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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources-April 2021


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything,” said Shakespeare and the truth behind this sentence is evident in nature wherever you choose focus! From budding flowers to green lush grass springs to the way the air seems to have a fragrance of its own around this time, everything is fresh and youthful and ernest! No wonder spring has managed to be the favored topic of affection when it comes to poets and songwriters and artists. There is so much beauty that this season brings, that the earth feels like it is suddenly dressed up for a carnival. While spring might mean just-bloomed flowers, picnics, and strawberry shortcakes, spring also brings in love! Remember that sweet-as-honey feeling of being in love with your partner? I mean how can it not be a part of the equation with weather like that? Couples strolling the parks and hanging out in the outdoor section of the neighborhood bistros is something that we see a lot, come April. We also see a lot of engagement announcements and wedding invitations pouring in! Love stories get sweet in spring and understandably so. If you are one of the brides who is just engaged or are planning your wedding in the coming months, congrats! Come in, cozy up, and take notes, because we have some fun resources around the internet which might help your wedding planning journey! Are you ready?

Getting married in a park is beautifully Bronte sisters-approved and romantic, something which can be so romantically aesthetic especially in the spring and summer weddings. The flowers, the butterflies, and bubbling brooks are already there, waiting to celebrate your love, and all that you need to do is show up. However, there are still some things you might need to keep in mind while planning a park wedding. Read for a refreshing insight!

10 Things to Consider If You're Thinking About Getting Married in a Public Park

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Elopement is romantic and adventurous and having a jaw-dropping backdrop to match can be quite fitting for the overall vibe! There are so many places in this world that offer just the right setting for the perfect elopement story. If you are toying with the idea of planning an elopement and want to make it an ethereal and memorable moment, this article offers all the options you might need, and more, and leaves you inspired!

The 25 Best Places to Elope for Jaw-Dropping Photos

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A perfect way to tie off a morning wedding, a courthouse wedding, or as a way to extend a fun traditional-sized wedding the night before, a post-wedding brunch is beautiful and intriguing. The perfect way to end the best day of your life on a high note, brunches after a beautiful wedding is a cherry on the top. Not only does it let your guests recoup and refresh as they nurse a hangover from the reception last night, but it also allows them to mingle, and get chatting about the fun anecdotes of the wedding day. Dive into this fun article to know all that you need to know to host the perfect post-wedding brunch with your close ones!

 50 Ideas for an Unforgettable Post-Wedding Brunch

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Maybe we can thank the Bridgerton, or maybe the cottage-core and fairy-core aesthetics which first bloomed in 2020, silhouette and designs which makes you think of foraging mushrooms and running in a flower-speckled meadow are having a moment right now, and the example of the same can be seen in this wedding cake adorned with pressed flowers. Flowers in a wedding cake are not a new thing, but there's something about delicate pressed flowers laced carefully on your wedding day, which is hauntingly romantic and unforgettable. Read more about the trend here!

Romantic Trend Alert: How to Use Pressed Flowers in Weddings

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Bridal showers are so much fun, but they can even get sweeter! Add a bit of syrupy sweetness to the special day of celebration of the unique bond of the bridal party, and anticipation of the wedding day which is arriving, with these amazing dessert bar ideas. And the best news? It doesn't involve you having to call up a fancy party organizer to set it all up! You can get it all done yourself if you remember to get the semantics and the proportions just right! Read on to know more!

How To Create a DIY Bridal Shower Dessert Bar

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Wedding planning is not just about getting the perfect shade of hydrangeas for your bridal bouquet or ensuring your caterer is just perfect, but it also needs internal assessment and preparing for what lies beyond the wedding day, which is marriage! It is surprising how most couples focus on the wedding day so much, the marriage comes in as an afterthought when that is what the focus should primarily be on. Here are some marriage books which will help you maintain a healthy and thriving wedded relationship. While we believe every marriage is different just like every wedding, a few pointers hurt nobody. Are you ready to take notes? 

 12 Marriage Books Couples Should Read for a Healthy Relationship

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Seasons change, days get shorter, then longer again. Trends change and what's cool today might not be tomorrow. But love doesn't change with the tidal waves and persists. Getting to marry your sweetheart is a heady feeling and we are sure you can't contain your excitement as you plan for that special day! We have a sweet spot for a good love story, but as dreamy as love is and as magical as the journey of planning for a wedding, sometimes a bit of inspiration is all that we need! If you need a bit of fresh perspective, an insight on what's up and what's out, or just some inspiration, we are here every month to bring to you the newest and freshest of resources to help you through the wedding planning journey.


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