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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources-May 2021


“All things seem possible in May”, they say, and we sure agree! There is something about the month of May which immerses one in optimism in the best way possible! The soft-as-butter sunshine urges the new buds to burst out from the ground and bloom again. Things look alive as if the earth has woken up from a long slumber, and there is a crackling excitement in the air in anticipation of summer. There is the white blossom on the hedgerows, bluebells in the woods, and the blackbirds and cuckoos are serenading endlessly and of course, there are almost as many lovers as the flowers in a meadow in May. As it is the last spring “Hurrah!” before the summer rays hit our eager hearts, May sure has a charm which lovers all around the world acknowledge. If you are a lover who just got engaged or are anticipating a wedding in the future, May sure steps up to providing the perfect setting for lazy daydreams and planning for that perfect day. However, if you are making more concrete plans for your wedding than just cloudy daydreams, we have just the thing for you! As we do every month, we are here with some of the hottest links around the internet as the best wedding planning resources. Read on for some wedding planning tips, inspiration, and trends, and take notes!


That gleaming band that you wear around your ring finger and check out every five minutes after you get engaged has all of your heart in the first few weeks of your engagement! You sigh at it, share excited ring pics with friends and family, and are extremely super careful about it. However, there are certain ways you might be unintentionally ruining your engagement ring this upcoming summer, and here is how you can put a stop at it right now. Read on and find out what you are doing wrong and what you should do instead! 

4 Ways You're Ruining Your Engagement Ring This Summer

via Martha Stewart


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional ceremony seating, and it gets the job done just fine, but you can escalate the wedding ceremony experience tenfold if you reconsider the obvious options of ceremony seating! It is refreshing, unexpected, and dare we say- fun! It not only makes your ceremony fun for your guest and the both of you, but it also makes it memorable! If you have been planning on doing your reception seating a little differently from the norm, this is the read for you. 

Here’s How To Get Creative With Your Wedding Ceremony Seating

via Green Wedding Shoes


The gift registry has been filled up, and you might be expecting some gifts and cards from your guests at your wedding. However, gift-receiving can surely get a little clumsy if not planned properly. Having a proper section of the event space dedicated to this area, especially around the welcome table or the entrance allows for a smoother turn of events and makes the process quite easy for both parties. While it serves a practical purpose, it doesn't hurt for the cards and gift table to be set up aesthetically! Here are some stunning ways you can go about it! 

21 Ways to Set Up a Card or Gift Table at Your Wedding

via Martha Stewart


The new combination in the wedding dress trends is the short dress and the long veil, a perfect juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional! Favored by most fashion-forward brides, this look is interesting, very fun, and little bold-all things that we love! With more casual weddings making an appearance, hemlines are definitely becoming shorter in weddings and the long veil adds drama and formal touch to a more casual look, giving it a perfectly balanced look! If you are stuck for inspiration, take a look at this article to get to know this trend a little better! 

Trend Alert! The Short Wedding Dress + Long Veil Combo is SO Chic

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If by this point your bubbling excitement for your honeymoon trip has fizzled down to an impatient shimmer, hear us out! If the pandemic really did you one, and you have tucked away the urge to take that epic trip with your partner away on the highest shelf, it is time to take a  revenge honeymoon! A term born out of vacation deprivation during a pandemic, revenge travel is your hall pass to book that trip you have been waiting for, and taking it later! This article explains this concept a little more, so hop on there for a fun read!

What Is a Revenge Honeymoon—Plus, 8 Trips to Consider Booking Now and Taking Later

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Yes, the pandemic did a whole ‘splash in the plans’ thing for many lovers’ wedding plans, it also brought in a whole lot of changes in the wedding structure which we all appreciate! Couples are more resourceful, creative, and flexible with their plans, and keeping the eye on things that really really matter-each other! While there are some pandemic wedding trends which are eager to say bye-bye to, (see you never, changed wedding date invite!), there are some that still make sense for weddings of this day and age, and were probably revolutionary changes which needed to make an appearance one way or the other! Take a deep dive into this article to know more about pandemic wedding trends that are not going anywhere!

50+ Pandemic Wedding Trends That Are Here to Stay for Good

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Weddings, much like spring, add a whole lot of excitement and joy to one's life and the air fills with youthfulness, love, and happiness. But while spring arrives every year, much to everyone’s relief, weddings happen only once, and need to be that bit extra special! So it is understandable why couples spend endless hours and months on months of planning for a day that they will cherish forever. There is so much to be done, and done just right too! However, every now and then we need a reminder to pause and enjoy the season of life we are in. You might never get this season of life again, so enjoy and plan with intention, not hurry. Everything will get done and will be done just right! Meanwhile, you can always lean on us to bring you our bagful of resources for you to delve into!


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