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Monthly Wedding Planning Resources-March 2021


There is something about the first ray of warm weather after a long dark winter that holds a special meaning to our lives. Spring blooms and brings with it a riotous display of colors, the resilience of nature, and the spirit of being born anew. Is there anything as brave and hopeful as the lush tender green leaves sprouting from the snowy branches? Is there anything as happy and pretty as the wildflowers and the seasonal blooms which bloom in happy abandon and greet us as a lost friend? There is a special kind of magic to the way the breezes feel in the starting days of spring, which makes one’s hearts sing. You start contemplating leaving your knits behind, there is a smile on the friendly faces you meet on the sidewalk, and there is a skip in your step and you would want to be outdoors more so than ever. Spring also happens to be a favorite among lovers as it is the most romantic time to get married! What better way to celebrate the beauty of love among nature’s best work? The colorful blooms, the beautiful weather, and the infectious feel-good energy of spring can be the perfect accompaniment to your love story. If you are planning for a wedding in the coming weeks(or even later in the year), we have some amazing online resources for you to dip into. Your monthly wedding tabloid of what’s in, what’s new, and what is on its way out is here to let you know all that you need to know!

Spring floats in through the meadow and she brings with her a basket full of colors that are just as dreamy and beautiful! The spring and the pastel hues and the vibrant refreshing colors that the season brings are no surprise to anyone, but it still puts a spell on one every year. From foamy blues to romantic pinks, vibrant tangerines to green borrowed from the newly sprung leaves, there are so many colors to choose from for your spring soiree. Read on to find out the year’s favorite spring color combinations and how you can pair them perfectly to fit into your wedding! There are so many to choose from, and there are quite a few surprises too!

20 Wedding Color Palettes That Are Perfect for Spring

via Martha Stewart

What is better than one pretty wedding dress? Two wedding dresses of course! Second wedding dresses are quickly becoming a thing in 2021(no thanks to you, COVID) and whether you are going in for that sequel wedding, having that minimony in your family backyard after a courthouse wedding last year, or just want a change of dress between the ceremony and reception(because, why not?)we are seeing more and more of second wedding dresses, and we are loving what we are seeing! Look into this article for some impressive options, and you will find your pick, whether your vibe is more laid-back or dressy!

18 Second Wedding Dresses Perfect For Your Rescheduled COVID Wedding

via The Knot

Dreaming of a perfect outdoor celebration for your special day? While when the weather is nice, the first thing we want to do the most is entertaining outdoors, but there are some months that can pour cold water (quite literally) into your sunny outdoor ceremony dreams. You would want to read this article before setting your plans on a roll, as reading this article will at least let you in on some precautions you can take, or rethink the decision altogether. Being informed means being prepared, right? And dont worry, there are still some months which present the perfect window for a lovely outdoor wedding! 

These Are the Riskiest Months for an Outdoor Wedding

via Martha Stewart


While a wedding website seemed like a ridiculous idea just a decade back, it is proving to be of substance after all! While we have seen a few wedding websites with the digital evolution, it was the last year that really put this trend to a test, and did it come out victorious with flying colors! From keeping the wedding guest list updated and the RSVPs in place, it is also perfect for impromptu announcements, live streaming, and more! When the couples worldwide were struggling with the vices of hosting a wedding during COVID, the wedding website literally saved the day! Read more about it here


Why Creating A Wedding Website Is More Important Now Than Ever

via Bridal Musings

Your friendly floral arrangement just got cooler! Terrariums are your usual floral arrangements, but classy and packed with personality. A perfect way to display the wedding blooms and greenery in beautiful glass-enclosed arrangements, terrariums are cool, different, and edgy! From classic blooms to earthy and natural moss and succulents, the options are endless and all just as beautiful. If you want to up your wedding decor game and are considering a terrarium for your wedding centerpieces, here is all that you need to know! 

19 Terrarium Centerpieces for the Seriously Cool Couple

via Brides

Titles like “10 Things All Brides Regret Not doing for Their Wedding” and “Wedding Decision You Won’t Regret” beckon enticingly from the magazine stand, and starts an internalized narrative about what your wedding should and should not be like, but does a bride starting a new chapter of her life with her love deserve that? Your wedding day is yours and you can make any decision you want, and no-you won’t regret any of it! Claim back control and read this refreshing take on that thought! Weddings are stressful anyway, the last thing is someone telling you how you absolutely doing something on your special day, or you will regret it! No one needs that!

Stop Telling Brides They’ll Regret Things About Their Wedding

via Bridal Musings

Just like the luminosity and positivity of spring, your wedding day is a whole new season to your journey of life with a similar vibe. And it is just as beautiful too! Whether you are planning for a wedding to happen in spring, or just planning with this beautiful springtime magic in the background, this season gives just the boost for you and your special someone to work towards your wedding day with equal vigor. It doesn’t hurt that spring also makes things a little more romantic, a little rosier, and a little more exciting. If you are trying to plan that perfect wedding, get that outdoor seating in your favorite corner cafe, sip the season’s first iced latte, and get planning for your dream wedding! Meanwhile, we hope our monthly online resources help you in the journey, and we will be back next month with more exciting updates!


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