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A Bright, Bold, Colorful Take On Isabel And JP Chicago Industrial Wedding!


Once upon a time, two people met, and it was fireworks and rainbows! There were magical sunset dates and butterflies fluttering in the stomach. There were walks in the park and dances in the kitchen. Sparks flew and there was the lingering fragrance of love everywhere they went. Soon it was clear, as days became weeks, weeks became months, and with the months came a proposal! They wanted forever! There is something eternally magical about two people coming together as strangers and deciding to stick together for the rest of their lives! Weddings are enchanting, as it provides us a glimpse of all these amazing love stories, and how each of them is so different, yet riveting and unique! We are lucky to be able to bear witness to hundreds of love stories as a part of our workday! Every time we get to cover a couple who is so love-struck and immersed in the flirtatious spell, it makes our hearts swell, as it renews our confidence in the stubborn light of love and how it makes everything a little sweeter! Love provides a purpose in life, revives the jaded and heals the scorned, and reinspires one to do all the things out there and bring home the moon! Isabel and JP's Chicago wedding is the kind to have us rooting for them and their beautiful story and leave our hearts full of happiness. Let us take a look at this lovely couple’s colorful wedding day!


Isabel and JP wanted the gorgeous city of Chicago to be the backdrop for their wedding day memory, and needless to say, the city did wonders to provide the couple with the most stunning settings to work with! It goes without saying that couples in the city are spoilt for choice when it comes to options for wedding venues in Chicago or even engagement photo spots in the city. The city of Chicago is so stunning and full of scenic locations that it will never fall short in its commitment to deliver a great time. Bringing to the table some jaw-dropping architecture and exceptional artwork, along with a large variety of statues and sculptures, Chicago is rich in outstanding elements that provide the city its unique character and stature. This is what makes Chicago a muse for photographers and the perfect pretty spot for lovers to fall in love! Chicago is undoubtedly an impressive city to look at, with every display phenomenal and perfect enough to be captured and framed in a home or showcased in a gallery as a piece of art! Fittingly named ‘Windy City,’ Chicago comes with its famous draft which can increase to a temperamental wind depending on the time of the year, painting a hauntingly beautiful picture in its wake. Home to some of the most epic skylines, Chicago also boasts some of the most epic sunsets, steeping the city in its magical kaleidoscopic glow every evening! In addition to those pretty city skylines, the Windy City also is a base for remarkable pieces of architecture, be it the Cloud Gate or the Sears Tower. It also includes touristy spots like the Navy Pier or the Shedd Aquarium, making the city a fun excitement and adventure that assures it will leave behind only good memories and a feel-good sensation. Settled by the stunning Lake Michigan, rejoiced for its dynamic arts scene, assorted cultural attractions, and excellent shopping options, Chicago is plentiful in its abundance and holds a global reputation as a focal point of 20th-century architecture and art. Architects like Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, and artists like Picasso and Chagall, to name just a few, have left their mark in this pretty city, and understandably so! The city is big in the sports atmosphere too, with names like Chicago Bears, the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Bulls, and Cubs being well-cherished throughout the country. Chicago is full of vitality and a city that always has something to do, from its romantic white-sand beachesparks, and museums. Having an energetic city full of spirit and charm, Chicago, highlighted in their love story, our duo couldn’t be any luckier as far as backdrop goes! 


Isabel and JP chose the gorgeous location of Chicago, the Joinery, as their preferred backdrop for their special day. One of the best wedding venues in Chicago, the Joinery is designed, owned, and operated by local architects and designers, and is far from just another industrial wedding venue in the city. Thoroughly conserving the history of this unique building, the Joinery stands out from the rest in its small custom details, which makes the Joinery wedding photography speak differently than others! Every room of this gorgeous wedding space is carefully designed to heighten and customize your special day and little thoughtful details like the bridal room, speakeasy, outdoor space, apartment, and cocktail areas all subscribe to what makes the Joinery experience extraordinary. The Joinery has a story just as interesting as the location, as it has experienced many incarnations, from manufacturing mop handles in the late industrial era to being a well-known warehouse for the mob to its most recent role as a millwork shop. All of its unique roles have added to the event space, the artifacts of the past still present to tell its story! Collecting inspiration from its life in woodworking, the Joinery offers the most unique backdrop, and its intimate size, abundant natural light, and a warm and welcoming design make it perfect for an industrial wedding! Isabel and JP's fun and the colorful wedding was done right by this stunning wedding location in Chicago, and the pictures say it all!


Isabela and JP were excited to get their wedding day started and got ready for the special day with a new spring in their steps. Isabel wore a gorgeous mermaid-style wedding dress with delicate lacework throughout and a romantic sweetheart neckline. The beautiful webs of lace in the dress and the long train cascaded behind Isabel, giving every step of her walk a grace of its own, making her look like a princess! Her makeup was fresh and light, her jewelry was minimal with a pair of sparkly teardrop earrings and a couple of bracelets and pendant, and a beautiful smile dressed her up to the nines! Her short dark hair was adorned with a floral crown which was created with the pink and red blooms and a sparse sprinkling of greenery, bringing her bridal look to life instantly. Isabel mirrored her gorgeous flower crown in her bridal bouquet, which was a bright and vibrant bunch of blooms in soft pinks, magenta, white and green from the foliage. A light shade of silky powder blue in her shoes acted as her “something blue” and a matching mask made her ready for the pandemic wedding. Her bridesmaids were gorgeous in all different shades of the rainbow, from emerald green to shimmery holographic blue to maroon! They wore their unique personalities and styles in their sleeves, giving the bridal party a unique bunch. JP looked dashing in his classic blue suiting, white shirt, maroon necktie, and a couple of pastel pink flowers as his boutonniere.


After the couple was ready, the professional wedding photographers in Chicago captured Isabel in some gorgeous bridal portraits and both Isabela and JP in some stunning couple portraits. The wedding venue provided several perfect backdrops for our Chicago wedding photographers to get some perfect shots by the pretty water features and the exquisite turquoise sculpture in the backdrop. We especially love the way the concrete terrace was lined with romantic pots of flowers which matched Isabel's flower crown perfectly, making the couple's photography much more intentional and beautiful! After the pictures, it was time for the wedding ceremony, and the interiors of the wedding venue were done up tastefully and elegantly. We love the elegant touches of the tall white candles in their glass candle holders and the wreaths of greenery and pink blooms adorning the red brick wall, which acted as the perfect backdrop for our couple to say their vows. Isabel was walked in by her father, and the couple exchanged their vows and sealed the deal with a kiss. After the ceremony, the couple posed with their friends and family for some group portraits and headed to the wedding reception area, where fun awaited them. 


They were welcomed by cheering friends and had their first dance. The delicate moments like the father-daughter dance, speeches, and even special present openings were acquired in priceless pictures, and our Chicago wedding photographers did a phenomenal job at it. In short, this was a wedding worth witnessing and admiring. We love the nontraditional and personalized choices of the bridesmaids, the way the couple prioritized the safety of the guests by ensuring that everyone wore masks for their covid wedding, and hence, hosting their wedding responsibility! We loved the way the couple made the wedding their own by peppering in personalized touches like displaying the family pictures in memory of the close ones, and the bright and colorful wedding stationery which went with their classy, minimal yet colorful style fittingly! Not only that, but we love the intentional choices of color and how it was all executed beautifully, be it the pinks in the flowers which trickled down to the table decor, the purples in the welcome signage and menu, the powder blue of the chairs for guests, or the bright blue of JP’s suit. And the warehouse-style industrial wedding venue tied in all the loose ends beautifully, creating a wedding day that will live on in our minds for a long time!


While the wedding day is the most special day that feels like it is all confetti and cake batter and poofy dresses, it does take a lot of work! There are months worth of planning, plotting, and stretching of the perfect plan before the beautiful wedding day dawns. There is work that goes into every detail - be it the bridal bouquets, the sparkly hair accessories, or the music that springs into life as soon as you walk down the aisle! But when the day finally arrives, it passes by way too quickly for you to process! A wedding day is surely exciting, but it is also a fast-moving 24 hours of your lifetime, as one event slips into the other, creating a happy blur of activities. While it is truly the most joyous day of your life potentially, sometimes the day might feel a little surreal like it is passing too swiftly, and you are losing all these gorgeous moments in the race against time. With various things needing your attention at a time, the nerves and the emotions running high, it is not shocking when your memory fails to memorize all the big and little bits of the special day. Thank god for photographs so that you don't have to rely on your memory to look back on your wedding day! A delicately curated wedding album and the beautifully pieced together wedding video are all it takes to take you back to your wedding day, even decades down the lane. A perfect wedding photo album allows you to hold onto those beloved pearls of memories from your wedding day, which will be otherwise lost permanently. By incorporating them in a wedding album, you get to hold on to them for years to come, remember, and relive those fragile memories. Our professional and affordable Chicago wedding photographers have done an excellent job of capturing gorgeous moments of Isabel and JP's special day in the most powerful frames. We adore beautiful couple photographs in the different settings, each one more beautiful than the last, the gorgeous wedding venue, the vibrancy of the color choices and the elegant industrial vibe, and more! Every frame of this picture-perfect Chicago wedding is captured with remarkable expertise and professional authority. When the day is over and the couple heads home, these photographs will still tell the story of the gorgeous day when they vowed: "I do!"


Weddings are special in every shape and form and can melt one's heart in a moment. While the couple planning the wedding will do everything they can to create a perfect wedding day, there is nothing like a perfect wedding because every wedding is complete and perfect in its own special way! It doesn't need a special color theme or the perfect venue or the music from a certain band, as all it really needs is the perfect half of the equation - your partner! Talking about perfect weddings, Isabela and JP's wedding day was the closest thing to perfection one might ever concur in their imagination! Looking like every moment belongs to the pages of a storybook, this is a couple who will have you falling in love with love - and how! Whether we talk about the bold touches of the wedding decor or the colors and the clean and sleek industrial bearing of the wedding day, there is something alluring and unique about this couple that trickles in their special day too! This surely is a wedding that puts the spirit of fun in every microscopic detail! As the gorgeous couple heads out to their promised happy ending, we hope their love keeps growing every day!


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