popular Downtown District that is always buzzing with sidewalk cafes, boutique storefronts, and community institutions. Also, the historic Santana Row is another eclectic destination that is filled with a bustling mix of premier commercial and entertainment communities. The hauntingly exquisite beauty of the famous Winchester Mystery House, which has also become one of the most popular tourist spots with its eerie sense of mystery, is loved by couples who are looking to have fun and excitement in their San Jose engagement photography sessions.


The popular and cultural JTown of San Jose is one of the last remaining Japantowns in the United States, which is also a popular engagement hotspot with its vibrant and picturesque mix of storefronts and restaurants. Located at the heart of Downtown San Jose, the beautiful and striking San Jose Museum of Art with its wide collection of artworks from around the world can delight the lovers of art. The pristine and tranquil destination of Mission Santa Clara de Asís, located on the campus of Santa Clara University, is a great spot for couple photography sessions in San Jose. Couples who are looking to get away from the city and get lost in the wilderness would want to head to the scenic and naturally attractive Los Gatos Creek Trail, that is filled with long stretches hiking trails and popular pathways for our professional photographers in San Jose to capture couples in their best candid moods.


Like a series of love sonnets by Shakespeare, we were smitten by our stunning couple, Tony and Michelle on their day one of a new beginning. The passionate spark reverberated throughout and inspired our San Jose wedding photographers to create some of the most incredible wedding portraits. From the moment Michelle got ready donned in her crystal white wedding dress to the time the newlyweds posed against the panoramic mountainous backgrounds while exchanging a promise to stay by each other's side forever, our hearts were exposed to the light that shone through the leaves on an autumn morning.


It was Michelle's idea to get married at one of the most premier wedding venues in California. Located in Morgan Hill in California, Willow Heights Mansion wedding venue is an estate wedding venue featuring one of the world's most enchanted settings for hosting weddings in California. Nestled in the western hills of Santa Clara County, this amazing and classic wedding venue in the suburbs of San Jose, is located within a 20 minutes drive from the main city. The unique urban oasis that sits on 26 acres of rolling hills and spectacular vineyards with a stately mansion as its centerpiece offer fairytale-like settings for tying the knot. 


Our power couple was swept off their feet the moment they reached this traditional wedding venue in suburban San Jose by its sheer exclusivity and grandeur. They instantly decided that they will host their wedding day amidst the serene beauty that this luxurious wedding venue in California's Coast's natural landscape has to offer. Surrounded by the panoramic views of the valley below, the touch of old Hollywood's everlasting glory can be seen enlivened in the wedding event spaces of the premier wedding venue in San Jose suburbs. It has the capacity to host up to 300 guests in its sprawling estate, making it convenient for you to host both intimate as well as grand weddings.


Ranging from exquisite marble fireplaces, grand crystal chandeliers, sparkling mirrors in wooden frameworks, wrought iron railings to an expensive veranda overlooking the plush mansion surroundings and valley below, your wedding photography session in San Jose will be a party to the aesthetic senses. The relaxed and private settings of this exclusive San Jose wedding venue can give you a multitude of photo opportunities for your couple photography session. As the graceful modern-day chic structures merge seamlessly with the immaculate natural surroundings, your professional photography session in San Jose will be filled with one-of-a-kind memories. 


This Santa Clara wedding venue has a large outdoor wedding ceremony site that features a crisp white wooden pergola, meticulously manicured lawns, surrounded by lush green vineyards, and stunning views of rolling hills, giving a plethora of options for our talented team of San Jose wedding photographers to capture your wedding day in candid keepsakes. You can choose to tie the knot in the large outdoor wedding ceremony site or in the intimate setting that features an artistic arched stone entry leading up to the enchanting mansion that plays the backdrop for your wedding ceremony. 


For your wedding reception, the flexible event spaces of this exclusive San Jose wedding venue that are packed with elegant and sophisticated settings can be perfect for you. The chic tented terrace can be an ideal and picturesque wedding reception location in San Jose. You can also choose the reception hall that is exquisitely decorated with elegant and polished wooden floors, draped ceilings, and wide windows that naturally illuminate the airy ambiance, making it perfect for an inspirational San Jose wedding photography session. You can arrange for a completely black tie wedding affair in one of the flexible wedding event spaces offered by the 16,000-square-feet grand mansion or opt for a casual and relaxed wedding setting with the game of bocce ball for the entertainment of your guests.


Get ready to be transported back in time and enjoy a truly effortless experience as a to-be-married couple in California, at this exclusive suburban San Jose wedding venue. With the professional coordinators and expert staff who belong to the Live+Love+Léal portfolio of properties arranging everything from your floral decorations to the kind of setting that reverberates your personalities, you can be sure to avail a truly wonderful experience of wedding planning in California.


On their wedding day, the sun shone brightly lifting our moods and creating a dramatic atmosphere for our wedding photographers in San Jose to document the love story in a beautiful way. The detailed shots of the wedding day ranged from the bride’s getting-ready moments on her special day to the emotional moments exchanged between the groom and his father as he adjusted the cufflink of the groom's outfit. From capturing the traditional wedding decor like the knives placed on top of hay boxes to the vibrant bridal portrait session, our photographers captured each and every detail of the wedding day intricately for creating a memorable wedding album. 


Before the wedding ceremony took place, Tony posed with his group of best friends in a picture-perfect groomsmen photography session, and Michelle too aced the game of bridesmaids group photography session with her girl gang. The love-struck soon-to-be married love birds went on to pose for amazing couple photographs as part of their pre-wedding photography before heading to the altar. From posing in one of the exclusive suites of the mansion to playing the piano together, and orchestrating Pinterest-inspired poses in various parts of the wedding venue with the band of bridesmaids and groomsmen truly created inspirational wedding portraits.


The trendy bridal outfit of Michelle was a long and flowing crisp white wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and noodle strap sleeves, that scooped down deep at the back. Her hair was neatly side-parted and loosely tied with a diagonal braid, and the minimal bridal jewelry adorned to make her perfect bridal outlook. She carried a vibrant autumn-themed bridal bouquet and her minimalist bridal makeup was on point. Tony wore a classic black formal suit with a crisp white shirt, teamed up with a black bow, and rose boutonniere. The entire look was glammed up by elegant elegantly dressed bridesmaids in their pastel blue maxi dresses and the classic black-suited groomsmen for creating a picture-perfect wedding day.


Our hearts were swooned by some of the most invaluable and precious moments of the wedding day starting from the moment our bride was walked down to the altar by her father till the time they exchanged their wedding vows, under the white pergola with the scenic mountain ranges at the backdrop. The way they looked at each other during the wedding ceremony, from the fragile picture-perfect moment during their first kiss, to the amazing wedding exit, the details of this picturesque wedding created some of the most inspirational wedding portraits. Once the ceremony was over, everyone quickly regrouped for creating amazing family portraits before the wedding reception. 


Ranging from the breathtaking couple portraits set against the massive love sign and grand wedding to their evening wedding reception, from the way they had their first dance under the twinkling fairy lights to the way they marked their new beginning with a dramatic wedding exit as their friends lit up sparklers, every moment was beautifully documented by our incredibly talented San Jose wedding couple photographers. This wedding day in San Jose is surely going down the memory lanes as one of our fondest memories of documenting love stories, as the cherished memories that were entailed by this special day will forever be in a bright hue within our hearts.


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